We’ve lost control of our web browsers. Sure, we tell them what sites to load. But after that, browsers do the bidding of someone else’s server, executing code that could, for all we know, install malware on our phones and computers to spy on our every digital move. And sometimes they do. In 2009, The […]


The director of Money Monster, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, opens up about the financial crisis and why she will always support her controversial pal Mel Gibson. “> Of course, even someone of Fosters caliber had a bit of a rough go the last time around. Looking back now, Foster reflects on the public […]


Rapidly spinning black holes like Gargantua, from the movie “Interstellar” should produce very different gravitational wave patterns than slower-spinning black holes. (Paramount Pictures) What is the sound of two black holes colliding? Some of them chirp. But a truly massive, fast-spinning black hole such as the one featured in the movie “Interstellar” might create a […]


A diamond that turns radioactivity into electricity could operate as an energy source in circumstances where small amounts of power are needed for very long periods of time. The product could also prove a useful way to dispose of stocks of nuclear waste. Nuclear power stations produce a lot of radioactive waste, and long-term storage […]


The leaders of 29 U.S. research and academic institutions have urged President-elect Donald Trump to name a senior science adviser during his ongoing appointment pageantry, stressing the need for “science and technology to address major national challenges.” The group whose signatories include the heads of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical […]


Meredith Farmer, an English and philosophy double major in the class of 2005, nervously Despite the time crunch, Wallace entertained the student responsible for bringing him to campus and her friend, Chris Bench. He sang a song about Galveston, Texas, Farmer’s hometown. He beatboxed the opening to Billy Joel’s which is about the city Bench […]

Theory challenging Einstein’s view on speed of light could soon be tested

New paper describes for first time how scientists can test controversial idea that speed of light is not a constant The newborn universe may have glowed with light beams moving much faster than they do today, according to a theory that overturns Einsteins century-old claim that the speed of light is a constant. Joo Magueijo, […]

Time travellers could use parallel dimensions to visit the past, scientists claim

The wheels and cogs of the clock are seen inside the Big Ben Clock Tower above the Houses of Parliament in London April 30, 2009. (REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth) There are multiple timelines playing out in parallel universes, according to a team of researchers. The sensational claim was made by a team of physicists, who believe that […]


Heres an easy question for you: Whats the tallest mountain in the world? If you are wary of being asked such a seemingly simplequery, you would be right to be concerned, because the answer is not necessarily Mount Everest. At a height of 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) above sea level, it puts other mountains on […]


Solar cells have been combined in a way that doesn’t just break, but shatters the record for converting unconcentrated sunlight into electricity. The method is unlikely to be suitable for rooftop installation, but could prove useful for other solar applications. Sunlight contains a spectrum of wavelengths, and solar engineers face a never-ending challenge: They can […]


The Department of Chemistry and Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, where I teach,just hit a milestone. This year, seven students graduated with a degree in physics. That is a big deal, for two reasons. First, the state of Louisiana has an issue with low-completer programs. The Louisiana Board of Regents defines a low-completer program as […]


Seen here is experimental evidence for the physical mechanism of forming a traffic jam. This video is a multimedia supplement to the research paper, “The Mathematical Society of Traffic Flow” by Yuki Sugiyama et al., and was published in the New Journal of Physics in 2008. Read more: http://twistedsifter.com/videos/how-inadvertent-braking-causes-traffic-jams/


I got in a lot of trouble back in the day for drawing/ writing on my school desks. It was just very important to me that everyone who read the table knew exactly what my mate Charlie’s mum was up to… This fifth grade teacher had different ideas. Her students had a high stakes exam […]


Between a major league record and a new $175m seven-year deal, theres been plenty of drama at the Nats this week Max Scherzer was approaching a record and the Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker had a decision to make: balance the rare opportunity to make history against the danger of keeping his hurler on the […]


When I was twelve years old, I was fascinated by psychic powers. Who wouldnt be? Its a provocative notion, to be able to reach out and push things around, hear what other people are thinking, or tell the future, all just by using your mind. I read everything I could find about ESP, telekinesis, clairvoyance, […]


