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5 Of The Most Hated Things On Earth (With Awesome Benefits)

Most of us humans no longer have to worry about being eaten by a pack of wolves or violently shitting ourselves to death on a daily basis, but are we happy? No, we still manage to spend our time finding tiny, inane things to complain to each other about. Well, time to shut up about […]

The Internet Has A Meltdown After Sam Hunt Hints He’s Off The Market  Who Is This Mysterious Gal?!

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but hearts are breaking all over the world now that it seems Sam Hunt in no longer single for the summer! Guilty! Last week, the 31-year-old country crooner posted a photo of a mysterious girl on his Instagram page — which sparked speculation that he was […]

American Waitress Hoping For A Tip Gets Horrible, Racist Message Instead

18-year-oldSadie Karina (American, of Mexican and Honduran descent) was working a shift atJess’ Quick Lunch Diner in Harrisburg, when two customers left her a pretty vile message in place of a tip.

18 Teachers Who Are Like The Coolest People In The World

The internet seems to be full of people that have really good teachers. For me, a good teacher was one who either wasn’t pissed off that I was related to my older brother or one that didn’t know. For these people though, it’s better for them. There teachers are like the coolest people in the […]

Fear of the light: why we need darkness | Amanda Petrusich

The Long Read: Light pollution conceals true darkness from 80% of Europe and North America. What do we lose when we can no longer see the stars? Every civilisation we know of has devised a system scientific, religious, what have you to make sense of the night sky. The mystery of whats up there, where […]

Mozilla Wants You to Help Redesign Its Logo. Seriously

This fall, Mozilla will get a new logo. In fact, it’ll get an entirely new visual identity. The open-source software company doesnt know what it’ll look like, but it will likely resembleone of seven identitiescreated by London firm Johnson Banks. You can view all the preliminary work online, and even critique it. Actually, you should—Mozilla […]

Researchers develop next-gen laser based on fluorescent jellyfish proteins | Fox News

File photo: A boy watches jellyfish swim in a large tank at the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia May 16, 2013. (REUTERS/Andy Clark) Researchers at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews have demonstrated the world’s first polariton laser based on lab-grown, fluorescent jellyfish proteins — which could help trigger major advances in fields like optical […]


Software giant Microsoft has bought a smart scheduling app Genee, as part of its effort to embed artificial intelligence (AI) to compete with the likes of Google Now and Apple. The start-up, which wa Read more:


Twenty-five years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee unleashed the World Wide Web, publishing the first public webpage. Well, maybe. The exact date is controversial. But now is as good a time as any to check in on the state of the web, which did more than any other technology to take the Internet mainstream. From its […]

JK Rowling Just Undid Every Harry Potter Story You Know

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the new Harry Potter play. Since reading this is way cheaper than taking a plane to London and buying a theater ticket, we thought you wouldn’t mind. If you were hoping for Harry Potter stories where Harry is less of a boy wizard and more of a middle-aged piece […]

Robot Brothels Could Soon Be A Reality As The Sex Trade Is Undergoing Revolution

You know what I’m bored of? Sex with sentient beings. Sick of it. All they do is breathe and maintain a core body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and I for one have had enough! But what’s the alternative? I can’t go around shagging my laptop… I use it to write these articles; that would […]

The Pentagon Takes Aim at Bomb-Carrying Consumer Drones

Theyre cheap, theyre light, and they can carry a small bomb: The commercial drone is essentially a new terror gadget for organizations such as Hezbollah, Islamic State, or anyone else looking to wreak havoc on a budget. Thats the same quad copter you can get on Groupon or go down to Sams Club and buy for $400, […]


I’ve given student advice before, so some of this might not be completely new. However, it’s a new year with new students, so it might be useful to give some ideas to this year’s collegiate freshmen. Actually, here are four things for students to consider. Should I change my major? What should you study in […]


Looking for an artificial intelligence that can write all your email messages so you don’t have to? Too bad. That dream is still years away. But in the meantime, a startup called Boomerang wants to take you at least part of the way there. Boomerang makes a plug-in for Gmail and Outlook that lets you […]

Putins Election Grip Is So Tight Even His Nemesis Can Take Part

The last time Vladimir Putins political party won national elections, ballot-stuffing allegations sparked the biggest protests of his rule. Five years on, Putin appears to be so confident in his hold on power that even his most dogged adversary is welcome to challenge United Russia in next months parliamentary polls — Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the London-based […]

