Video Emerges Of Man Claiming To be Son Of Murdered North Korean

A man claiming to be the son of the slain, estranged half-brother of North Koreas leader said he was lying low with his mother and sister, in a video posted online by a group that said it helped rescue them following the murder a month ago. An official at South Koreas National Intelligence Service said […]

Greek restaurant owner encourages Bitcoin use by offering 20 percent discount

Greeces economy is in crisis mode, and many are wondering if Greek citizens will turn to digital currencies. One Athenian restaurateur is testing out that theory by offering a 20 percent discount to anyone paying with Bitcoin. Nikos Houtas has accepted Bitcoin at his restaurant for a few years. “Bitcoin has the potential to be […]

The true origin of Bitcoin’s early success

The following is an excerpt from Digital Gold:Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money, reprinted courtesy of Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. A little over a month after Ross Ulbricht brought the Silk Road online, in March 2011, the site had around 150 members. It was hardly […]

Disruption in the Philippines | The Daily Dot

BY DANIEL HARRISON Ron Hose strikes an unusual figure in the Philippines. Soft-spoken but emphatic, he doesnt so much out as seem like he would fit in well somewhere else. San Francisco is where youd naturally place Hose, or maybe in his home country Israelsomewhere thats typically home to a startup enterprise. And yet, Hose […]

Agora, a top Dark Net black market, pauses operations due to Tor vulnerability

Agora, the largest and oldest surviving Dark Net market, paused operations on Wednesday due to reported vulnerabilities in Tor found by recent research Normally an island of stability in a sea of chaos, Agora handles millions of dollars per year for its top vendor, a huge chunk of the Dark Net drug trade. As such, […]

Hackers stole $67 million in bitcoins from a Hong Kong exchange
Silicon Valley was going to disrupt capitalism. Now its enhancing it

The tech giants thought they would beat old businesses but the health and finance industries are using data troves to become more, not less, resilient The chances that, in a few years time, people will be able to receive basic healthcare without interacting with a technology company became considerably smaller after recent announcements of two […]

The government is selling bitcoins taken from some of the internet’s most notorious criminals
Bitcoin Traders Made 700% Returns Before Losing Millions in Hack Attack

For years, Tian Jia made the kind of returns on his money that investors in the rest of the world could only dream of. The 29-year-old Beijing-based programmer had $440,000 on deposit at the Hong Kong bitcoin exchange Bitfinex until last week and, on good days, would wake up to find a couple thousand more […]

Ukip aide indicted in US on charges of blackmail and money laundering

George Cottrell held for allegedly agreeing to launder money for undercover law enforcement posing as drug traffickers An aide to Nigel Farage is facing blackmail and money laundering charges in the United States after being arrested at Chicagos OHare airport as he tried to travel back to Britain with the former Ukip leader. George Cottrell […]


The NSA’s elite teams of hackers have for years made it their mission to silently compromise computer systems around the globe. Now one group of anonymous hackers claims to have executed a counter-hack with none of the same discretion: They’ve brazenly announced the theft of a collection of files they say belonged to an NSA-linked […]


When OpenBazaar launched in 2014, it promised to be the world’s first peer-to-peer online bitcoin marketplace that no government or company could control—a kind of Bittorrent of online trade that would let anyone sell anything directly to anyone else. Now, OpenBazaar will finally add the last ingredient to enable that anarchic dream: anonymity. In May, […]


When an anonymous group calling itself Shadow Brokers put up for auction a collection of data it said it stole from the NSA, the group wrote that it would make the information public if it received the truly absurd “Dr. Evil” sum of one million bitcoins—at current exchange rates, about $576 million. So far, however, […]

Simon Denny: the artist explaining blockchain with Pokmon

His fan art exhibition tells the story of blockchain visionaries, bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency through the mediums of cartoons and board games New Zealand artist decentralized transaction database for the cryptocurrency bitcoin and has been described as even the albeit usually of a different kind. Dennys interest in the concept dates to 2008 […]