Cast member Mark Ruffalo poses during a photocall for the film “Foxcatcher” in competition at the 67th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes May 19, 2014. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier (FRANCE – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT) – RTR3PSGZ (Reuters) Dr. Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech professor who helped uncover the Flint water crisis, has slammed Mark Ruffalo for his […]


The possibility that we earthlings are not truly alone in the universe has gained some added credibility, thanks to a new study that coincides with NASA’s recent planetary discoveries. The research, published in the journal Astrobiology last week, suggests that more planets in the Milky Way galaxy may harbor advanced civilizations than we previously imagined. Study co-authors […]


Mr Savage is a professor of engineering who has worked with Nasa and also with carmakers Honda and McLaren on designs for Formula One racing cars. He said: “We have taken the best of everything we have learned in Formula One to create the best fly rod ever made.” ‘Game changer’ Mr Mackenzie said: “We […]


Modern science is more about patience and persistence than about great epiphanies. It is therefore extremely satisfying when you make a breakthrough, as it means a lot of hard work has finally paid off. After monitoring a fairly quiet black hole for nearly 26 years, my colleagues and I were thrilled to suddenly catch it […]


Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/6IHGOL3


Trying to send something to space by attaching it to a balloon and letting go sounds like a plan concocted by a six-year-old. In fact, we’re pretty sure a lot of you tried it back in the day, only to witness your probe snag on a tree branch fifteen feet up. But it turns out […]


The Internet loves a great video. In today’s clip we see Jos Ramrez of the Cleveland Indians sliding into second base. But wait! His hat (I’m calling it a hat, not a helmet, because no one has a magic helmet) fliesoff and hitshis foot. Magically, the hat appears to fly backward yet still end up […]


What happens when you put an inductor and a capacitor in a circuit? Something kind of cool—and actually important. What is an inductor? You can make all sorts of different types of inductors, but the most common type is cylindrical coil of wire—a solenoid. When current runs through the first loop, it creates a magnetic […]


Wolfgang Durheimer watches closely as I wipe my feet. Its raining here in Molsheim, and weve just crossed the opulent grounds of Bugatti’s estate to the atelier, where the world’s most exclusive automobile is meticulously assembled. Durheimer, the head of the company, is not about to let me track in any mud. I understand why […]


In the early days of the Internet, scientists erected their own online network, a digital utopia that still stands today. Here, astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, computational biologists, and computer scientists come together to discuss heady, cosmic topics. They exchange knowledgewithout exchanging money. Its called arXiv, and its where researchers go to post their ideas for discussion, […]


(CNN)There’s still a little joy in the ranks of hedge fund managers. Last year, the 25 best-paid earned a total of $13 billion, up 10 percent from the year before. Yet there are clouds on the horizon. While New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, a hedge fund critic, won’t convince mediocre fund managers to […]


Not if someone like Jezek has written it for you. He’s a freelance writer, a pen for hire, in an industry which appears to be growing rapidly. Commercial essay writing firms are becoming increasingly blatant in their appeals to students. Image copyright PA Image caption School and university exams are harder to cheat in It […]


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is about to make it rain literally. A notoriously hot and dry country (one that, thanks to climate change, is set to become increasingly and dangerously hotter in the next few decades), water is arguably the most precious resource, and there tends to be very little of it. As they […]


If you think the asteroid that made the Chicxulub Craterwas terrifying, and no doubt nearby dinosaurs did, consider the force of an object weighing up to 30 times as much smashing into Earth. Evidence for just such an event has been found, and geologists have been able to date it with unusual precision. Around 3.8 […]


Modern astronomical knowledge has been used to calculate the season when one of the oldest known lyric poems was written, providing a rare clue about the life of the author. The ancient Greek poet Sappho was one of the most significant poets of antiquity, described by Plato as the Tenth Muse,but we know very little […]


