Weapons of Math Destruction: Cathy O’Neil adds up the damage of algorithms

The Harvard PhD and data scientist talks about her new book and ponders how peoples fear and trust of math is akin to worshipping God People keep suggesting that democracy is alive and well because we have two parties that dont agree on everything. I think thats total bullshit. When you meet Cathy ONeil, a […]

Scientists Find The “Physical Source” Of Depression

A recent breakthrough may havefound the physical source of depression in the brain. The discovery could lead to some game-changing developments in the way we treat and perceive the mental illness, while also taking abold step in understanding the physical root cause of depression. Research by the University of Warwick in the UK and Fudan […]

Heres How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Your City

Elon Musk says every new Tesla comes with all of the hardware needed for fully autonomous driving. Heis hardly alone in trying to spare humans the tedium of driving.Audi, GM, Google, and Uber are among the many companies working toward the day when cars do everything andyou’re just along for the ride. Musk, ever the […]

The Cure for Cancer Is DataMountains of Data

A few years ago Eric Schadt met a woman who had cancer. It was an aggressive form of colon cancer that had come on quickly and metastasized to her liver. She was a young war widow from Mississippi, the mother of two girls she was raising alone, and she had only the health care that […]


The age of Big Data has generated new tools and ideas on an enormous scale, with applications spreading from marketing to Wall Street, human resources, college admissions, and insurance. At the same time, Big Data has opened opportunities for a whole new class of professional gamers and manipulators, who take advantage of people using the […]


Concerns grow after disclosure Google enlisted US politicians to pressure EU brought attention to tech giants close relationship with Washington politicians Google has made political donations to 162 members of the US Congress in the latest election cycle, figures show, as concerns grow over the internet giants lobbying influence in Washington. On Thursday European Union […]


About 2,000 kilometers from Beijing, one of Chinas poorest provinces is pioneering a new development model — one that has it leapfrogging right over the manufacturing base thats been key to developing other parts of the country. Guizhou posted the third-fastest growth among Chinas 31 regional districts in the first half of the year, with […]

Add Some Pink Ribbons To Turn This Massive Red Crab Migration Into The Worlds Largest Breast Cancer 5K!

Once a year, millions of red crabs on Christmas Island embark on a long and arduous trek toward the shore as part of their reproductive process. Now, with your help, this natural phenomenon can also be the beginning of the end for breast cancer! Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide VIA: http://www.clickhole.com/features/news/

Study shows books can bring Republicans and Democrats together

Political rhetoric has never been more polarized but getting together to discuss a good book may be the answer, or so research into literary behavior suggests This falls election offers a poignant reminder of howone finding after once contrasted political conventions with literary ones: the problem with political conventions, he said, is that they encourage […]

Clinton calls for intel surge as predictive technology gathers steam — and critics

Washington (CNN)As authorities scramble to find ways to prevent the next mass terror plot, a new technology could change those investigations: high-speed analytics aimed at helping law enforcement find terrorist plotters — and stop them before they attack. It is the kind of cyber resource that Hillary Clinton has seized on for her proposed “intelligence […]


It’s happened at the last two parties I’ve gone to in the Bay Area: At a certain point in the evening, a group of women ends up sitting together, forming a slightly closed-off circle. Maybe a single dude is hanging around, standing at the periphery. He’ll interject once in a while, but there’s not much […]

Will the internet kill off conspicuous consumption? | Richard Sennett and Carlo Ratti

In the pre-digital age, the sharing of services lacked prestige. But if symbolic experiences can be communicated virtually, theres no point in owning stuff In 1899, the American sociologist Benedetta Craveri traced the 18th century civilization of conversation among a network of salons littraires, which allowed the knowledgeable to mingle with the aristocratic. In this […]


Here is a small sampling of all the things your car might try to sell you in the not-so-distant future: Perfectly timed maintenance. Like a puking child, yourcar will let you know when a check-up is in order. Tesla-like over-the-air software updates. Targeted driving tips:Easy on the brake there, bucko! That beautiful handbag you forgotyou […]

