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As a .Net Programmer I enjoy using String.Format frequently when working with strings, particularly in SQL statements. Now I don’t work with SQL in JavaScript but there are still plenty of times that I wish I could just whip out my handy dandy String.Format but sadly JavaScript does support this function…what’s that you say?…it does now?

I decided enough was enough and I extended the String object to include my beloved String.Format.


function _StringFormatInline()
	var txt = this;
	for(var i=0;i<arguments.length;i++)
		var exp = new RegExp('\\{' + (i) + '\\}','gm');
		txt = txt.replace(exp,arguments[i]);
	return txt;

function _StringFormatStatic()
	for(var i=1;i<arguments.length;i++)
		var exp = new RegExp('\\{' + (i-1) + '\\}','gm');
		arguments[0] = arguments[0].replace(exp,arguments[i]);
	return arguments[0];

	String.prototype.format = _StringFormatInline;

	String.format = _StringFormatStatic;

I have given this feature 2 flavors; inline and static. For all you C#ers you know what a static method is, and inline, well I’ll just show you. Now you can do either of these:


var str = String.format("This is a {0} string using the {1} method.","formatted","static");


var str = "This is a {0} string using the {1} method.".format("formatted","inline");

And a nice little sample page would go like this.

	<title>String Extend</title>
	<script src="String.js"></script>

		var str = String.format("This is {0} story about {0} {1}.","my","dog");
		var str2 = "I have 2 friends, {0} and {1}.".format("Doug","Jane");
		alert(str + "\n\n" + str2);



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