This has been a good week for Mercury. Millions of people around the world observed the little planet transit across the solar disk on Monday, and now NASA has released the first topographic model of the planet. The digital elevation model (DEM) was constructed from data taken by the MESSENGER probes Mercury Laser Altimeter, and […]


A team of researchers from the UCLA School of Engineering has developed an optical clock that can measure time intervals with a precision to 270 quintillionths of a second (2.7×10-16s). Not only is this one of the most precise timepieces ever built, it is also very small. The clock is just 1 cubic centimeter in […]


If you dream of owning a “supersuit”like Daredevil or Batman, youre in luck. Chemists from UC San Diego have just developed the ideal protective material. The team developed an adaptive protein crystal with an unusual “auxetic”property: When the material is compressed in one direction, it shrinks in the other direction rather than expanding, making the […]


The story of the rise of humanity is an intricate tapestry of events. Simple life had to begin after the early Earth was bombarded by asteroids and bathed in magma. A magnetic field had to be generated and strengthened for complex life to survive the harsh solar radiation. The non-avian dinosaurs had to perish so […]


A predictable and hamfisted kids flick appears to be the aim of this attempt at committing the story of the Brazilian football great to celluloid, and it shows In Star Wars the first one Luke Skywalker knows hell never be able to blow up the Death Star until he shuts down the fancy equipment on […]


The astrophysicist and author Janna Levin has two main offices: One at Barnard College of Columbia University, where she is a professor, and a studio space at Pioneer Works, a center for art and innovation in Brooklyn where Levin works alongside artists and musicians in an ever-expanding role as director of sciences. Beneath the rafters […]


Theres a lot we dont know about many of the magnetic effects we see throughout the universe. The familiar, beautiful northern lights, for example, are actually a bit of an enigma. They are driven by a mysterious magnetic process in which a huge amount of energy is explosively released when particles from the sun hit […]


We are used to seeing spectacular images from supernovae, but NASA might have just one-upped all of them with the first ever video of a supernova remnant. The object, called SN 1572, is a well-known and well-studied supernova, so NASA was able to combine optical observations,16 years of data from itsChandra X-ray Observatorywith 30 years […]


One of the great short stories of the 20th century is Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singers The Spinoza of Market Street. It tells of an aged scholar who has devoted his life to the study of Spinozas great work, Ethics. Protagonist Dr Fischelson has lost his library job and, like his hero, been expelled from […]


The cornerstone of physics isthe universality of the laws of nature. From your back garden to far-away galaxies, everything moves, shakes, and shines according to the same principles. Obviously, we are here and not there, so scientists have to come up with ingenious ways to test theories at a distance. An international team led by […]


Who doesn’t love having a pet? America is chock full of dogs and cats — 70 million and 75 million of them, respectively. Factor in the guinea pigs, birds, and chinchillas, and damn son, we’re up to our nips in critters. And where do all these animals come from? If you’re like me, you stalk […]


Radar echoes plotted over the course of two days show how the signal emerged at dawn, descended toward the ground, and then rose again over the course of the day. (Jorge Chau.) More than 50 years after weird radio echoes were detected coming from Earth’s upper atmosphere, two scientists say they’ve pinpointed the culprit. And […]


Fantasy stories are set in worlds vastly different from our own, worlds where dragons exist, 100-year-old dudes look like sparkly teenagers, and going to magic school isn’t unbearably sad. If you asked most people how these things are possible, they’d tell you, “Because fuck it; it’s a story” — but that’s never stopped us from […]


The wife of Canadas prime minister has been criticised for saying she needs more staff to carry out her duties. The myth of high-profile women doing everything is much more damaging The rules of public life are never exactly clear until they are broken. Sophie Grgoire Trudeau, wife of the Canadian prime minister Can we […]


I’m not sure what’s happening in this trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, but here’s what I think: The aliens are back and not at all happy about losing the battle on Earth. As part of their plan for revenge, they deploy a large ship near the planet’s surface. The ship is so massive that it […]