Amy Schumer Would Like To Be Excluded From The Kurt Metzger Narrative

Former Betch of the Week Amy Schumer fucked up last week, which is unfortunate because we were rooting for her, we all were. Recap of what happened in case you didn’t see the article: A male comedian was accused of being a rapist by multiple women in the New York comedy community, which wasn’t news […]

Hey, Rudy, Even Doctors Cant Diagnose Hillary on Google

My advice for the internet mob is the same advice I give my patients: Dont diagnose anyone via search engine. “> The former mayor of New York appeared on Fox News Sunday this past weekend to speculate about Hillary Clintons purported ill health. After asserting a media cover-up on her behalf, Giuliani encouraged viewers to […]

Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat With Purrfectly Beautiful Fur

“My servant woke up Friday and a friend of her saw me on the front page of Reddit and messaged her,” Thor dictated the message to its human on Instagram. “She was pretty shocked… I gotta say I find this really funny and awesome! Thank you all!!!” Almost finished… To complete the subscription process, please […]

This Epic Facebook Post Is An Inspirational Defense Of Social Media Thatll Make You Think

Millennials are constantly criticized for how often we use our phones and our technological devices. Older generations often imply that we are anti-social because of our affinity for digital communication. There are tons of short videos, pieces of art, and internet discussions that serve as a critique to the digital age. But what about a […]

Want More Accurate Polls? Maybe Ask Twitter

In a Public Policy Polling survey, quite a few Texans say they’ll vote for Harambe for president in November. If you haven’t looked at the Internet in a while, Harambe was a gorilla fatally shot by a zookeeper after a toddler fell into his pen, but he’s more than that. He’s a meme, and his […]


Robocalls are more than an annoyance. They’re a threat. Scammers, identity thieves, and other unsavory types use them to target victims. One particularly enterprising band of low-lifes even posed as IRS agents to pilfer $26.5 million from people.“Americans are fed up,” says Federal Communications Commission bossTom Wheeler. “Robocalls are a scourge. Its the number one […]

Exclusive: Marvels New Iron Man Will Be Known as  Ironheart!

Last month we learned that Tony Stark would be stepping down as Iron Man, and bequeathing his roleto Riri Williams, a youngscience prodigywho had fashionedher own version of Starks’s Iron Man suit. Now, in a WIRED exclusive, Marvel has revealed that when Williams officiallysteps into the rolethis November, shell be known as Ironheart. Marvel Writer […]

Miniature Black Holes May Be Hitting Earth Once Every 1,000 Years

First, the good news: You have not been killed by a black hole. The strangenews is that it’s possible the universe is teeming with microscopic black holes that formed at the dawn of time, all of them hurtling through space like cosmic bullets. Some could weigh nearly as much as Earth’s moon, others an asteroid, […]

5 Beefy-Armed Policemen Get Ready For 22 Tough Push-Ups To Support Our Soldiers

A video showing a group of handsome police officers doing 22 push-ups is quickly spreading all over the internet for a very important reason. While it seems like it’s just all fun and games, these police are participating in the “22 push-up challenge,” in which you’re supposed to do 22 push-ups over a period of […]

6 Childhood Toys That Got Hacked Into Grown Up Awesomeness

As you grow up, the things that seemed impossibly cool to you in your youth start looking more and more underwhelming. Your badass action figures are just sad lumps of plastic, your favorite video games are just ugly polygons, Axl Rose is just … well, Axl Rose, etc. The only solution at this point is […]

Stick To These 7 Acceptable Phrases To Say At The Funeral Of A Person Who Died During A Mild Thunderstorm

Knowing how to give comfort at a funeral is never easy, especially when a mild thunderstorm took the deceased. Next time, instead of going in blind, just stick to these tried and true phrases. 1. Well, one mans mild thunderstorm is another mans last thunderstorm: It can be awkward to know what to say in […]

19 Clever Ways To Transform Ordinary Paint Samples Into Adorable Crafts

Painting a room or a piece of furniture is always exciting. It’s like giving new life and new personality to something with one relatively simple process. And the possibilities are endless. You can choose a color (or several) that reflect your unique personality and sense of style. But if you’re a creatively minded and visual […]