Though the Internet is often an inhospitable place, a celebrity hack this week was particularly shocking and painful because of its racial and gendered undertones. Comedian and actor Leslie Jones had her Tumblr hacked on Wednesday. The attackers posted screenshots of her driver’s license and passport photos along with her phone number and Twitter password, […]

The Ad-Blocking Browser That Pays the Sites You Visit

Everyone hates ads. Or at least a lot of people do. But they’re what pays for practically all the journalism and entertainment you enjoy online. So what if you could just set a budget—say, $5 a month—and divvy that up amongst all the sites you visit? It might not amount to much, but if enough […]

Isis is as much an offshoot of our global civilisation as Google

In the wake of terror attacks, and as Europe unravels, it feels as if we live in divided times. But civilisation is more united than ever. The challenges of the future climate change, AI, biotechnology will only bring us closer Recent events in the Middle East and Europe seem to breathe fresh life into the […]

Bitcoin Technology Harnessed to Push Electricity Revolution

Bitcoin technology is starting to seep into the electricity business, shaking up the way payments are managed every time a light switch is flipped. From New York to Vienna, researchers and utilities are adapting the cloud-based car leasing and music streaming. Its turned into a craze on Wall Street, with firms such as JPMorgan Chase & […]

Two Americans involved in hacking of CIA director appear in court

Five-person team, which also included three British boys, conspired to hack John Brennan and other US officials in part to find evidence of aliens Two of the men who allegedly conspired to hack into the personal email and phone accounts of senior US government officials, including the CIA director, John Brennan, and homeland security secretary, […]

City banks plan to hoard bitcoins to help them pay cyber ransoms

Experts say blue chip companies have decided its cheaper to deal with extortionists than risk damaging attacks Several of Londons largest banks are looking to stockpile bitcoins in order to pay off cyber criminals who threaten to bring down their critical IT systems. The virtual currency, which is highly prized by criminal networks because it […]

Iceland election could propel radical Pirate party into power

Party founded by activists and hackers four years ago on course to either win or finish a close second on Saturday A party that favours direct democracy, complete government transparency, decriminalising drugs and offering asylum to Edward Snowden could form the next government in Iceland after the country goes to the polls on Saturday. Riding […]


Panama Papers and downfall of Progressive prime minister lead to early election where activist party has offered to give Edward Snowden asylum if it wins Iceland holds parliamentary elections on Saturday, with polls showing the opposition led by the


A Ukrainian group calling itself Cyber Hunta released emails October 28 from aides close to Vladimir Putin that show Russia heavily influencing the separatist movement in Ukraine. The incident could be retaliation by the United States for Russian political hacking, which would be big enough news on its own, but there was lots more happening […]

San Francisco transit struck by ransomware attack, commuters ride for free

File photo – The skyline of San Francisco, California showing the Transamerica Building framed by the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge is pictured at sunset Feb. 27, 2008. (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith) In recent years, ransomware attacks and other forms of malicious hacking have become a common occurrence, with both individuals and organizations falling victim […]


Mark Robertshaw is walking around a printing plant in Wigton, England, about 10 miles from the Scottish border, with a wad of cash. He lays out a Mexican 50, a Canadian 20, an Australian 5, and a fiver from the U.K. Unlike euros or U.S. dollars, these notes have a slight sheen and the feel […]

Why the US government wants to bring cryptocurrency out of the shadows

The IRS has issued a summons for data on millions of users of the bitcoin exchange Coinbase, but some are dismayed by sweeping nature of the request A US government request to trawl through the personal data of millions of users of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase signals the start of an effort to pull digital […]

Ransomware attack on San Francisco public transit gives everyone a free ride

San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency attacked by hackers who locked up computers and data with 100 bitcoin demand Hackers have managed to infect and take over more than 2,000 computers used to operate San Franciscos public transport system, forcing the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) to open the gates and allow passengers to ride for nothing. […]