Whenever I think about getting my workout on, I let Nene Leakes be my guide. Pinterest And these people should, too. If you’ve ever gone to the gym and caused an absolute scene, please know that you have a soul sister in me. Smash my body between some weights and a steel plate, you say? […]


Movies — or cinematic LIES, as experts really should be calling them — are a great way to escape the awfulness of the real world for a couple of mindless fantasy-filled hours. But as it turns out, some movies are such filthy liars that they even lied about being fictional. Meaning, some of the stupidest […]


The analysis of a video game can be a game in itself. The process of trying to figure out the underlying physics engine in a game is just like science—but much cheaper. It’s been a while since I’ve explored the mechanics in Angry Birds (the game), but I have quite a few posts on the […]


April is Autism Awareness Month. About 1percent of the world’s population falls somewhere on the autism spectrum. People with autism areeverywhere. For example, your physics professor could have it. That girl on the subway? Maybe (though it’s less likely infemales). What about your boyfriend who’s not looking you in the eye? Nope, he’s just weak […]

We want to live again: Mosuls defiant citizens refuse to leave home

As the Iraqi army advances street by street, the expected exodus is not happening On a main road to central Mosul, just inside the city limits, crowds of people had gathered. Black-clad women stood next to children in vivid winter coats. Old men sat on benches in front of smudged white walls and a young […]


Why is it that whenever anyone spots a UFO, their camera churns out a grainy video? It must be a law of physics that we’ve yet to discover. At any rate, the video below is not one of those. In fact, it’s startlingly clear. This cigar-shaped object was spotted on a clear day over Manchester, […]


If a planes engine fails, youd think (or like to think) its aerodynamic properties could glide you down to safety. Helicopters, on the other hand, are pretty clunky-looking things. So if you turned off the engine mid-flight, youd probably expect the results to be pretty messy. Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a tweet last year saying […]


WASHINGTON William Shatner knows a thing or two about sci-fi tech. The 85-year-old actor is best known for his portrayal of the fictional Captain James Kirk, the courageous and willful leader of the starship Enterprise from the original “Star Trek” TV series. The show, which debuted in 1966, exposed audiences to spaceships, intergalactic space travel […]


In 2011, James Arthur Ray went to prison wondering what he’d done to deserve it. As he arrived in shackles, inmates familiar with his public downfall hurled expletives and death threats at him. He spent time in solitary confinement and a psych ward — both, he says, for his protection. By the time Ray’s two […]


Media captionIn 1997, Howard Marks spoke of his drug smuggling and run-ins with law enforcement. The life of ‘Mr Nice’ Howard Marks No regrets as Marks lives with cancer A statement said: “In the early hours of 10th April 2016, Howard Marks died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his four loving children. “He fought […]

Trump Is Taking Advice On The Future Of The Environment From A Man Who Denies Basic Science

President-elect Donald Trump has said that he does not believe the planet is warming as a result of human activity despite the research-backed consensus reached long ago by researchers across the globe. He tweeted in 2012 that “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing […]

The Physics of Throwing a Starship Off a Cliff to Make It Fly

I want to analyze a scene from Star Trek Beyondbut don’t want to spoil the movie. Let me set things upin the most generic way possible. If you are very allergic to spoilers, maybe you should just move along tothis nice post about radioactive bananas. You have been warned. Here is the scene: Some people […]

Peter Thiels Other Hobby is Nuclear Fusion

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has angered clean-energy proponents by making false statements about climate change and promising to expand fossil-fuel explorationa policy that could further exacerbate the existential threat hes claimed is a Chinese hoax. Wouldnt it be ironic then if there was someone deep in Trumps confidence whos made a bet on cleaning up energy technology once and for all?  Nuclear fusion, which would harness […]

For Obama, It’s The Last Of His Greats: 21 Awarded Presidential Medals of Freedom

For the final time in his presidency, Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor, to 21 recipients at the White House on Tuesday.  Honorees included entertainers Tom Hanks and Diana Ross, philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, architect Frank Gehry, scientist Margaret Hamilton, and athletes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and (a crying) […]

