Social network ran experiment to see how long users would wait before giving up and going elsewhere Facebooks habit of experimenting on its customers has again led to anger, following allegations that it deliberately broke its app for a small number of users to see what they would do. In eventually apologised for the psychological […]


Is is well-designed, full-featured, and it respects your privacy. But it’s still a location app. My co-workers and I enjoyed playing with it, but didn’t find it at all essential. But then, none of us regularly use location apps. Still, I can think of some situations where I might. Following someone’s cross-country road trip, for […]


Android started as a smartphone operating system eight years ago and has since taken over almost everything with a screen. It is the world’s leading mobile operating system, due in no small part to asprawling app store with more than 1.6 million titles. Google hasn’t enjoyed quite the same success with Chrome OS.Even as Chromebooks […]


SoftBank Group Corp. is opening its Pepper robot to Android apps. Thats a win for Google and a blow to Masayoshi Sons dream of having a platform of his own. Developers will now be able to build Pepper apps using Android tools, SoftBank announced in Tokyo on Thursday. While this could significantly increase the robots […]


While presidential candidates, law-enforcement officials, and members of Congress debate the future of encryption on your smartphone, Apples iOS 9 is set to receive a major privacy upgrade. A group of privacy-advocate hackers are now in early stages of bringing free, system-wide Tor anonymity apps to the Apple App Store for the first time, the […]


Pretty wild, right? A spokeswoman for Google told The Huffington Post that Inbox will get better at predicting the replies you need based on which ones you select.       Inbox, which was first introduced last year, is intended to sort through your email and present everything to you in a more convenient way. For […]


Emails are the worst. Unless you know how to set your Gmail account into a well-oiled machine, you may end up sending an email you didnt mean to send or spend hours sifting through a messy inbox thats probably inundated with spam. Thanks to a new update, you can now save some of the precious […]


Instagram is finally offering users the ability to toggle back and forth between multiple accounts without having to sign in and out every time. While this sounds like a dream come true, there is a catch. In order to use Instagram’s new multiple account sign in, you must be an Android user, Android Police reports. […]


Facebookhas shut downCreative Labs,theexperimental group within Facebook that created apps no one used. You might notbe familiar withCreative Labs by name, considering its main purpose was to create standalone apps different from Facebook proper and crib features from other applications, and nothing it created amassed much popularity. It launched in January 2014 and served as […]


Walmart will now let you pay for things with your phone at check-out with an all-new Walmart-exclusive payment option. The company is nowrolling out Walmart Pay, a payment option within Walmart’s iOS and Android apps that’s meant to speed up the checkout process. Walmart Pay takes a direct shot at mobile payments providers Apple Pay […]


In the midst of UT-Austins fake shoot-off, protesters will be there with their own weapons: farts. Through Facebook, they might already have more people for their fart parade than the initial fake shoot-off. It will be a death march. Protesters outside the University of Texas-Austin will march down a public street with rifles and pistols […]


No one needs a smartphone full of gimmicky apps. Weve rounded up a selection of the best tools to help the digital-savvy traveller Citymapper For a long time, whenever I was spotted using Google Maps to navigate Londons public transport network a friend would look over and prod: Oh, dont you use Citymapper? Eventually, I […]


It’s officially a brand-new year! A great time for new goals, new plans, and new experiences. When piecing together doable resolutions for 2016, make sure you include the t-word: travel. There’s nothing quite like an adventure to a place you’ve never been to before, especially if you opt for destinations that will take you out […]


Human development is too important, too complex, and too culturally diverse to be left to profit-driven companies acting in their own interests Googles new holding company, announced the latest piece in its rebrand of Google Ideas, the web giants controversial diplomatic arm, founded in 2010 and headed by ex-US State Department policy wonk Jared Cohen. […]


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CRAIG GREENBERG’S “DEATH ON THE LIBERTY LINE” EXCLUSIVE According to Craig Greenberg… “My song ‘Death On The Liberty Line’ was inspired in the aftermath of the Boston bombing attacks that took place during the marathon of 2013. I had the thought at the time that it was not the occasional–and inevitable–terror attacks that we will […]


Dubbed “the world’s cutest sporting event,” thousands of animal lovers eagerly await Puppy BowlXII, returningto Animal Planet on February 7,from 3 to 5 p.m. ET/PT. This year’sPEDIGREE Starting Lineup boasts 49 adorablelittledogs, ranging from 13 to 21 weeks old and photographerKeith Barracloughhas perfectly captured them all, much to our delight! More than 10 million viewers […]


If you think your smile can get you out of trouble? Soon you may be able to use your grinning mug in place of your credit card, as Google’s Hands Free app lets you make payments with your face. Here is how it works: Google will notify you of a nearby participating store using your […]


Facebooks Android app negatively impacts performance and battery life, even when its only running in the background, users find Facebook does not have the greatest track record with its Android app. Users have long complained about performance issues and it sucking up battery and last year Facebooks chief product officer, Chris Cox, took the unusual […]


About one in three people between 65 and 74 experiences hearing loss and that number jumps to half of everyone over 75. And while we can argue until the cows come home why Medicare doesn’t think this is enough of a problem to cover hearing aids, we have some hacks that at least will help you […]


If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember the great Furby craze of 1998 and 1999. These lovable little robots were the toys that everyone wanted, and people went to insane lengths to get them. Believe it or not, they’re still around, and they’re much better than they were back then. They now feature […]