This weekend, San Francisco’s public transit riders got what seemed like a Black Friday surprise: The system wouldn’t take their money. Not that Muni’s bosses didn’t want to, or suddenly forgot about their agency’s budget shortfalls. Nope—someone had attackedMuni’s computer system and was demanding a ransom. Monitorsin station agent booths were seen with the message, […]

Bitcoin giant Coinbase ordered to give up user data to the IRS
Iceland election: tight race to form government as counting begins

Early tallying shows ruling coalition led by Independence party vying to hold on to power against challenge from Pirate alliance Initial counting after polls closed in Icelands election put neither the ruling Independence partys centre-right coalition nor the Pirate partys leftist alliance in a position to secure outright victory. With roughly one-third of votes counted, […]


LeEco is like the Netflix of China—except it also sells phones, televisions, and cars. Now, it’s moving into the US after acquiring the stateside television maker Vizio. Unlike some Chinese tech giants that seem happy to focus on a domestic market approaching 1.4 billion, LeEco has international ambitions. And to make those ambitions a reality, […]


Circle unveiled itself at a bitcoin conference in 2014, vowing to take the digital currency mainstream. But like so many other startups that embraced this big idea at around the same time, its mission has changed. In January, I met Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire for coffee in San Francisco. Even then, he was careful to […]


Richard Craib is a 29-year-old South African who runs a hedge fund in San Francisco. Or rather, he doesn’t run it. He leaves that to an artificially intelligent system built by several thousand data scientists whose names he doesn’t know. Under the banner of a startup called Numerai, Craib and his team have built technology […]

Devious Ransomware Frees You if You Infect Two Other People

Ransomware—a particularly nasty malwarethat holds your data hostage until you pay up—just got more pernicious with a version that lets yousell out your friends instead of handing over your cash. The diabolical software Popcorn Time, which is not at all affiliated with the Popcorn Time piracy app, shakes victims down like any other ransomware. If […]

Bitcoin user battles IRS in court over access to private data
Overstock Begins Trading Its Shares Via the Bitcoin Blockchain

The blockchain is an online ledger controlled not by any one company or government agency, but by a global network of computers. With bitcoin, this ledger tracks the exchange of money, but it can also track anything else that holds value, including stocks, bonds, and other financial securities. The idea is that this technology can […]

Growing number of Venezuelans trade bolivars for bitcoins to buy necessities

Bitcoin users still represent a tiny minority, but some believe that the currency will become more popular in Venezuela as economic uncertainty escalates Amid growing economic chaos, and the highest inflation rate in the world, some Venezuelans are swapping bolivars for the government announced that it would be withdrawn from circulation on Wednesday in what […]

How people are preparing for Trump’s presidency

We asked readers how they are getting ready for the new administration. Here is what some of you said Im donating money I am allocating a chunk of my budget to travel for protest. I want to participate in direct actions to confront anything that the Trump administration does that will put my family, my […]


A massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack took several high-profile websites—Twitter, Amazon, the New York Times, even WIRED—offline in October. This attack didn’t target any of these companies directly, but rather Dyn, the company that provides DNS services for each of those sites. Dyn is one of many vulnerable, centralized chokepoints in the infrastructure of the […]

Bitcoin Will Never Be a CurrencyIts Something Way Weirder

The value of bitcoin surged past $1,000 this week, the first time it has reached such heights since late 2013. But don’t let that big number fool you: this strange and controversial technology is no closer to becoming a mainstream currency. Even Olaf Carlson-Wee, the first employee at Coinbase, the country’s most important bitcoin company, […]

Choose Facebook, revenge porn, zero hours’: what does the Trainspotting speech mean today?