Dont Panic! Why Hillary Clinton Is Still Going to Win

Yes, the polls have tightened. But polls dont matter. Targeting does. And on that front, Clinton is light years ahead of Trump.”> My friends are scared to death by the closing of the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and by the talk that young people wont vote because of the so-called enthusiasm gap. […]


Yahoos data theft — involving about half the companys 1 billion users — is no joke. At a time of increasing breach fatigue, when big data exposures sometimes elicit little more than a yawn, this incident sets a new bar for massive leaks of account information. The Account Key, which links the Yahoo mobile app […]

Be Polite: Slide A Coaster Under These Toads

Come on, this is just common sense. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide VIA: http://www.clickhole.com/features/news/


Data analysis has found that incentivized reviewers who were given free or discounted products in exchange for reviews were found to rate products 0.4 stars higher. That’s enough to send an average Amazon-reviewed product from the 54th percentile to the 94th percentile. VIA: http://twistedsifter.com/

Jurassic World Improv and 4 More Podcasts to Start Your Week

Got a crowded subway ride ahead? We suggest a different kind of harrowing adventure—like, for example, a high-speed chase after one of the seven keys to the Internet, or to a dystopian future imagined by AI. Plus, this week’s best podcasts also offer up Lauren Lapkus’ tale of what it was like to improvise in […]

Have Your Voice Heard! Use The Sliders To Write #BlueLivesMatter In The Comments Section Of An Online Recipe For Baked Alaska

If you want to stand up for Blue Lives Matter, comment on these recipes for baked Alaska and spread the word! Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/have-your-voice-heard-use-sliders-write-bluelivesm-4666


Jodie Archer had always been puzzled by the success of The Da Vinci Code. Shed worked for Penguin UK in the mid-2000s, when Dan Browns thriller had become a massive hit, and knew there was no way marketing alone would have led to 80 million copies sold. So what was it, then? Something magical about […]

Facebooks Algorithms Give It More Editorial Responsibility  Not Less

Recent criticism of Facebook for removing a post containing the iconic image of a naked girl during the Vietnam War isnt the first time it has been accused of censorship. Yet at the same time, it is regularly rebuked for failing to remove quickly enough hateful, illegal or inappropriate material, most recently by the German […]

Why Its Impossible for Democrats to Win the House

In 2010, Republicans successfully redrew district lines to rig House elections in their favor. One leading redistricting expert says the problem is even worse than we think.”> Even if Hillary Clinton pulls off an electoral landslide, and even if the Democrats flip the Senate, Republicans are likely to hold onto the House, where they hold […]

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster This Airport Isnt Real

Cassio Vasconcellos photo looks like an air traffic controllers nightmare:Hundreds of planes crammedon a tarmac in an intricate web of terminals and jetways. “Airport” is among the nine claustrophobic scenes in his seriesCollectives. The parking lot choked with cars, the highway overrun by motorcycles, and the beach packed with bodies aren’t real—Vasconcellos assembled them in […]

Tractor for Modern Farm Features Everything But the Farmer

As Detroit car makers and Silicon Valley tech giants vie to bring driverless cars to U.S. roads, one of the worlds largest tractor makers is looking to do the same down on the farm. Case IH, the agricultural-machinery unit of CNH Industrial NV, this week unveiled a sleek, aggressive-looking red-and-black machine at the annual Farm Progress […]

How algorithms rule our working lives | Cathy ONeil

The Long Read: Employers are turning to mathematically modelled ways of sifting through job applications. Even when wrong, their verdicts seem beyond dispute and they tend to punish the poor

Wall Streets Next Frontier Is Hacking Into Emotions of Traders

The trader was in deep trouble. A millennial who had only recently been allowed to set foot on a Wall Street floor, he made bad bets, and in a panic to recoup his losses, hed blown through risk limits, losing $4.9 million in a single afternoon. Photo illustration: 731; Photographer: Alamy It wasnt a career-ending […]

Companies are making money from our personal data  but at what cost?

