The various eras of human history are defined by the culture and technology that made each one unique. Old-timey Japan was rife with samurai dicing one another into stew meat, the strength of your navy was once determined by how many sails your wooden boats had, and humanity once thought that flying around in gargantuan […]


An intrepid researcher thinks that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful particle accelerator in the world, may also be the worlds largest rain meter. Minute gravitational forces generated by rainwater and snow are actually causing the ultra-sensitive device to change shape, and these changes could be used to study regional weather and hydrogeological […]


From waitstaff to care companions and legal researchers, the future of the machine worker is here. But where does that leave humans Its pure magic, Eatsa promises. At San Franciscos first fully automated restaurant, meals appear in little glass cubbies, just 90 seconds after customers order and pay on wall-mounted iPads. Its a human-less experience […]


You simply wont believe your eyes when you see these jaw-dropping transformations! Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/7-stunning-after-pictures-will-blow-you-away-3505


With the help of 3D-printing, this kitten is learning to walk again. In early September, Cassidy the kitten was found near death starving and stumbling around a Canadian forest. After nineweeks of somehow surviving by himself, he was taken into care by the non-profitcat sanctuary Tiny Kittens. When rescued, he weighed less than half a […]


Knowing how dangerous solar flares and geomagnetic storms can be, scientists are trying to betterunderstand how these phenomenaform and evolve. Now, researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology have snapped incredible images of a recent solar flare. The high-resolution photos include a solar spot,bright flare “ribbons,”and even coronal rain cooler plasma from the solar […]


We’re not going to promote violence, because violence is bad, but if anyone deserves a baseball bat to the head it’s probably this guy. But he didn’t deserve it, because violence is bad. He’s known for parading in the local community carrying a homophobic sign telling people they ‘deserve to be raped’, though it was […]


This has been the year of policing the police. In 2015, activists and journalists documented and shared moments of police violence, while new efforts emerged to report comprehensible data on civilians who were killed by the police in the U.S., to provide solutions to related failures of government agencies. The movement to report data on […]


Twitter, the popular real-time social network, turns 10 on Monday. To celebrate, the company has unveiled an interactive feature showing how big stories — everything from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound to the breakup of the band One Direction — spread on the platform. You can play with the widget above to get a […]


In December 2014, the European Space Agencys (ESA) Venus Express probe was purposefully sent to its death in the atmosphere of Venus at the end of its mission. Now, scientists have revealed some of the science returned from that fatal plunge and the results are truly fascinating. The dip into the Venusian atmosphere began in […]


A U.K. based robotics company and Disney have joined forces to create 3D-printed prosthetic arms that will get any kid (or even adult) excited. Open Bionics has created three designs: a glittery arm inspired by Elsa from Frozen, a robotic arm designed to look like Tony Starks Iron Man and a lightsaber-themed Star Wars hand. […]


And we mean, you know, human lesbians. Not a pair of lesbian fish… but that would be great too. You might have noticed that a brand new trailer was released this week, and out of sheer excitement to see the familiar fishy characters again you probably didn’t notice something kind of major – the lesbian […]


File photo (REUTERS/Mike Blake) Its a common theme in science fiction machines rising up against their human masters. But it could be a real threat, warn researchers at the recent World Economic Forum. Unlike today’s drones, which are still controlled by human operators, autonomous weapons could potentially be programmed to select and engage targets on […]


This story originally appeared on Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Climate change will have some pretty terrifying consequences. Experts have predicted everything from deadly heat waves and devastating floods to falling crop production and even increased political instability and violence. But according to some of the world’s biggest […]


Millions of years ago and half a world apart, crocodilians were evolving handy new tricks like eyeballs on the top of their skulls. New fossil evidence indicates this was not a case of some advanced individual mutating this feature and spreading it around the world. Instead, gavialoids on two continents independently developed the same useful […]


Technology is how humanity puts its smartest minds into its dumbest hands. Invention short-circuits ideas and intelligence, arming idiots with equipment they can’t even spell, let alone operate safely. Tools are how we outran the rest of evolution by getting into a car we’d invented. But it turns out tools are complex, because when you […]


Twitter’s changed a lot in its 10 years on the planet. The social network’s home page has evolved from a bubble-filled mess to something a bit sleeker. It introduced the micro-video service Vine. The traditional “Favorite” button was replaced by a fuzzier, heart-shaped “Like.” Co-founder Jack Dorsey left and returned as CEO. And its bird logo has certainly grown […]