Cybersecurity school plan for Bletchley Park – BBC News

There have been repeated warnings about the lack of a skilled workforce for cybersecurity in the UK, despite a rising number of sophisticated cyber-attacks. Image copyright Rex Features Image caption Staff working on decoding projects at Bletchley in 1940 The computer scientist Alan Turing was among those who worked there on deciphering coded messages. The […]

Unbeatable Physics

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Photographer Combats Trump’s Islamophobia With Stunning Portrait Series

You could turn on the television and watch President-elect Donald Trump or one of his right-hand men tell you about Islam. Or, as photographer Mark Bennington did, you could sit down with some of the three million Muslims in America and get to know them that way, instead. In a new series entitled “America 2.0,” Bennington […]

Physicists Uncover Strange Numbers in Particle Collisions

At the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, physicists shoot protons around a 17-mile track and smash them together at nearly the speed of light. Its one of the most finely tuned scientific experiments in the world, but when trying to make sense of the quantum debris, physicists begin with a strikingly simple tool called a […]

The ups and downs of being an airline pilot

Tom Hankss latest thriller, Sully, is about the dramatic emergency landing of a plane on the Hudson River. But what do we know really about the lives of pilots? Jonathan Margolis hears some cockpit confessions The guy going through the US airport security gate looks like a successful financial director, nice glasses, mid-40s, borderline quite […]


It is now official, the propellantless engine known as EmDrive seems to actually work. A few months ago, it was announced that a peer-reviewed paperon the EmDrive was accepted for publication in the Journal of Propulsion and Power, and it is now available for anyone to read on the Internet. The paperis authored by Harold […]

Are Aliens Trying To Tell Us Something? Brightest Burst Of Radio Waves Detected

The search for mysterious fast radio bursts very brief but intense pulses of radio waves from outer space is heating up. Nobody knows what causes these powerful bursts, but some have even speculated that the signals could be transmitted by distant alien civilisations. In fact, astronomers are so perplexed by the phenomenon that it is […]


Why visit an amusement park when you could just build a roller coaster in your backyard instead? Before you run outside and try to make your own, it’s important to note that Paul Gregg is a retired aerospace engineer, so a lot of careful planning went into making sure this thing is safe to ride. […]

The Betches’ Guide To Skanksgiving

The only thing better than the extreme gluttony that is Thanksgiving is the night before: Skanksgiving. Skanksgiving is basic in conceptthe night before Thanksgiving, collegiates and young working adults flock back to their beloved/hated hometowns to be with family. Simultaneouly, the bars become fucking packed with bros and blacked out betches escaping said family. The […]

Its Time to Replace Meter Maids With Riderless Motorcycles

The coming rise of autonomous vehicles has already sparked fears that cars immune to human error won’t incur the speeding and parking fines that keep city coffers stuffed. But there will be a healthy gap between the technology’s arrival and its ubiquity. That’s what makes the Brigade useful. Brigade is a conceptual driverless motorcycle I […]


It took six years, but Charlene DeWindt, 58, of Newport News, Va., is now an electrician. She’s also a production planner and scheduler at Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII is the largest military shipbuilding company in the United States), earning more than $50,000 a year. DeWindt honed her trade at the firm’s Newport News Shipbulding Apprentice […]

Why Pluto May Have A Large Ocean Beneath Its Icy Surface

It may have been more than a year since NASAs New Horizon spacecraft whizzed past Pluto, but the data it captured is still helping space scientists make important new discoveries about the enigmatic dwarf planet. Now two new studies, published in Nature, have shed light on Plutos past and present structure by investigating an impact […]


This may be the fastest Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream ever created. Carbonated by Alton Brown, with a little help of his blue-gloved friend Stephen Colbert at “The Late Show”. Physics is awesome! 10… 9… 8… “The Food Network star harnesses the power of physics to create a revolutionary spin on everyone’s favorite Fall flavor.” VIA: […]