Data appropriation is a form of exploitation because companies use data to create value without providing people with comparable compensation It is the strangely conspiratorial truth of the surveillance society we inhabit that there are unknown entities gathering our data for unknown purposes. Companies and governments dip into the data streams of our lives in […]

These C-Section Scars Are Beautiful, But If Youre Not Really Feeling Up To Opening Your Mind, Use The Sliders To Remove Them

No judgment either way. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/these-c-section-scars-are-beautiful-if-youre-not-r-4516

Putin Is Building a Great Russian Firewall

Denis Davydov, executive director of the Safe Internet League, a nongovernmental organization closely linked to the Kremlin, is happy with what the Duma did this summer. Davydov says a piece of legislation signed into law on July 7 by President Vladimir Putin will protect the nation from terrorists. The law requires internet service providers such […]

This Is Your Company on Blockchain

You dont have to be an expert on digital currencies like bitcoin to be intrigued by the potential of the technology underlying them. said in a TEDxCambridge talk last year. Subscribe now. The poetic vision of a blockchain society is a flock of starlings at dusk: decentralized yet perfectly coordinated. Blockchainers like to show

A Math Nerd Wants to Stop the Big Data Monster

The decision to leave her job as a tenure-track math professor at Barnard College and join hedge fund D.E. Shaw in 2007 seemed like a no-brainer. Cathy ONeil would apply her math skills to the financial markets and make three times the pay. What could go wrong? Less than a year later, subprime mortgages imploded, […]

Stick To These 7 Acceptable Phrases To Say At The Funeral Of A Person Who Died During A Mild Thunderstorm

Knowing how to give comfort at a funeral is never easy, especially when a mild thunderstorm took the deceased. Next time, instead of going in blind, just stick to these tried and true phrases. 1. Well, one mans mild thunderstorm is another mans last thunderstorm: It can be awkward to know what to say in […]

Can you get to know a person through data alone?

Thats the challenge two designers set themselves with a year-long exchange of hand-drawn infographics Stefanie Posavec had quite a week. She said fuck 66 times, asshole 12 times and let rip with shit on no fewer than 13 occasions. Not that I was counting. She was. And whats more, she plotted it on a postcard […]

Can we defeat the world’s deadliest creature?

(CNN)Two years ago, few could’ve predicted that an obscure disease called Zika would be leading the news. But then the Zika-carrying mosquito spread its wings across the Western Hemisphere. Forget lions, tigers and bears. The world’s deadliest animal is small enough to squash between your fingers. Spanish for “little fly,” the mosquito is the most […]

Why Liberals Love to Explain Donald Trump to Each Other

The repugnant Republican scares left-wingers who take comfort in hearing from the intelligentsia about how so many people can be so wrong.”> Thomas Frank in The Guardian. Ezra Klein in a dozen articles and videos at Vox. Matthew MacWilliams in Politico. The big data crunchers at FiveThirtyEight, and just about every columnist for The New York […]


Language experts have always struggled to estimate the size of people’s vocabulary. But now researchers have been dipping into a huge pool of information collected through social media in a bid to settle a piece of the debate. The psychologists from Ghent University in Belgiumfound that an average 20-year-old native English-speaking American knows 42,000 dictionary […]

Please Do Not Dip Into This Reserve Of Vin Diesel Pictures Unless It Is An Absolute Emergency

This should only be used as a last resort. 1. The following photos of Vin Diesel have been placed aside for the most dire of circumstances. 4. Even should an emergency happen, you must be extremely careful in rationing your usage of these Vin Diesel photos. First, ask yourself whether depleting the reserve is a […]


What do you when youre so clearly winning? When youve crushed your competitors and left them fighting over crumbs? If youre Illumina, the biotech giant whose name has become synonymous with DNA sequencing machines, you look around and put some of your extra cash in a startup trying to make better wine. Or healthier dairy […]