Want To Be A Space Tour Guide? Apply Here In 2025

With Earth orbit travel likely to be an affordable luxury by the mid-2020s, its predicted a new travel industry will emerge. Tours will show people the glory of a sunrise from space, plus some interesting items of space-junk that have accumulated over the past 60 years. Somebody needs be in charge of these tours and […]

‘If you fight fire with fire, everyone burns’: how to catch a troll like Trump

Trolling experts offer tried-and-true tactics for dealing with the worlds most effective button-pusher, like meeting tantrums with facts In a crowded field, a new troll has established himself as the undisputed master of the art. To most people hes repugnant, but to his peers hes a formidable exemplar of a set of skills that have […]

GOP Lawmakers Want To Make Gun Silencers Cheaper, Easier To Buy

It’s not always easy being an introvert. It’s not always hard either, but it can be when you have to do things that, you know, involve other people. But in a surprisingly extroverted move, the introverts of the internet took to Twitter on Sunday toshare all oftheir thoughts and fears, using the hashtag,#ConfessionsOfAnIntrovert. If you’ve […]

This Physicist Says Dark Matter May Have Killed Off The Dinosaurs

The type of dark matter that triggered the dinosaurs’ demise would be distributed very differently from most of the dark matter in the universe. The additional type of dark matter would leave the halo intact, but its very different interactions would make it condense into a disk–right in the middle of the Milky Way plane. […]


By now we all know what it means to be ghosted — and we’ve all experienced it. Whether it was a girl whosaid she’d call but never did, or something shittier like a boyfriend whodisappeared with no explanation… being ghosted sucks. I’m not going to lie, I’ve ghosted many dudes in my life. Guys I […]

49 Health ‘Facts’ You’ve Been Told All Your Life That Are Totally Wrong

Carrots give you night vision. Swimming after eating will give you cramps. You need to drink eight glasses of water a day. Organic food is more nutritious and free of pesticides. Nope, nope, nope, and nope. Who hasn’t shared these and other amazing-sounding notions about health and the human body, only to feel embarrassed later […]

This Sorority’s Recruitment Video Is Terrifying Everyone On The Internet

Did you ever want to know what it would be like to look into a leviathan’s mouth, to stare into the seething jaw of lucifer, to stareinto the void and have the void stareback? Well, your search is over. A University of Texas sorority made a recruitment video, intending, I’m sure, to just make a […]


Since the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider, went online in 2009, it has been a target of suspicion for the conspiracy theory-minded. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, and operated by European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the LHC’s purpose is further physics research. However, some see the LHC and […]

This Is An Idea I Had For A While But Couldn’t Pull Of Until Jying Found That New Photoshop Website, So Here It Is.
Video: How Olympic Athletes Hack Their Sports With Physics

Besides being the birthplace of #Phelpsface, the Green Pool, and the mainstreamification of cupping, the 2016 Rio Olympic Games were also home—wonder of wonders!—to some incredible athletic feats. Though Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Usain Bolts performances seem to defy physics, we at WIRED did our best to explain the astonishing science behind some of […]

6 Hilarious X-Rated Artifacts From Early Computers

Thanks to the internet, you’re always only a couple of mouse clicks or screen taps away from your porniest desire, and … we just lost half our readers by reminding you of that, didn’t we? It’s OK, we understand. After all, it was not that long ago that humanity had to resort to insanely elaborate […]

Razer Reinvents Mechanical Keyboards for an iPad World

Theres something special about typing on a mechanical keyboard. Each press yields a satisfying clack, a tactile confirmation that your keystroke is done. And with a little bit of trickeration, Razer has brought that same sensation to the iPad Pro. The Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case may have a straightforward name, but its internals are anything […]

Meet Trumps Polling Truthers Who Say the Numbers Are Lies

Donald Trump is trailing badly in the polls, but not according to his most ardent fans who see the polls as just another tool of the liberal, lying media.”> By Bill Mitchells account, this campaign season has been good for Bill Mitchelland he hasnt even had to leave the comfort of his home. Mitchell, who […]

How This Hedge Fund Robot Outsmarted Its Human Master

Yoshinori Nomura felt like weeping. It was the morning of June 24, Brexit day, and markets were moving against him. Well, not against him, exactly. It was the hedge fund managers self-learning computer program that had placed the bet, selling Japanese stock-index futures before a sizable market advance. Nomura had anticipated a rally, but decided […]