Rentons original rant has been repurposed so many times that even George Osborne has parodied it. Can the new films update ever be more than a middle-aged delusion? Twenty-one years ago, Ewan McGregor, albeit briefly, tapped into prevailing anxieties over the spiritual bankruptcy of western consumerist society. Irvine Welshs novel Trainspotting. Choose a job. Choose […]


(CNN)A European luxury hotel is going back to the basics, replacing its electronic key cards with lock and key. And with good reason. Since the beginning of the winter tourism season, the 4-star Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt in Austria has been hit with a series of cyberattacks. In one attack, the hackers held all system — […]

Why Artificial Intelligence Could Be Key To Future-Proofing The Grid

A recent Conversation piece pointed out that the British electricity mix in 2016 was the cleanest in 60 years, with record capacity from renewable energy, mainly from wind and solar power. But one problem with this great expansion in renewables is they are intermittent, meaning they depend on weather conditions such as the wind blowing […]


This morning, Senate Republicans moved Rep. Tom Price one step closer to the highest office of public health, rolling over a Democratic boycott in the finance committee and advancing his confirmation as Secretary of Health and Human Services to a full Senate vote. But while Dems still have plenty of unanswered questions about the ethics […]


Jeffrey Tarrant is a Wall Street guy. He spent the last thirty years investing in new hedge funds. As the founder and CEO of a firm called Protege Partners, he compares himself to Sam Altman, the president of Y Combinator. What Altman does for Silicon Valley tech startups, Tarrant does for hedge funds. “I help […]


BOSTON (Reuters) – Apple Inc. customers were targeted by hackers over the weekend in the first campaign against Macintosh computers using a pernicious type of software known as ransomware, researchers with Palo Alto Networks Inc. told Reuters on Sunday. Ransomware, one of the fastest-growing types of cyber threats, encrypts data on infected machines, then typically […]

Iceland elections leave ruling centre-right party in driving seat

Alliance of anti-establishment Pirate party and three left-of-centre parties falls five seats short of majority Icelands incumbent Independence party was in pole position to try to form a new government after voters chose continuity in Saturdays elections and support for the anti-establishment Pirate party, while sharply up, fell below early expectations. The Pirates, founded four […]


File photo – A logo of Apple is seen in this Sept. 23, 2014 illustration photo in Sarajevo. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) The first fully functional ransomware targeting Apples Mac OS X operating system has been identified by security specialist Palo Alto Networks. Ransomware, which is malicious software used to extort money, represents a growing threat to […]


Apple fans used to brag about how their operating system of choice was virus free. Now that Macs are more prominent, so too are viruses. The latest sign that Apple devices have become big enough to target: OS Xransomware found in the wild. Researchers at security firm Palo Alto Networks first detected the ransomware, dubbed […]


This weekend, San Francisco’s public transit riders got what seemed like a Black Friday surprise: The system wouldn’t take their money. Not that Muni’s bosses didn’t want to, or suddenly forgot about their agency’s budget shortfalls. Nope—someone had attacked and locked the computer system through which riders pay their fares. Payment machines told riders, “You […]


This week, state legislators in New Hampshire are bracing for a fight over a groundbreaking new bill that gives public libraries explicit permission to run powerful privacy software like Tor, a network that gives its users anonymity on the Internet. Three weeks after passingcommittee by a 9-6 vote, the bill is expected to hit the […]


Blockchain technology has the potential to bring the world of finance into the modern world. And it cant come soon enough Science advances, said the great German physicist the data says otherwise. If you take as your measure of speed how long it takes a new technology to be adopted by 50% of US households, […]


Self-driving cars could cut road deaths by 80%, but without better security they put us at risk of car hacking and even ransoms, experts at SXSW say Youre about to drive to work. You turn on the ignition and a message on the dash lights up. Weve hacked your car! Pay 10 bitcoin to get […]


The second dotcom boom may seem like a way for money to flow from older, richer people to talented young entrepreneurs. But its not worked out that way Picture a startup founder. Chances are you went straight for a Mark Zuckerberg-type: male, white, nerdy and, above all, young. Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004, three years […]


If you’ve been saving up your Bitcoin to make a purchase from Microsoft, fear not. Despite reports that the computing giantis dropping Bitcoin support, the company has confirmed to the Daily Dot that it will continue to accept the cryptocurrency. A report began circulating online after a Reddit user spotted a support page on Microsoft’s […]