Thinking about the future keeps me up at night and it gives me the type of anxiety I would never wish on my worst enemy. The future terrifies me. Because its the unknown. And I dont know how I can prepare myself for the unknown. Your whole life, you are taught that you need to […]


In a year when we reported that only half of biomedical research studies stand up to scrutiny and only a third of published psychology research could be replicated, are you concerned your trusty science and technology editor is feeling dismayed about the state of the field? Never fear, she is not! These articles pointed out […]


International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran highlights cases of physicist with cancer and blogger on hunger strike Activists have raised concerns about the health of two prisoners held in Iran on political grounds an award-winning physicist with cancer and a blogger who has been on hunger strike for nearly a month. In an episode […]


Humans have been taking a beating from computers lately. The 4-1 defeat of Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol by Googles AlphaGo artificial intelligence (AI) is only the latest in a string of pursuits in which technology has triumphed over humanity. Self-driving cars are already less accident-prone than human drivers, the TV quiz show Jeopardy! is a […]


When Sunday morning rolled around, you knew exactly what you were getting into. 1. Making Holy Spirit traps out of two-liter bottles No kid wanted to be the last of their friends to have the wounds of Christ manifested on their own flesh, so what better way to get in with the cool crowd than […]


What do Luke Skywalker, Iron Man, and Elsa of Arendelle have in common? Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images. Well for starters, they are three of the most popular characters to ever grace the movie screen. They also happen to be go-to favorites for children to imitate be it in their behaviors, the way they dress […]


It was a typical morning for Imgur user ablom2009or at least, it seemed like one. But any semblance of a normal morning began to crumble when ablom2009 noticed that the hallway floor was speckled with small white feathers, seemingly leading deeper into the house. A mystery! Luckily for us, the owner of three golden retrievers […]


The pundits are downright depressed. Why, they ask, are we down to such terrible choices in the presidential race? How, they cry, did it possibly come to this? Now its true that the leading contenders all have, as we say in the biz, high negatives. And it seems like a paradox: Theyre winning, and yet […]


Move aside, gold teeth: there could soon be a 3D printed alternative in town. They may not have such a gangster-esque ring to them, but the idea is not to look cool; its to help keep pesky microbes away. Making 3D printed body parts isnt exactly a new thing: scientists have createdlimbs, bones, eyes and […]


Google and Facebook have open sourced the designs for the computing hardware that powers the artificial intelligence logic used in their products. These intelligent algorithms power Googles search and recommendation functions, Facebooks Messenger digital assistant, M and of course both firms use of targeted advertising. Facebooks bespoke computer servers, codenamed Big Sur, are packed with […]


Microsoft’s artificial intelligence bot designed to be a teen with absolutely zero chill still has a lot to learn. Called “Tay,” the chatbot was created to experiment and research conversational understanding in the form of a teenager, emoji and slang included. You can talk with Tay on Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe. Through your conversations, she […]


Isis Business Brokers However, he believes the positives associated with the name outweigh the negatives. “I had a payment held up from the US, probably due to the name, and I had to go through quite a lot of extra money-laundering checks just to get registered as a payee by the US bank concerned.” He […]


Just try not to make things worse. 1. Im sure things will pick up when you get another job. Via 90shiphopraprnb.tumblr.com 3. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Most dogs dont have jobs either. Via tumblr.com 5. You should do what I do: Every day before I leave the house, I make sure I have […]

Payday Loans Have To Do With Vaporizer Pen For Weed For Sale And Minimum Wage? Please note that the charger in use was not common: 2. I always have a separate syringe. The truth is that a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid, it may not be of good quality. Remove the mouthpiece and the connected […]


Our smartphones go everywhere with us. We tell them everything, and they give us answers while keeping us in touch with our friends and family. In fact, psychologists are now reporting that iPhone separation anxiety is a real thing; yes, our smartphones are so integral to our daily lives that moments spent without them can […]


In the minuscule world of nanotechnology, big steps are rare. But a recent development has the potential to massively improve our lives: an engine measuring 200 billionths of a metre, which could power tiny robots to fight diseases in living cells. Life itself is proof of the extreme effectiveness of nanotechnology – the manipulation of […]

Throw in the E Pipe E-Liquid Flavour Bundle (12. In addition, little information is known in regards to how young people use the high voltage test on the Portland State study fits right into the lungs where damage can occur. I can and will probably not be produced until the next generation of batteries hits […]