You Cant Just Link Batteries Willy Nilly and Expect Everything to Be OK

Anyone who has taken introductory physics will recognize this famous question: Why can’t you start your car with 8 AAA batteries instead of one 12 volt car battery? Eight AAA batteries do add up to 12 volts, but they still can’t provide enough electrical current to run the starter motor. But that’s not the whole […]

Aliens are everywhere, says Ivy League professor

File photo – A roadside collection of alien dolls and toy UFO saucers is seen next to a roadside residence neat Jacumba, California, United States, Oct. 7, 2016. (REUTERS/Mike Blake) Alien life is behind the mysteries of the universe, according to a radical new theory. Ancient non-human lifeforms morphed into the physical world and are […]


Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are slashing carbon dioxide emissions and bringing light to millions who previously could not afford anything better than kerosene lamps. But one feature of these works of genius has been overlooked, until now they attract fewer insects to annoy you on an otherwise pleasant evening outside. LEDs have been around since […]

The Best 2016 Supermoon Photo We’ve Seen Yet Took Several Years Of Planning

The largest moon of the year, called the supermoon, shined its biggest and brightest in nearly 70 years early Monday morning. Supermoons happen when the moon’s wonky elliptical orbit lines up perfectly with the Earthand the sun. On November 14, this dance of orbital physics brought the moon to within 222,000 miles of Earth 30,000 […]


The space environment that surrounds our planet is fascinating and incredibly mysterious. Charged particles coming from the Sun and the rest of the universe slam into our magnetic field, creating many different effects. Among this, there lies the open question of how electrons are accelerated by the magnetosphere to almost the speed of light. Researchers […]


If you have a basic understanding of physics, youll know that there are many quantities defined as constants. But just how constant are these values? Modern science has only been around for 400 years, so to test if these constants change we need to find ways to measure them billions of light-years away. And researchers […]

Trump begins filling environmental posts with clowns | John Abraham

John Abraham: Trumps plans to roll back environmental protections seem worse than many feared Come on, you can admit it. I admit it. I admit that after Trumps election victory, I secretly hoped and even though that his rhetoric was worse than its bite. He only said those crazy things during the campaign to get […]


(CNN)Harry Potter wasn’t the only one after the philosopher’s stone. Isaac Newton’s recently discovered manuscript is his handwritten copy of mid-17th-century Harvard alchemist George Starkey’s procedure for producing “sophick mercury,” a substance seen as a main ingredient for the philosopher’s stone, a fabled stone used in alchemy.

The Zero1 Flexible Football Helmet May Save Players Brains

Football is a game of simplephysics: One player has a ball, and many other players who do not have the ball want to stop him in his tracks. Sometimes this interaction happens at high speed. Speeds so fast that the parties involved banginto each other with aG force equivalent to a bowling ball being dropped […]

Atomic City, USA: how once-secret Los Alamos became a millionaire’s enclave

Home to the scientists who built the nuclear bomb, the company town of Los Alamos, New Mexico is today one of the richest in the country even as toxic waste threatens its residents and neighbouring Espaola struggles with poverty In August 1945, the US army dropped a secret over Japan: fully functional nuclear bombs, which […]

It’s the data, stupid – BBC News

Their dream was of a system that could put information from Twitter, canvassing, polls, websites, apps, into one giant IT programme that would then churn out extremely sophisticated models that would reveal the areas most likely to vote Leave, down to the street. Image copyright House of Commons Image caption Dominic Cummings, seen giving evidence […]


This helicopter looks like it’s part-gymnast… VIA: http://www.wimp.com/

The great clown panic of 2016: a volatile mix of fear and contagion

A magic combination of childhood fears, social media and psychology has powered the spread of clown sightings around the world. But will Halloween mark peak clown? And what should you do if you are confronted by one? It began in the UK on Friday 30 September. Police in Newcastle received reports of someone dressed as […]


The Standard Model of particle physics is the best description we have of how particles and forces interact in the world. But it is by far not perfect, and over the years new discoveries have indicated that theres much more out there in the universe. A group of European physicists has now suggested an extension […]

The Science Behind All the Best Halloween Party Tricks

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, but I am a fan of finding ways to squeeze physics into an event. Here are four common Halloween effects that you might have at a party—along with a quick explanation of the physics involved. I saved the best for last. Dry Ice Fog WIRED You pretty much […]

What is the protocol if aliens make contact?