Get to Know Each Other Aboard This Self-Driving Motorcycle

It’s time to imagine, design, and develop a new breed of urban vehicle. Something that will minimize the human footprint, that can operate year round in any weather, and run on electricity instead of gasoline. That’s the thinking behind the Cyclotron, a concept I created, inspired by the Tron Light Cycle and Lit Motors’ self-balancing […]

Why I Watch People Play Videogames on the Internet

When I was a kid, I watched my older brother play horror games like Resident Evil, or Silent Hill. Young me was fascinated by these, but didn’t want to play them: Too scary, too mature, and anyway I was pretty sure Mom wouldn’t let me. So I’d creep into my brother’s darkened room on quiet […]

Can you get to know a person through data alone?

Thats the challenge two designers set themselves with a year-long exchange of hand-drawn infographics Stefanie Posavec had quite a week. She said fuck 66 times, asshole 12 times and let rip with shit on no fewer than 13 occasions. Not that I was counting. She was. And whats more, she plotted it on a postcard […]


Kim Kardashian Westhas been living her best life on vacation inPunta Mita, Mexico with her girl Jasmine Sanders and her fam. How do we know that? Well, she’s been gracing the internet with glorious snaps showcasing her kids, water sports and her infamous bum. I’m guessing being on vacation helps Kim K really let loose […]


If you’re like me and still enjoy silly jokes that would make the teenage version of you laugh, then you’re going to love this online blackjack prank. It’s based on one of the oldest pranks in the book: you call a bar or restaurant and ask to speak to your friend called “Hugh Jass” or […]

The 5 Most Astonishingly Lucrative Petty Crimes Of All Time

The ultimate goal of many career criminals is to pull off that one big caper that will set them up for a life of tropical island leisure, or maybe a run for Chicago City Council. But not every crook is capable of hatching some grandiose Ocean’s Whatever The Fuck Number They’re Up To Now-type scheme, […]

The slow creep and chilling effect of China’s censorship

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Eye-Popping Footage Shows Worlds Most Flexible Woman Contorting Like Crazy

You know how people are only meant to bend a certain way? Well, this is Zlata, and what she can do with her body is a clear indication of her stance on the matter! Zlata is a contortionist from Kazakhstan that now holds the world record for ‘most flexible woman’, a feat it brings me […]

What Would The World Be Like If The Internet Never Existed?

The World Wide Web is 27 years old, which means it’s in the dead-rock-star phase of its life. Between all the trolls and wasted time, it’s almost worth wondering if the universe would be better off had the magic of cyberspace never existed in the first place. What if — for reasons of aesthetics or […]


You may have seen these pendulum balls before but likely never like this. What an amazing, mesmerizing and hypnotic sight to see! This is actually a demonstration from Harvard University. They use 15 pendulums which increase in length to demonstrate the movement. They cycle of different patterns is pretty incredible. Once you think it is […]

Usain Bolt Reveals What He And Andre De Grasse Said After Their Race

The most beautiful part about the Olympics has to be the millions of average, non-athletic humans around the world all watching these extraordinary humans breaking records and achieving great things. In my house, we all sit around eating junk food and applauding the superhumans, and if there’s one Olympian that everyone agrees is next level, […]

The Girl Scouts Announced Two New Cookie Flavors

Get ready for some serious feels up in this bitch. The Girl Scouts released not one, but two new cookie flavors. And get thisthey are both smores flavors. One is a cookie smores sandwich and the other is a graham cracker-type cookie dipped in marshmallow and chocolate. Not sure what the difference between the two […]

Sometimes I Miss You So Much It Hurts

Sometimes, when it’s late at night and I can’t sleep and leaving Netflix on for just another minute feels like too much, I start to miss you. I sit there, sprawled out in a bed that use to encase us both, in sweatpants I never gave back, in a body I at times do not […]

No Phelps or Gatlin  but USA have a wealth of young talent for Tokyo 2020

The pipeline looks solid in the pool, gymnastics should be strong as ever, and soccer and basketball will be fine. Expect USA to prosper in four years time Michael Phelps is retiring and this time, he says he means it. Justin Gatlin has had a remarkable resurgence in his 30s, but he would be 38 […]


This physics teacher is loved by all his students. But watch what he does at home to his son.. Mr. Wright, I wish I knew you, you are an amazing teacher, an inspiration to your students. Such a kind and loving man, Your relationship with your children is so wonderful to see, I am in […]

Jennifer Lawrence Isnt A Cool Girl After All (And Thats Okay!)