Adverts hijacked by malicious campaign that demands payment in bitcoin to unlock user computers A number of major news websites have seen adverts hijacked by a malicious campaign that attempts to install ransomware on users computers, cryptolocker-style software, which encrypts the users hard drive and demands payment in bitcoin for the keys to unlock it. […]


Every generation of artists has defined itself by rebellion. So where are the Generation Y revolutionaries? Our writer enters a world of corporate hijacks, Instagram breakdowns and fake frat parties For more than 100 years, art has been defined by rebellion. From the surrealists rejection of the rational to the political paintings of Picasso, from […]


A DJ has reportedly been charged with disorderly conduct for playing N.W.A’s “Fuck tha Police” as officers tried to clear out an overcrowded bar. Kashawn Harris, aka DJ Boogy, was spinning at Shenanigans Pub in Westfield, Massachusetts, last October when police began trying to disperse a crowd more than twice the size of the bar’s […]


Poor people and small businesses rely on cash. A contactless system will likely entrench poverty and pave the way for terrifying levels of surveillance The health food chain Tossed has just opened the UKs first to decommission the 500 note. Im not sure the consequences have been properly considered. We already live in a world […]


One year into a double life sentence, Ross Ulbricht planted an apple seed in a sun-lit corner of his prison cell. It came to life in a damp towel before a guard took the sapling away. Instead of throwing it out, someone placed the small plant in the counselor’s office. Just happy that the plant […]


A spokeswoman with MedStar Health says that that the healthcare provider is still experiencing widespread computer outages after a cyberattack on its systems Monday, but adds that progress is being made by the hour. MedStar Assistant Vice President Ann Nickels told Fox News that the hospital network has regained its ability to access patient records […]


A spokeswoman with MedStar Health says the healthcare provider is still experiencing widespread computer outages after a cyberattack on its systems Monday, but adds that progress is being made by the hour. MedStar Assistant Vice President Ann Nickels told Fox News that the hospital network has regained its ability to access patient records and other vital information […]


File photo – The logo for LinkedIn Corporation, a social networking website for people in professional occupations, is pictured in Mountain View, California Feb. 6, 2013. (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith) LinkedIn says that it is moving quickly to deal with the release of data from a 2012 security breach, which could include 117 million passwords. A hacker […]


Mt. Gox was once the biggest exchange for the virtual currency. Then half a billion dollars worth went missing. Emails give important clues to what happened.”> At least 80,000 had been hacked before Karpeles even took over the company, and that initial cyber theft began a spiral of trouble that may have led directly to […]


What started two years ago as a free and dark online market meant to be untouchable by policehas evolved into one of Bitcoin‘s most highly-anticipated and well-funded projects of all time. Today, OpenBazaar officially launched version 1.0, bringing to rest years of speculation about the high-profile venture. OpenBazaar’s debut follows two years of development and […]


Reading used to mean translating symbols on the page to ideas in your brain. But now? Even as you extract semantic value from these words on your screen, you are being read. You are now an open book. “The future of anonymous reading… very much in jeopardy,” Alison Macrina of the Library Freedom Project told […]


Illustration file picture (REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/Files). No web-connected service is safe. If you need more proof of this, consider a recent alleged attack on a porn site that apparently gave a hacker access to more than 237,000 accounts. In the aftermath of the Apple vs. FBI squabble over iPhone encryption, this is a reminder that strong […]


The following is an excerpt from A Brief History of Magic Cards, a new book exploring the real-life, human history of Magic cards, currently being funded on Kickstarter. (Rewards include a print and tote of the fantasy map below above, drawn by Seattle artist Cassie Murphy.) According to old-school Wizards of the Coast employee John […]


W-18 and U-47700 are the latest designer drugs among thousands created and smuggled into the US that have yet to be outlawed as controlled substances Adolphe Joseph, 34, is serving a 10-year prison sentence for smuggling fentanyl an opiate 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. But he has not been charged for the […]