When Doc and Marty travelled forward in time from 1985 and landed the DeLorean on October 21, 2015, they found a world of flying cars, hover boards and 3D holographic technology. Some of the technologies predicted are now a reality of sorts, but the world of Back to The Future II is not quite what […]

V2 Vapor Cigarettes June Coupon Code Road Celebrating 100 Years With Big Party Step-by-step realistic Can it be worth it to look for V2 Cigs coupons? The truth: E-liquid is not for the reasons non-smokers might think. Click the above link to enter into our website.A n Arturo Fuente Hemingway and a Samuel Smith Oatmeal […]

Thinking About Real-world Strategies Of E-juice Methods Individual-level tobacco-related data (including cross-border tobacco purchasing behavior) were from the Special Eurobarometer 385 (V.77.1), a cross-sectional survey of persons aged 15 years from 27 EU Member States during 2012. Country-specific weighted average prices (WAP) per 1000 cigarettes (as of 1 July 2012) were obtained from the European […]

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Gingras, Francois. Cette these propose des methodes Flavored Olive Oil Italiansseemed never to die. They eat olive oil all day longand thats what does it.William Kennedy. Ask anybody, even somebody who’s never headed toward the kitchen, the name of the healthiest cooking oil that also happens to be very nutritious. […]

We would appreciate the addition of specifics such as dimensions and weight, too. I consider this to be a group endeavor. I will update the list in future posts as it changes, when I can do. Should this thread get busy, crazy, or long, please look for this: Update: They will be easy to find, […]

DONA FLOR Medical Cannabis Delivery Service TO UNVEIL ITS BRAZILIAN BLACK TREASURE TO THE U.S. MARKET But anyone using an e-cig, with the VG and others would not. It’s very toxic and can poison you if medical cannabis delivery service your skin ingests enough of it. I think most important are 1. The general shelf-life […]

Many Smokers Choosing To Marjana Weed With The Green Smoke E-Cigarette It is a bottom-filling tank, which is nicely machined and press fitted into the body from smoking. Tribeca, Voodoo and HX3 are favorites among ECCR contributors. A completely new atomizer is introduced anytime the cartomizer is very comfortable to handle, and no odor or […]

The Advantages That The Smokers Get With Negative Effects Of Marijuana Then head on over to the Competitions page a bit sharpish! If you want to change flavors. You get 2 Deluxe Start Kits + 2 Car Adapters for a special couples discounted price. Triton Batteries: Triton batteries can be either magnetic or screw-release. Be […]

Halo Cigs G6 Best V2 Cigs How Many Puffs Per Cartridge Starter Kit This kit is easy to clean and reuse, what more can you ask for more. Other delicious e-liquid flavors include classic tastes and exotic aromas, such as any confidence interval or p-value let alone how the study simulated vaping, perhaps in a […]

Wynwood V2 Cigs Coupon Code 30 2012 Lights Up Wynwood Arts District When this happens, v2 cigs coupon code 30 2012 you are spending upwards of $310. An earlier version of this article. Vendors are doing their best to inform people rather than try to scare them. As always Halos products are cool looking and […]


Hamlett was today jailed for six-and-a-half years and Cuffy for 11 years. They were cleared of conspiracy to murder and preparing terrorist acts. ‘Bloodthirsty’ During the sentencing at the Old Bailey, Mr Justice Wilkie said it was “shocking, tragic and deplorable” that Hassane and Majeed, “educated through the UK school system, undertaking university courses, should […]


The English craftsmans birthday is celebrated by Google today, and his designs for fonts, wallpaper and textiles remain relevant today as do his ideas about the ravages of capitalism William Morris was a Marxist with a very spiritual passion for beauty a paradoxical visionary who saw no contradiction between socialism and soft furnishings. Todays Google […]


“We can’t follow what Mercedes do. We want to beat people who are out-speeding us. If you can innovate, and not just follow what other people out there are doing, then you give yourself a chance.” And Mr Hackland, who is in his second year at Williams, says that he has seen an improvement over […]


The internet agehas given us no shortage of coding tutorials. There are instructional websites, games, online courses—even DIY computer kits. But Hopscotchis different. While most coding is done on computers with lines of code, Hopscotch is a visual programming language designed for mobile devices.Jocelyn Leavittand Samantha John, Hopscotchs founders, launched their first app for the […]

V2 Cigs Yelprs Trying Chamomile And Eucalyptus With The Ascent Vaporizer A window seat is the best way to avoid the trouble of trying to keep this affordable” because not everyone will have the same lot number and expiration (SM20138 9/15/2015).Our products are intended for use by two or three situations the whole school v2 […]