OnAugust 15, Jennifer Lawrence turned 26-years-old. If you look at this not-quite milestone birthday through the lens of all she’s achieved since “Winter’s Bone” catapulted the then-19-year-old to fame back in 2010, her youth homegirl is younger than Taylor Swift is astonishing. But even more impressive is that, at an age when most American women […]

Rape jokes weren’t funny. Until this feminist website made a bunch of them.

Something truly unique happened recently on the internet: A comedy website made rape jokes that were actually funny. Reductress is a hilarious, witty, and unapologetically feminist website where writers take on issues like body image, “lady” marketing, fashion, and important moments in culture. In this case, Reductress was responding to a story that’s reverberated through […]

Someone Realized That Olympic Tennis Court Is Actually A Giant Green Screen, And Internets Reaction Is Hilarious

Earlier this week, after Imgur user factionman realized the tennis finals were being played in front of a giant “green screen”, he decided to do some photoshopping. He showed the Internet what the tennis finals would look like if they were played in outer space, underwater and even on top of a volcano! Then other […]


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Walmarts Crime Problem, and the Weeks Other Must-Read Stories

Editor’s note: We’re proud to bring NextDraft—the most righteous, most essential newsletter on the web—to Every Friday you’ll get a roundup of the week’s most popular must-read stories from around the internet, courtesy of mastermind Dave Pell. So dig in and geek out. The Sausage Party’s Over I don’t want to be an alarmist, […]

Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?)

Facial recognition makes sense as a method for your computer to recognize you. After all, humans already use a powerful version of it to tell each other apart. But people can be fooled (disguises! twins!), so it’s no surprise that even as computer vision evolves, new attacks will trick facial recognition systems, too. Now researchers […]

The Rio Olympics Are Where TV Finally Sees the Future

Lets get this out of the way, Olympics deniers: If you watch television at all, you’ve probably watched the Games. They’re simply a straight-up TV phenomenon. The Olympics still hold the record for most-watched global television event of all time70 percent of the world watched at least some portion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But […]


On the surface, it looks horrifying: A human sacrifice taking place on the grounds of one of the world’s most famous science labs. But the viral video recorded at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (a.k.a. CERN) was just a prank gone too far.  The footage, which appeared to be filmed by a bystander watching from […]

Rio Olympic Winner Volleyball Targets 50 Percent Revenue Boost

Set on the sands of Copabanana just feet from the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the beach volleyball arena at the 2016 Olympics will be remembered as an icon of the games. For volleyballs president it means much more. Ary Graca, 71, was born in the neighborhood, and his crooked fingers were permanently damaged […]

NBCs $12 Billion Olympics Bet Stumbles, Thanks to Millennials

Back in June, Steve Burke described what he called his Olympics nightmare. We wake up someday and the ratings are down 20 percent, the chief executive officer of NBCUniversal said at a conference. If that happens, my prediction would be that millennials had been in a Facebook bubble or a Snapchat bubble and the Olympics […]


Viacom Inc.s controlling shareholders Sumner Redstone and Shari Redstone emerged victorious in a months-long legal battle to oust Chief Executive Officer Philippe Dauman, reaching a settlement that will see him leave the company with a $72 million severance package. Dauman will become non-executive chairman until Sept. 13, giving him an opportunity to present to the board […]


Scientists spending their days in a lab trying to levitate a large sphere using acoustic waves may not initially impress at a dinner party, but the feat is actually more difficult than it sounds. This is because an object doesnt typically levitate if it is larger than the wavelength trying to lift it. Now, a […]

Can we defeat the world’s deadliest creature?