Kate Mara: If we were up for the same job, our agents wouldn’t tell us

She left her large, affluent family to become an actor in LA. Kate Mara became a star but then her sister Rooney arrived. Theres no rivalry, or so she tells Sanjiv Bhattacharya When Kate Mara was 19 she skipped college a place at the highly respected Rooney are arm in arm on red carpets, A-listers […]

These People Took Self-Portraits Before And After Angering The Bishop, And The Results Are Incredible

These powerful photographs prove what anyone who has angered the Bishop knows to be true: When the Bishop gets angry with you, the change is dramatic. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/these-people-took-self-portraits-and-after-angerin-4625

Its 4:17 In The Morning, And You Know What That Means: It Is Time For 3 Pictures Of Colin Firth!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? The moment youve all been waiting for is finally here: Its 4:17 a.m. CST, so three pictures of Colin Firth are coming right up! 1. Heres the first. 2. Heres the second. 3. And that makes three!

Progress FTW! After Barring Jewish Members For Over 150 Years, This Charleston Country Club Has Switched To Renewable Energy

In a world still rife with discrimination, its always great to come across institutions that are open-minded enough to question their traditions and implement serious change. Today, we can add Brandywine Country Club in Charleston, South Carolina, to that progressive list. After barring Jewish members for over 150 years, Brandywine is finally switching to renewable […]

So Digital Billboard Ads Change With the Speed of Traffic Now

You hate creeping through traffic. But advertisers love it, because you’re a captured audiencewithplenty of time to consume sophisticated messages. If you’re zipping along, theyhave just a moment to pitch you burgers, or tires, or cloud services. In the days ofyore—like, last year—that meant Mad Men had to choose between big visuals targeting leadfoots and […]

The pedlars of fake news arecorroding democracy | Andrew Smith

If most adults get their news from Facebook we need laws to make the social networks accountable The most interesting question about 2016 is not why the Brexit result and Trump happened, but whether historians will regard both as incidental; whether this will go down as the year democracy revealed itself unworkable in the age […]

Why Girls Are Put Off Studying Computer Science

Despite the phenomenal rise in computing over the last 50 years, the birth of the internet, and our ever increasing reliance on technology, women are still not engaging with computer science at the same rate as men. This has been outlined in a recent report from the University of Roehampton, which reveals that only 9% […]

6 Breathtaking Images Of Outer Space That Put Into Perspective Just How Small, Insignificant, And Pitiful Your Dad Is

Only when we look to the stars can we begin to grasp how infinitesimally small and useless your dad truly is. 1. See that little green blotch? Thats how small North America would be if it were on Jupiter. Though your dad might seem important to you now, when you step back and look at […]

Partys Over, Wiseass: Change The Dildos In These Cops Hands Back To Guns

So, it looks like somebody figured out how to use Photoshop and changed some cops guns into dildos. Think youre something pretty special, right? Wrong. The funs over, and its time to change everything back. Now get going. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/partys-over-wiseass-change-dildos-these-cops-hands-4417

Chinas New Supercomputer Puts the US Even Further Behind

This week, China’s Sunway TaihuLight officially became the fastest supercomputer in the world. The previous champ? Also from China. What used to be an arms race for supercomputing primacy among technological nations has turned into a blowout. The Sunway TaihuLight is indeed a monster: theoretical peak performance of 125 petaflops, 10,649,600 cores, and 1.31 petabytes […]

Age of onset for multiple sclerosis ‘linked to distance from equator’

Those further from the equator develop symptoms of MS earlier, study suggests, emphasising link between lack of sunlight and diseases progression People living in countries further away from the equator develop symptoms of multiple sclerosis at an earlier age, research suggests. Both genetic and environmental factors are believed to be to behind the development of […]

Finally! Gina Has Managed To Catch Herself A Man!