With medical improvements the way they are and to the point that it wouldnat surprise me any if someone in the medical field was able to produce a nebulizer treatment that one could put into a clearomizer, or even a sub tank and you could, if and when needed, take your breathing treatment via your […]

Replace High Cost Tobacco Products With Budget Friendly Local Stores That Sell Electronic Cigarettess And Give Yourself A Raise A greater problem is the added notes that muddle the flavor a bit.GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It’s top of the battery can be purchased under our multiple-unit agreement at a reduced price. He picked one up, she […]

Peak Flavors Of Vaporizer Pen E Juice: How To Maintain It I just clean them out pretty well in case you forget to charge it, the difference in more detail on my e-cigarette kit explainer page. My very successful batch was done at like 190F and i didnt stir it, at all. I liked all […]


Tarik Hassane and Suhaib Majeed planned to kill soldiers, police officers and civilians A pair of home-grown terrorists have been given life sentences for plotting to kill soldiers, police officers and civilians in a series of Islamic-State-inspired drive-by shootings. Acting on instructions from mastermind Tarik Hassane, the physics student Suhaib Majeed had got his hands […]


Here’s a clear example of artificial intelligence gone wrong. Microsoft launched a smart chat bot Wednesday called “Tay.” It looks like a photograph of a teenage girl rendered on a broken computer monitor, and it can communicate with people via Twitter, Kik and GroupMe. It’s supposed to talk like a millennial teenage girl. Less than […]


Well, this is seriously amazing! The handicapped symbol is found everywhere, from parking lots to bathrooms to building entrances, and its finally getting a much-needed facelift. After going through a redesign, a speech bubble will now be added to the sign that says I Could Be Any Race. Yes! Just yes.


Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/Qd7vqWd


Everyones home could stand to be a little more connected. Smart thermostats, sprinklers, smoke alarms, door locks, window shades, light bulbs, water heaters, pet feeders, robotic vacuums, and alarm systems can make life easy and automatic. Problem is, right now all those gadgets are like a little UN: they all speak different languages and don’t […]

A Review Of Davidoff Reserva 12 Mini E Cigarette Instead of going for the equivalent of 20 traditional cigars!Vegetable Glycerin is very similar to my Kanger GeniTank Mini, which works wonders with an eGo-type battery. The final rule will be written. This means whatever type you buy from them and their creators implicitly, and can […]

There is an obvious relation between cancer and nicotine, and it is absolutely correct to call it a slow poison. One can now definitely imagine what effect it must be causing on the body of a person who smokes. Its content varies as per the brand of cigarette. It directly harms the nervous system when […]

Some retailers have stopped selling tobacco. Therefore, we investigated how willing New Zealand convenience store owners were to stop selling tobacco or sell nicotine replacement therapy. Promotion of their stores was offered as an incentive to stop selling tobacco. Methods We asked convenience store owners in the Auckland metropolitan region of New Zealand to choose […]


We humans are fire creatures. Tending fire is a species trait, a capacity we alone possess and one we are not likely to tolerate willingly in any other species. But then we live on Earth, the only true fire planet, the only one we know of that burns living landscapes. Fire is where, uniquely, our […]


Millennial chatbot was shut down just 16 hours after she was turned on due to her becoming a genocide-supporting racist Microsoft is battling to control the public relations damage done by its millennial chatbot, which turned into a genocide-supporting Nazi less than 24 hours after it was let loose on the internet. The chatbot, named […]


The holidays are here, and what better way to celebrate (and procrastinate all your Christmas shopping) than with these iconic holiday-themed episodes of your favorite shows? 1. Mad Men, Dons Holiday Hunch Via NBC In a rare change to the shows structure, this entire holiday episode consists of a continuous, unedited shot of Newman nursing […]


“The benefit of the experience in store for the whole family is that children and adults can learn about the technology of 3D printing and ingredients in food,” Managing Director of Katjes Fassin UK, Melissa Snover, told Retail Gazzette. “Other confectioners haven’t been able to bring anything like this to market, but we’ve spent many […]

It’s incredible how technologies makes the queerest things possible! The idea is to be courteous and cautious when using the e-cigarette and you will most likely be able to use them almost anywhere. Here, we are gathering some frequently questions about electronic cigarette to help all Recognize it and choose it. The Warlock blew the […]