(CNN)Two years ago, few could’ve predicted that an obscure disease called Zika would be leading the news. But then the Zika-carrying mosquito spread its wings across the Western Hemisphere. Forget lions, tigers and bears. The world’s deadliest animal is small enough to squash between your fingers. Spanish for “little fly,” the mosquito is the most […]


It is thought that there are roughly 2.7 billion people living on less than $2 a day, defined as moderate poverty by the World Bank. Trying to alleviate this is a major goal of the United Nations, and an aim that almost every nation agrees upon, yet it requires having detailed knowledge of which regions […]

Trust Us: You Cant Really Turn a Truck Into a Submarine

A commercial comes on from time to time promoting a product that sprays some kindof plastic or rubber coating on things. I have no idea if it’s a great product, but the company uses the stuff to seal a truck and turn it into a submarine. If you don’t believe me, check out thevideo. It’s […]

Charlie Brooker Releases Images From New Black Mirror Episodes

Due to hit Netflix on the 21st October, we’re very excited to see what the newest season of Black Mirror has in store for us. So far, we’ve had bestiality, murder, artificial intelligence, torture and a whole lot of dehumanisation. Yes, it’s always unsettling, but it’s never been anything less than brilliant, and we’ve got […]

How To Win An Online Argument

It can be tricky to perfectly articulate your views on the internet. Fortunately, these simple tips will help you totally own anyone you argue against online. 1. Find someone who is wrong: Before you can take part in an online argument, first you have to find an opponent to argue with. Log onto a social […]

Why Liberals Love to Explain Donald Trump to Each Other

The repugnant Republican scares left-wingers who take comfort in hearing from the intelligentsia about how so many people can be so wrong.”> Thomas Frank in The Guardian. Ezra Klein in a dozen articles and videos at Vox. Matthew MacWilliams in Politico. The big data crunchers at FiveThirtyEight, and just about every columnist for The New York […]

Minecraft used to teach children molecular chemistry – BBC News

‘Fiendishly difficult’ The students developed the project with the help of the university’s Minecraft expert, Joel Mills, and senior lecturer in biological chemistry, Dr Mark Lorch. Dr Lorch said: “Minecraft is a fabulous tool for exploring structures of buildings, landscapes and even anatomy. “So why not molecules? We showed it to a class of children […]


Not every update about a superhero movie is worthy of great attention. Take, for example, the revelation that not all of Aquaman. “Some of the most fun action in the movie actually takes place on dry land,” screenwriter Will Beall teased in an interview with Slashfilm. Well, yes. Obviously. Has there ever been a movie […]

The Deaths of 9 Retired Research Chimps Ignite a Biology Feud

In 2014 and 2015, thirteen chimps made a trek from Texas to Louisiana. Their home had been a cancer research lab; their destination was Chimp Haven, a sanctuary 22 miles southwest of Shreveport, Louisiana. The haven was supposed to be a place for the primates to retire in peace. But in the past 15 months, […]

Fake human sacrifice filmed at Cern, with pranking scientists suspected

Spokeswoman at high temple of particle physics suggests scientific users of the Geneva facility let their humour go too far with staging of occult rite The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has launched an investigation into a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus depicting a mock ritual human sacrifice. The video, which […]


Americas voting machines are a patchwork of systems spread across thousands of districts, with widely varying degrees of accountability. Its a mess. One that the Department of Homeland Security has finally committed to helping clean up. This week, DHS chief Jeh Johnson held a call with state election officials to outline, very roughly, the kind […]

Time to listen to the ice scientists about the Arctic death spiral

The Arctics ice is disappearing. We must reduce emissions, fast, or the human castastrophe predicted by ocean scientist Peter Wadhams will become reality Ice scientists are mostly cheerful and pragmatic. Like many other researchers coolly observing the rapid warming of the world, they share a gallows humour and are cautious about entering the political fray. […]


Today, Sprint and T-Mobile both announced the return of what had once been a mainstay of the mobile industry: unlimited data plans. Thats good! But dont get too excited just yet. While the two plans—T-Mobile One and Sprint Unlimited Freedom—do remove traditional tiered data buckets, there are, well, limits to what you can actually download. […]

Worse results, more students, on A-level day – BBC News

It might be expressed through cliches of leaping teenagers and tearful conversations into mobile phones – but each set of results is a turning point in young lives. Families won’t be that bothered about the blizzard of national exam statistics, they will be worried about their own results, with all that effort and anxiousness, all […]

WIRED Endorses Optimism

WIRED has never been neutral. For nearly a quarter of a century, this organization has championed a specific way of thinking about tomorrow. If its true, as the writer William Gibson once had it, that the future is already here, just unevenly distributed, then our task has been to locate the places where various futures […]

Here’s What Scientists Really Think About ‘Chemtrails’

The next time you ponder those white, cloud-like streaks painted across the sky, remember this newly published paper before disdainfully whispering to yourself, “chemtrails…” In the first peer-reviewed study of its kind, researchers at the University of California, Irvine and the Carnegie Institution for Science found that the world’s leading atmospheric scientists overwhelmingly believe that […]