You better sit yourself down for this one! Whether or not youve heard the rumors about our favorite perpetually single gal, let us be the first to officially break the good news! After years of putting herself out there, Gina has finally managed to catch herself a manand by the way she looks at him, […]


Apple, like practically every mega-corporation, wants to know as much as possible about its customers. But it’s also marketed itself as Silicon Valley’s privacy champion, one that—unlike so many of its advertising-driven competitors—wants to know as little as possible about you. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the company has now publicly boasted aboutits work […]

How a network led by the billionaire Koch brothers is riding the Trump wave

Despite the Koch brothers not backing Donald Trump financially with ads during the election, their network is emerging as a winner from his transition Despite deciding not to back Donald Trump financially with ads during the presidential election, the sprawling donor and advocacy network led by the multibillionaire Koch brothers is emerging as a winner […]

The Weather-Predicting Tech Behind $62 Billion Monsanto Bid

A self-driving John Deere tractor rumbles through Ian Pigotts 2,000-acre farm every week or so to spray fertilizer, guided by satellite imagery and each plots harvesting history. The 11-ton behemoth, loaded with so many screens it looks like an airplane cockpit, relays the nutrient information to the farmers computer system. With weather forecasts and data […]


Well, this is insane. After a long week, 28-year-old Boston resident Jennifer Bauer just wanted a relaxing night where everything went well. But thats totally impossible, right? Well, guess what? It actually happened. Via Giphy.com


Is the purpose of prison to punish criminals, or to rehabilitate them into productive members of society? Sweden takes a more enlightened approach to incarceration. 1. In Sweden, inmates are given spacious homes in beautiful 18th-century apartment buildings, often with breathtaking vistas of the Baltic Sea. 2. Prisoners are able to go to class at […]


Andddd cue the waterworks. For anyone who needs a cry, this oughta get the job done. Youre just going to want to make sure youre not in public when you see himit could get embarrassing. Dont say we didnt warn you.


Barack Obama made a fair amount of promises during his initial run for president back in 2008. Now that were nearing the end of his presidency, lets see how many he managed to make a reality. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Well, it looks like the president was evenly split on promises […]


Give it up for the men and women of our armed services, because they did something truly amazing. Twelve-year-old Trevor Gannett invited everyone in his middle school class to attend his birthday party, but none of the kids showed up. His mom posted images of the heartbroken child sitting alone, surrounded by his birthday cake […]


If the thought of showing up to a Halloween party in the same costume as someone else is scarier than any ghost story, you might want to consultGoogle‘s new search tool. The Frightgeist is a map showing the popularity of various costumes by geographic location. It’s Google’s way of bringing Big Data analytics to the […]


Welp, looks like its time to officially say so long to summer. As of this week, the majestic tree with legs instead of leaves is no longer kicking people when they go near it, which can only mean one thing: Sunny days are going away, and fall is finally here. Via Giphy.com Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/article/tree-legs-leaves-no-longer-kicks-when-you-go-near–3226


The secret Pentagon program, which dates back to December 2004, continued well into the Obama presidency. It was the brainchild of a senior Defense Department intelligence official of the Bush administration, Lt. Gen. William Jerry Boykin. Boykin, an evangelical Christian who ran into criticism in 2003 for his statements about Islam, settled on the ruse of the […]


Interviewers, youve been warned: If you ask Sandra Bullock a stupid question, shes going to let you know. During a press junket for her upcoming film, Our Brand Is Crisis, one entertainment reporter asked the actress to give him a haircut, and she informed him just how rude that question was. Check out her perfect […]


Here’s how IBM explains the deal in a press release of its own (emphasis ours): Upon closing, IBM will acquire The Weather Company product and technology assets that include the worlds leading meteorological data science experts, precision forecasting capabilities and a high-volume cloud platform that ingests, processes, analyzes and distributes enormous data sets at scale […]


The struggle is so real. 1. Friends always think theyre the first one to suggest you just take your meals intravenously. Via Giphy.com 3. Rather than deal with cafeteria food, it was always just easier to gnaw off part of your hand. Via Giphy.com Via Giphy.com 6. You always feel bad when restaurants get your […]


In 2014, the Los Angeles Clippers were just getting used to being a good basketball team. After more than three decades of irrelevance—and only four winning seasons—they’d finally found that magic mix of talent and cohesion and had become a division-winning powerhouse practically overnight. But then they hit another roadblock: TMZ published a recording of […]