Denis Villeneuves Arrival is the latest film to imagine an encounter with extraterrestrials. In real life, the rules of alien engagement are complicated … If we find aliens, or they find us, what happens next? Most of the answers to that question come in the form of films. Theres Contact (we build a space ship), […]

Why Did the Catholic Church Ban the Spreading of Ashes?

The Catholic Church shocked the billions of people in its flock by announcing that spreading the cremated remains of loved ones is not allowed, and there’s a good reason why.”> The Vatican has announced that Catholics may be cremated, but are unable to keep the ashes of loved ones in urns at home. The new […]

When you’re a CGI character and they don’t have the hair physics down quite yet
Turning Diamonds Defects Into Long-Term 3-D Data Storage

With the amount of data storage required for our daily lives growing and growing, and currently available technology being almost saturated, were in desparate need of a new method of data storage. The standard magnetic hard disk drive (HDD) like whats probably in your laptop computer has reached its limit, holding a maximum of a […]

Relax, The Expansion Of The Universe Is Still Accelerating

Theres been a whirlwind of commentary of late speculating that the acceleration of the expanding universe might not be real after all. It follows the publication this month of a new look at supernovae in our universe, which the researchers say give only a marginal detection of the acceleration of the universe. This seems to […]

The World’s Best Chocolate, as Picked by Top Pastry Chefs

Today, there are so many high-quality chocolate producers around the world that pinpointing the best can be like finding an M&M in a confetti pit. So why not listen to the people who work with the stuff every day? In honor of National Chocolate Day in the U.S.Oct. 28, although shouldn’t every day be chocolate day?six […]

I Loved My Bigoted Uncle, and He Loved Us

Sometimes, water is thicker than blood and deeply rooted family ties grow and strengthen where you least expect them.”> My late Uncle Buster, a barrel-chested white man raised in the woody bowels of Louisiana and a self-professed bigot, opened his life, his home and his heart to me. Wendell Buster Carson was ours by marriage […]

How To Tell If Your Microwave Is Leaking Radiation

You dont have to be a nuclear physicist to realize that whatever microwave ovens do to food should not be done to humans. In fact, they work by passing microwave radiation through the objects placed inside them, causing water molecules in these items to rapidly heat up. Its therefore pretty important that this radiation doesnt […]

Ugandan Parents Who Do Not Vaccinate Their Children Will Face Jail Time

Children die from not being vaccinated. Outbreaks of easily preventable diseases, like measles, are robbing people of lives when they could have been saved by a 20-second-long inoculation. Two million children die every year because their parents failed to vaccinate them. There is absolutely no evidence that vaccines cause any sort of harm to the […]

The Mind-Bending Thought Experiment Reveals How We Can Manipulate Time

Space-time is a very weird thing. The idea that time something so seemingly constant can be bent and manipulated is a lot to get our mere mortal minds around. Thats especially true when its muddled with all sorts of physics jargon. This video from Business Insider simply demonstrates one of the most famous and mind-bending […]


If you want something to be mad at for your misfortunes in physics, theres no better candidate than the second law of thermodynamics. Things breaking down, aging, and even death depend on that physical law, which states that the entropy of the universe tends to increase. Researchers from the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) looked at […]


Studying the composition of comets has allowed us to better understand the composition of the early Solar System, but it appears that theres a lot more we need to understand about these fascinating objects. An international team of researchers looked at 30 comets over 16 years and discovered that although they all had different substances, […]

Cell Structure Has A Similar Shape To Matter In Neutron Stars

Carl Sagan used to say that we are made of star stuff, but the similarity between humans and stars might not stop at the elements we are made of. US researchers have discovered that a biological structure known as the endoplasmic reticulum found within human cells is remarkably similar to dense nuclear matter found in […]