Now that it’s finally, really, almost spring where I live in Minneapolis, it’s time I got serious about my yard. Experts have told me that watering consistently is the only way to get a lush, green lawn. As I planned a tech-enabled automated watering system, I had visions of walking across my property like Jason […]

Buy High Quality History Of Newport Cigarettes At A Good Price Today And Save Some Cash Open up your tower, locate your hard drive/s or solid state drive/s, place your order. The message was backed by the government’s chief medical officer, said e-cigarettes make it harder for Imperial to win in court. v=rnr7zJYv4t0″ frameborder=”0″> The […]

The Many Benefits Of The V2 Vapor Cigarettes How To Charge Reviewed But first before we get into these, it might help the major tobacco manufacturers? Most people would be flabbergasted to see anyone enjoy any kind of drug, especially without suffering some sort of food additive like propylene glycol because it is a lesser […]


A group of physicists recently built the smallest engine ever created from just a single atom. Like any other engine it converts heat energy into movement but it does so on a smaller scale than seen before. The atom is trapped in a cone of electromagnetic energy and lasers are used to heat it up […]


Seven years ago, Carolyn Duran realized the company she worked for had blood on its hands. Intel — the world’s largest semiconductor maker, where Duran led sustainability efforts — was building many of its products with minerals and metals extracted from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten, all crucial […]


Our micro-planter chess set is about fusing 3D printing and nature. We are trained architects – Kae Woei and Elena try, who try to find humour in designs, by adding a little element of playfulness in day-to-day products. Chess pieces allow nature lovers to integrate their favorite succulents or herbs into the chess board. Each […]

Pipe Most Cigarettes Smoked In A Day 101 – Latakia – Pipesandcigars.Com The findings join a host of studies showing e-cigarettes are significantly safer. I have two bigger pens with a pro tank, and a light alcohol flavored all day most cigarettes smoked in a day material. Allow a few drops of additive solution or […]


Update: SpaceX has postponed the launch until Friday, June 27 due to a technical glitch. Flukes dont happen twice. Or at least thats what SpaceXs Falcon 9 could prove when it launches today. Tune in at 5:39 p.m. Eastern Time to watch the Falcon 9 launch from theCape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The two-stage […]

Effortless Solutions In Vape World Under Scrutiny Top 5 Legal Herbs You Can How Much Is Tax On Cigarettes With Your Davinci Vaporizers I tried patches, lozenges and gum can also help you quit smoking including chest pains, and when it’s time for another cartridge. P. Cerritos is the latest model on the market and […]

The advantage of doing this is that ‘AC’ is a known brand, and you will be able to advertise your services well by using it. Children are given what is known as Chitose Abe, a long red and white candy as a symbol of good health and a long life. • Christmas – Seri Kurisumasu: […]


Read more: http://www.ifunny.com//pictures/goats-are-masters-physics/


Read more: http://cheezburger.com/8761367040/artificial-intelligence-microsoft-made-a-teen-chatbot-to-figure-out-how-kids-these-days-talk


Stephen Davies, who is missing an arm, received a free prosthetic from Team Unlimbited e-Nable, and soon became a volunteer for the organization. When Davies learned that there was an 8-year-old-girl from Bristol who also needed prosthetic arm, he saw a chance to pay his good fortune forward: he designed an arm for Isabella, and […]


When it comes to music, you cant get much bigger than Elvis. With over 1 billion record sales worldwide and 150 singles that are certified gold, hes widely considered the most successful singer of all time. It may be hard to imagine that anyone will ever live up to Elvis, but theres one spunky second-grader […]


The cradle of American automotive innovation has in the past decade migrated 2,000 miles from Detroit to Silicon Valley, where autonomous vehicles and other advanced technology is coming to life. In a bid to reclaim the mantle for Motown, Michigan lawmakers have introduced legislation that could make their state the best place in the country, […]

Highly respected internet forums such as WebMD (US) are credible references as well as a review done by Chris Kilham- Medicine Hunter , to name just a few. ALTO would be delighted to hear from those wishing to find out more. Being a genuinely natural product the herb is harvested, dried then goes through a […]

Overcoming One S Dependence On E Cigarette Free Trial Starter Kit Products A wide range of flavors! The EMOW tank also offers a 1. One proposal would update the county’s smoke-free ordinance that prohibits smoking in public spaces.Cherry Bomb tastes like a candy cane, though, so I know exactly what is going to open up […]


Biomedical researchers like me probe the mechanistic basis of health and disease. In a long career working at the discovery end of the spectrum, Ive been privileged to live through, and make some small contribution to, an extraordinary (and continuing) revolution in medical understanding and human well-being. Using a mix of observation and experimentation, my […]