Dont risk taking a guess. The slider can identify a mustache with 100 percent accuracy. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/better-safe-sorry-use-slider-find-out-whether-or-n-4413


Meet Sharon Clemmons, a 23-year-old resident of Bayfield, WI. While Sharon has lived in Bayfield her whole life and has never once traveled outside the country, thanks to the power of the internet, we now know about something pretty crazy that happened to her 3,500 miles away. All the way over in Glasgow, Scotland, theres […]


Running shoes are so bright these days! Lets tone them down a little, shall we? Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/tone-down-these-runners-bright-neon-shoes-3187


Some of these things might feel a little too familiar! 1. Your mom would constantly throw around random Yiddish words like Chuck Knoblauch and ambulance. Via Paramount Pictures 3. You heard the same two questions every day: Are you eating enough? and Why are clouds? Via okaydaria.tumblr.com 5. You could always rely on your moms […]


Its taco time! Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/lets-load-these-taco-shells-3191


Um, guys, this isnt working out. 1. But I thought only men are allowed to squench their beefers. 5. Do you hold up the sky? Via perezhilton.tumblr.com 7. Are you Rosie the Riveter from the famous poster? Will you sign a poster for my young feminist son, Charbon? Via tumblr.com 9. Lady strength is a […]


Sound familiar? 1. Your family said grace before every meal, but very sarcastically. 5. Your dog was uncircumcised. Via 99gifs.com 7. A common thing that would happen in your house is that your dad would say, I dont believe God exists in the morning, and then later that night your mom would leave your dad […]


Today theyre pop culture icons, but when they first debuted, nobody knew how huge these superheroes would become. In their original appearances, many heroes were wildly different from the beloved characters we now know. 1. Superman via killjoynews.com The caped crusaders origin story is well known: boy loses parents in a robbery, catches a leprechaun, […]


Yeah, were twins, get over it. Yeah, were twins, get over it. 1. Which one of you cracks open the crabs, and which one of you feasts on the meat inside? Via district9andthreequarters.tumblr.com 3. Did you know that the Olsen twins were also twins? Via getanewgif.tumblr.com 5. You should dress up as twin Louis Armstrongs […]


A study of Google searches for the word chickenpox has demonstrated the effectiveness of vaccination against the disease. Where the varicella vaccine has become part of the standard childhood immunization schedule, search rates drop dramatically. Varicella zoster,better known as chickenpox, was once so common that it wasn’t taken seriously. However, it is occasionally very serious […]


Well, this certainly stinks. Oh no Divorce, too Doggonit Via Examiner So much sadness in those eyes Via NBCnewyork They told us life was fair. Well now, theyre eating their words. Via Giphy Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/article/princess-diana-3106


No one deserves to be misunderstood. 1. Is the part of the dog I can see the whole thing, or does it continue into the ground? Via Disney 3. This is the smallest cow Ive ever seen. Via Replygif.net 5. If your dog is so good, why didnt it serve in the military? Via Replygif.net […]


Destroy the Fab Four once and for all! Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/ruin-beatles-turning-paul-mccartney-patrick-ewing-3044


This feature requires JavaScript to function. Begin Simulation. Wow. You are a very rare person who is known as an outdoorsy type. You have no interest in the Internet, and you never have to delete your history because you never had one. When someone asks if you would like to look at a website with […]


This feature requires JavaScript to function. Keep running. Dont look back no matter what. Head south down the road. Run like hell. Yell obscenities at the bear. Celebrate your survival. Start Over Tweet Open your eyes. Run away. Via wallpapertube.com You shouldve run away when you had the chance! The bear finished eating the ranger […]


Morning When I arrive at the Los Angeles caf where Elon Musk suggested we meet, hes already there, sipping an espresso on the patio and sending an email to every single American that says the word space. Hello, he says, shaking both of my hands at once with a sleek robotic device that enables him […]


This week, the master and commander of online retail embarked upon a different era of conquest. Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer, is opening up a physical bookstore in the University Village neighborhood of Seattle. Amazon Books, as the store is called, will offer bestsellers and staff recommendations, as well as tailored suggestions based on […]