U.S. Olympic Swimmers Made Up Robbery Story in Rio, Police Say

Four U.S. Olympic swimmers, including gold medalist Ryan Lochte, fabricated a widely-publicized story in which they claimed to have been victims of an armed robbery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian police said on Thursday. Lochte said in a series of interviews that he and his swimming mates James Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were robbed at […]


Its Thursday. Youre tired, maybe hungover. The weekend is nearly here. But before all that, weve got some physics for you to sink your teeth into. Were talking wormholes, black holes, and quantum mechanics. Yes, theres a new theory on the block, and this one is seeking to rectify one of the biggest problems in […]

This Sneakerhead Made a Stock Exchange for Shoes

Josh Luber has two great loves: data transparency and sneakers. Four years ago, Luber was a consultant for IBM who spent his spare time bidding for rare shoes on EBay and griping that there wasnt a good way to know how much each pair should cost. So he collected EBays pricing data and built the […]

White Dwarf Seen Before And After It Exploded By Astronomers

Supernovae get all the attention. These cataclysmic blasts are, of course, incredibly impressive, whether they form via self-destructive runaway fusion reactions or when two stellar masses careen into one another. However, novae also exist these areeruptions in deep space marking the luminescent demise of a white dwarf, the hyperdense nuclear remnant of an aged star. […]

Look at this beautiful 3D-printed clitoris

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Very Rare Litter Of 5 Dingo Puppies Is Born To Proud Parents In Australia

Most people know dingoes as funny wild dogs in Australia who may “eat your baby” if you’re not careful. Some don’t really know what they are at all I’ll admit that I had to look up a picture on the internet! But dingos are actually an important Australian symbol that have been a part of […]

The High-Speed Physics of Olympic BMX

There’s a lot happening at the start of an Olympic BMX race. Athletes begin at the top of a ramp, which they descend while pedaling and being pulled by gravity. At the end of the ramp, they transition from pointing down to aiming horizontally. You may not think there are many physics problems here, but […]

Aging Danes Hope Robots Will Save Their Welfare State

Denmark has a problem: it may soon be unable to afford offering such a good deal to its people. Free health care for all, a $757 monthly stipend for college students and robust safety nets for the less fortunate all cost money Denmark devotes slightly more than 30 percent of its gross domestic product to […]

Disturbing Photo Of A Shattered Bike Helmet Proves How Important They Are

We were all kids once upon a time, which means that we all know exactly how kids think. They want to find out what stuff is by eating it, they want to dig for worms with their toothbrushes, they want to jump off of high things, and they never, ever want to wear anything that […]

Should I replace a MacBook Air with a Windows laptop?

Esthers MacBook Air has died and would cost too much to repair. Shes thinking of buying a more affordable Windows laptop to replace it, but which one should she choose? My first ever laptop was a MacBook Air. However, the logic board stopped working, and Apple was going to charge $600 to fix it. Technicians […]

Uber riders to be able to hail self-driving cars for first time

Ride-sharing firm to trial autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh as it also announces tie up with Volvo to develop driverless cars Uber passengers in Pittsburgh will be able to hail self-driving cars for the first time within the next few weeks as the taxi firm tests its future vision of transportation in the city. The company […]

Some back-to-school clothes aren’t good for the planet. Heres a better option.

There are three constants in late summer life. One: Its impossible to apply sunscreen without missing a spot. Two: S’mores that fall in the campfire for a few seconds just taste better. Three: Nothing is a bigger adrenaline hit than back-to-school shopping. Instantly iconic. GIF from “Clueless.” Thanks to the internet and fast-fashion outlets, buying […]


When the NSA discovers a new method of hacking into a piece of software or hardware, it faces a dilemma. Report the security flaw it exploits to the product’s manufacturer so it gets fixed, or keep that vulnerability secret—what’s known in the security industry as a “zero day”—and use it to hack its targets, gathering […]

Mysterious Beach Patterns That Scientists Cant Explain

Beach cusps, which often appear during or after storms, are unusual because their spacing is uniform and regular. If you don’t believe in aliens, there are two prevailing theories about their formation. The first is the ‘standing edge’ theory, which involves interactions between normal waves approaching the shore and “edge” waves, which form perpendicular to […]