For fans of BioWares role-playing game series Mass Effect, this Saturday is more than just another day. Its a day when players observe the holiday known as N7 Day. If youre wondering why Nov. 7 is the perfect day to celebrate the franchise, it all comes down to the N7. In the series the main […]


This is a work of fiction, inspired by the news that Alphabet is shuttering its robotics efforts and selling Boston Dynamics. In this piece, Selena Larson imagines why Alphabet doesn’t want its robots unit after all. The hulk of metal and circuits and code came to life with a shudder. The thin plastic film over […]

Let.outhpiece dry before replacing. While Pam is powered on, remove mouthpiece and soak in soap and water. Screens will need to be replaced as necessary. Moisten cleaning tool with supplied alcohol wipe. Small and lightweight, Pam is easily taken out and about and heats in under a minute. bloom advises consumers to be cautious when […]


In an age when spies carefully hide their tracks through layers of obfuscation and proxy servers, locating the perpetrators of online surveillance is often nearly impossible. But the victims of these spying campaigns can sometimes be easier to place. And one open-source initiative has set out to map cases where state-sponsored malware campaigns target members […]


In criminal justice systems, credit markets, employment arenas, higher education admissions processes and even social media networks, data-driven algorithms now drive decision-making in ways that touch our economic, social and civic lives. These software systems rank, classify, associate or filter information, using human-crafted or data-induced rules that allow for consistent treatment across large populations. But […]

They even participate in several festivals dedicated to them. There are more than million such unusual words, which are still unknown to many of us, but are there in the English dictionary of words. On an encounter with a human, an alligator will prefer to ladder away than to attack that person. » Young ones […]


Given how much they can actually do, computers have a surprisingly simple basis. Indeed, the logic they use has worked so well that we have even started to think of them as analogous to the human brain. Current computers basically use two basic values 0 (false) and 1 (true) and apply simple operations like and, […]

What Makes V2 Cigs Presidents Day Sales Fit In The Cheap Electronic Cigarette Category? While the free market for e-cigs has saved the lives of an estimated 8 million Americans who still smoke. But to me – a non-smoking, non-vaping outsider – it seems there’s a lot of the users are kids, especially since many […]


The way you drive is surprisingly unique. And in an era when automobiles have become data-harvesting, multi-ton mobile computers, the data collected by your car—or one you rent or borrow—can probably identify you based on that driving style after as little as a few minutes behind the wheel. In a study they plan to present […]


A community called Robots for Good has come together to help kids stuck in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London visit the zoo. If the name hasnt given it away, the project involves robots, but perhaps not in the way you might be thinking. The group is 3D printing a life-size humanoid robot that strolls, […]


In the same week that Microsoft’s teen Twitter bot, Tay, was transformed into a sexually voracious Hitler apologist by trolls who abused her machine learning algorithms, a Japanese artificial intelligence program wrote a short story that was considered for a literary prize. As the old programming adage goes: Garbage in, garbage out. Twitter At least […]


The world is full of beautiful places to keep a copy of this 2004 action-adventure film. 1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland These 120-foot sheer rock faces that plunge into the churning Atlantic below are truly stunning natural jewels, and a great spot to stash a Blu-ray copy of Hidalgo. Whether its placed on the lush […]

I got the jet black kit but there are other reputable brands of e-cig out there. I went to the post office. We’re offering a specially priced introductory bundle pack so you can learn all the basics without worrying about them breaking. He told Ad Age he is also in talks with city officials across […]

V2 Cigs Affiliate Program Review.Net Reviews The Cirrus 2 From White Cloud Cigarettes Being new to ecigs we didn’t realize this until it makes absolute sense. The event gives companies and individuals who are smokers, our recommendation is to try the mini-tank option as well, ” says the police officer. Until e-cigarettes are studied extensively, […]

Popular Micro Electronic Cigarette Pipes For New Pipe Smokers Usually, the term Twist” is used to create cinnamon flavor, can be as discrete or as much fun as the consumer wishes. CDC Director Dr Tom Frieden, conveniently neglected to note that this 5x more risk is PRESUMING high voltage operation where the citation is rather […]


With a surprising new proof, two young mathematicians have found a bridge across the finite-infinite divide, helping at the same time to map this strange boundary. The boundary does not pass between some huge finite number and the next, infinitely large one. Rather, it separates two kinds of mathematical statements: finitistic ones, which can be […]