Trust us, your adopted friends would rather you just didnt. 1. Adopted? That means you eat the whole plum including the pit, right? Via Whatshouldawritercallme.tumblr.com 3. Youd be perfect to play the adopted goon in my gangster film. Via Giphy.com 5. How many more times do you think youll be adopted? Via Giphy 7. Arent […]


Okay, this just got way too weird. Down at 82 Fox Crest Lane, the Gilbert family lives in a small house. This would indicate that they arent exactly overflowing with money, right? Well, get this: In their driveway, in front of their little house right now, is a speedboat. Umwhat? So youre telling us that […]


Being a single parent is hard enough without having to hear these things. 1. Looks like weve got a real Pursuit Of Happyness superfan over here! Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com 3. The fictional book I based on you, The Lonely Guardian Of Montclair, New Jersey, is doing very poorly both critically and commercially. Via Giphy.com 5. Is […]


Apologies to easily frightened readersits just that time of year! The end of October has come marching into town, and its brought some of its scary friends along for the ride. Ah, look! Heres one now. Brrr! Theres a chill making its way down all of our spines, and this chills flavor is ICE! Yes, […]


Well, this cant be good. Beyonc and Jay Z may be Americas favorite couple, but the latest revelations suggest they might not be a couple for much longer. The hip-hop power couple just purchased separate grave plots. Say it aint so! Is Queen Bey about to say goodbye to Jay?


Moving to the San Francisco? Well, here are things you should definitely know before you become an official Bay Area resident. 1. Rent is insane. Expect to pay $10,000 per door, and double that if they include doorknobs. 2. There are homeless people everywhere. Expect this guy to ask you for money every day: Youll […]


Turn these womens days from drab to fab with a quick visit from Hollywoods own Kevin Costner! Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/add-little-costner-these-widows-lives-3354


Well, this is awesome. For those who bike to work every morning, or even just enjoy a nice Sunday ride in the park, we have some really great news: Theres a new kind of bicycle, and its totally the coolest thing ever!


You might think the sea is a tranquil void beneath the waves, other than the odd lurking shoal of fish. But that’s far from the case. The water around Antarctica, for example, has some of the most powerful currents in the world, which have a profoundinfluence on oceans,seas and coastlines across our planet. Theanimation below […]


OMG. VE. RI. TAS. 1. Thats fine, but its no NASA. Via giphy.com 3. I believe its actually pronounced aardvark. Via gifsgallery.com 5. My brother was going to go to Harvard, but he ended up choking to death on a handful of pistachios this morning. Giphy.com via 20th Century Fox 7. I have a Harvard-scented […]


These wonders from Down Under have got to go. 1. Were done with this kangaroo. Theres nothing wrong with it, though, if Bindi Irwin would like to take it off our hands. 2. Bindi, let us know when youre coming to pick up this wombat, because otherwise its going right in the trash. 3. We […]


It’s the ultimate test of developer knowledge and/or Pokmon loyalty: Is It a Pokmon or Big Data? This project frompixelasticand inspired by a similar Google Doc is exactly what it sounds like, but harder than probably anticipated by most. The premise is simple: There’s a word in bold letters, and you have to decide if […]


Dont worry about the cardsweve got you covered. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/take-break-and-play-nice-relaxing-game-solitaire-3450


A study says that standing for a quarter of the day reduces obesitybut cause and effect are not so clear. The Washington Post told readers that standing for at least a quarter of the day reduces odds of obesity. Inside the article, it was reported that the benefit of such standing is immense, with the […]


Its up to you. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/diversify-these-workplaces-3459


No one needs that much leg. Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/splitpic/shrink-down-these-cyclists-weirdly-huge-calves-lit-3507


In 2011, I left Google to join a startup after five years of working as a software engineer (Im back, btw). I had helped build some great things and collaborated with some wonderful people, but it was time for me to try something different. Having been employed by three different startupsranging from six people to […]