TEWKSBURY, Mass (Reuters) – When hackers set out to extort the town of Tewksbury, Massachusetts with “ransomware,” they followed up with an FAQ explaining the attack and easy instructions for online payment. After balking for several days, Tewksbury officials decided that paying the modest ransom of about $600 was better than struggling to unlock its […]


Eleven Manhattan Korean massage parlors that allegedly offered girls up for explicit sex acts were busted on Wednesday in a widespread sting.”> And if your phone number was one of the 70,000 different ones that called any of the 11 places, all of them knew about youand now the government does, too. The Brothels were […]


One of the greatest rap emcees ever opens up about his philosophy, love of Hennessey, and why his remarkably successful VC firm is getting in the way of his music. “> Hes just spent the better part of the day diligently recording voice-over tapes for Hennessy, the French luxury cognac house whose liquor hes been […]


“Every 10 years, it closes for three weeks for servicing, so in order to secure this site, we built the whole festival around this small window of opportunity. “Steven Claydon’s monumental work is one of three new commissions in the exhibition and housed in the vast empty 18,000 sq ft space of this iconic Brutalist […]


How does the U.S. government beat Tor, the anonymity software used by millions of people around the world? By hiring someone with experience on the inside. A former Tor Project developer created malware for the Federal Bureau of Investigation that allowed agents to unmask users of the anonymity software.


SYDNEY/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Australian tech entrepreneur Craig Wright told the BBC that he was the creator of controversial digital currency bitcoin, but some scepticism remained about the identity of a person who until now has gone by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The BBC reported on Monday that Wright gave some technical proof demonstrating that […]


The 45-year-old IT and security consultant has reportedly provided evidence to the BBC supporting his claim that he is the inventor of the cryptocurrency Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has identified himself as Satoshi Nakamato, the pseudonymous creator of the digital currency bitcoin. Wright, who was named as a blog post on Monday, providing what he […]


File photo – U.S. soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment watch as CH-47 Chinook helicopter from the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade lands after an advising mission at the Afghan National Army headquarters for the 203rd Corps in the Paktia province of Afghanistan December 21, 2014. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson) The U.S. military needs new messaging technology thats […]


Aussie computer scientist Craig Wright showed alleged proof he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Several authorities say he just pulled a sleight of hand.”> Experts called bullshit almost immediately. People are assuming [the misinformation against me] is true, because Im not saying anything, Wright told The Economist. This impacts not just me and my work, but my […]


If you’ve been reading the news recently, you’d be forgiven for supposing that blockchain technology is on the cusp of taking over the world. Not only has Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright consecrated the legitimacy of bitcoin by claiming to bethe currencys inventor, but almost every organization that needs to record information of one stripe or […]


Billed as the future of democratized, digital money, the currency is now at the center of a conflict over how to develop technologies behind the system The bitcoin world this week learned its absentee father well-combed hair who claims he invented the digital currency. Wrights appearance complicates an already vicious custody battle. His claimed brainchild […]


Wright, who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of bitcoin, says he is sorry and does not have the courage to proceed further with his claims Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, has backtracked on a pledge to provide proof of his earlier claims. it […]


Republican candidate heckled by 12-year-old on eve of primary as England witnesses a sporting tale for the ages after Leicester City claim title Carly Fiorina falls off stage during Ted Cruz event. White House ducks Wilmore backlash The controversy over comedian Larry Wilmores use of the N-word to hail Barack Obama at the White House […]


With its melding of genres, excellent acting, complex characters and refusal to be obvious, Alicia Florrick changed not just network TV, but the whole medium There is something about watching an episode of procedural drama, something that CBS churns out like a factory, ripping out shows like Criminal Minds season after season to huge ratings […]


We love the idea of the lone genius inventing something wholly unexpected, but Bitcoins back-story doesnt work that way. Think instead of something like the iPhone.”> Its a nice story, but thats not really how it happened. Its worth looking at an early (and far more valid) example to see how revolutionary technological advancements actually […]


The drug dealer said her money wasnt good enough. Any woman could tell you what that meant. Sophia, then a 20-something at a New Jersey university, was by herself, trying to buy drugs from a man who was basically a stranger. He refused her cash. Instead, he said, shed have to use her body. I […]


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This week in security, Craig Wright finally proved beyond any doubt that he is, in fact, elusive Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Just kidding! Fun joke. In fact, Wright tried to prove it, got yelled at, said hed really double extra prove it, then opted for seclusion instead. Case not closed. Elsewhere, we rounded up a […]


Ann Ravel was a relatively unknown government official, until her words got featured on the Drudge Report. Soon, the trolls were screaming at her to drop dead.”> In October 2014, then-Federal Election Commission Vice ChairwomanAnn Raveldid what she often does: speak her mind about political campaign issues. But Ravels statementjust finding it on the FECs […]


When rumors surfaced early last month that Australian cryptographer Craig Wright would attempt to prove that he created Bitcoin, Gavin Andresen remained skeptical. As the chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, his opinion counts: Andresen is among the earliest programmers for the cryptocurrency, and likely the one who has corresponded more than anyone with Satoshi […]


This new activism by the banks, along with the support of Ulvaeus, transformed Swedish society in just a few years. In 2010, 40 percent of Swedish retail transactions were made using cash; by 2014 that amount had fallen to about 20 percent. More than half of bank offices no longer deal in cash. To his […]


The Torist When most people think about the dark web, they envisionthe Silk Road, terrorist networks, pornography, and other sinister threats. They certainly don’t imagine finding poetry. Or short stories. Or creative nonfiction. That’s a preconception the founders of The Torist, the first literary magazine on the encrypted network Tor, hope to correct. Theres no […]


Richard Barnes It was an unseasonably warm December, and somewhere nearby a rising tide in the San Francisco Bay was lifting all kite-surfers, but Nick Edwards and Chris Monberg were crouched at opposite rented desks in a shared coworking space near the Caltrain station in SoMa wondering if, by the middle of February, they would […]


The central bank of Zimbabwe issued $100,000,000,000,000 notes during the last days of hyperinflation in 2009, and they barely paid for a loaf of bread. But their value has shot up Whats been one of the best-performing investments of the past seven years? Shares in Facebook? London property? Bitcoin? Up there with the best, believe […]

Iceland elections leave ruling centre-right party in driving seat

Alliance of anti-establishment Pirate party and three left-of-centre parties falls five seats short of majority Icelands incumbent Independence party was in pole position to try to form a new government after voters chose continuity in Saturdays elections and support for the anti-establishment Pirate party, while sharply up, fell below early expectations. The Pirates, founded four […]

Iceland election: polling day arrives with Pirate party looking for gains

Panama Papers and downfall of Progressive prime minister lead to early election where activist party has offered to give Edward Snowden asylum if it wins Iceland holds parliamentary elections on Saturday, with polls showing the opposition led by the

Iceland election: voting begins with opposition parties ahead in polls

About 245,000 Icelanders are eligible to vote in election that could bring major gains for anti-establishment Pirate party Voting has started in Iceland in one of the tightest elections in years, with the anti-establishment Pirate party on course to make major gains that could propel it into government for the first time. Vidreisn meaning reform […]


A Ukrainian group calling itself Cyber Hunta released emails October 28 from aides close to Vladimir Putin that show Russia heavily influencing the separatist movement in Ukraine. The incident could be retaliation by the United States for Russian political hacking, which would be big enough news on its own, but there was lots more happening […]

Why is Bitcoin surging?



In many ways, forces were already in motion to make 2016 the biggest year of corporate and government hacks yet. Company breaches have been on the rise for a decade, and an election year always invites drama. The reality of what hackers—both state-sponsored and independent—delivered in 2016, though, still managed to exceed expectations. Not all […]