The Daily Dots weekly app round-up brings you five new, or newly updated, apps for bothiOSandAndroidthat are well worth your time and attention. Younity (iOS, Android) iTunes Have you ever looked at your bank account in wonder, trying to figure out where all of your money goes? In a world where were encouraged to set […]


Facebook‘s latest iOS app updatehas the power to give your iPhone better battery life. As we reported last week, Facebooks iOS app was found to be impacting the battery life of iOS devices far more than it should. The issue stemmed from an obscure audio feature within the app that remained up and running long […]


Newspaper racks are being used to collect compost, payphones are becoming Wi-Fi hotspots and toilets are turning into cafes as street furniture that has seen its usefulness fade gets reinvented. But do these quirky designs always work? It was the softest of soft launches on a Tuesday in January, for first four LinkNYC kiosks advance […]


The European Commission has accused Google of abusing its dominance of the smartphone market. Why has it done this? And what exactly is Android? The European Commission has Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is open-source, free for anyone to use, change, modify or adapt for practically any purpose. From smartphones and tablets to embedded […]


Playing with paradoxes and mixing-up real environments with surreal interferences is the most fun during my ordinary day life. When I walk down the street, I shoot anything that catches my attention, creating an immense archive of photos. The creation of a new dreamscape happens at a later stage in the concept: thanks to my […]


The Daily Dots weekly app round-up brings you five new, or newly updated, apps for bothiOSandAndroidthat are well worth your time and attention. Videorama Video Editor (iOS) iTunes Apples standard keyboard is fine, but if youre working with one of their newer, larger, phones you might have found your ability to type one-handed has been […]


If you’re like most digitally active Americans, you’ve sunk countless hours into social media. But spending too much time on sites like Facebook can also damage your physical and mental health. Compulsively checking the site can disrupt your sleep, make you envious of friends and whittle away at your attention span, among other things.   Here […]


Top new iOS apps of April 2016 include Heuristic Shakespeare and BBC iPlayer Kids, while top games include Warbits and Disneys Crossy Road From Shakespeare to Angry Birds, via CBeebies, Sean Parker, Disney and The Walking Dead. Its been an interesting month for iPhone and iPad owners, with a range of new App Store releases […]


Apple never advertised iPad Pro as an alternative to your laptop, but CEO Tim Cook certainly hinted it. I think if youre looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one? Cook told the Telegraph in an interview published Tuesday. Yes, the iPad Pro is a […]


Those questions were around long before iPhone apps and surge pricing. But the sheer popularity of Uber — and the rapid growth of its driver network — has forced a debate over how to classify workers in the so-called on-demand economy. And even labor experts who are often on the same side can’t seem to […]


The Daily Dots weekly app round-up brings you five new, or newly updated, apps for bothiOSandAndroidthat are well worth your time and attention. Giphy Keys (iOS) iTunes You may have never considered how auditory sensations impact the way you feel, but what we hear can affect us, for better or worse. Hear aims to make […]


Jean wants to delete her Facebook account, as does Alban, but he cant remember his email address or password. Suzette also wants to delete her Facebook account so she can start again with a new one I deleted the Facebook app on my phone. However, friends can still see my page. I want everything permanently […]


Dark Sky Lord knows, the last thing the world needs is another weather app. OK, except maybe this weather app: Dark Sky, a longtime iOS favorite, has finally made its way to Android. For the uninitiated, Dark Skys joy is its ability to focus on the immediate future. Specifically, it alerts you when rain is […]


Revamped iPhone 5S brings companys smallest smartphone up to par with 2015s iPhone 6S, while catering for those who want a smaller phone Apple has bucked the bigger-is-better phone trend and released a revamped version of its 4in iPhone 5S, the new iPhone SE. It will be the smallest smartphone in Apples current lineup and […]


After hundreds complain of bugs and crashes, one gets fixed by Apple and the other is isolated to Booking.coms app Hundreds of iPhone and iPad users have been causing them to crash since the release of Apples latest operating software, their Apple ID password after installation and lock their devices in an unusable state if […]


The new Ikea bike relies on a rust-free belt instead of chain. (Ikea) Dealing with a rusty bicycle chain can be a messy affair, but an innovative new bike from Ikea solves that pesky problem. The furniture retail giant recently introduced its new “Sladda” bike, which uses an oil-free and corrosion-resistant drive belt rather than […]


Earlier this month Google filed its response to the European Commission’s Android antitrust complaint, which alleges that Google thwarts its competitors in search, mobile apps, and mobile devices by limiting their access to Android users through self-serving licensing terms. WIRED OPINION


Longtime iPhone users know all about the iMessage Effect. Friends know you as ablue-bubble buddy, and you look down onanyone who forces you to text in green.iMessage providesaperfect combination ofsimple texting and powerful messaging. It’s the one thing about an iPhone that makes ditching Apple for Android too much to bear. And so you may […]

Thieves Storm Apple Store And Take $13k Of Iphones

The new iPhone 7 smartphone is displayed inside an Apple Inc. store in Los Angeles, California, U.S., September 16, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson – Last Wednesday, a group of seven individuals walked into an Apple Store in Natick, Massachusetts and calmly carried out a highly orchestrated yet not too sophisticated heist. Clad in hoodies and low-riding […]


Even the biggest Ludditeknows to downloadupdates for his apps and phone. That ensures that the software isn’t vulnerable to easily avoided attacks.Research into a different type of vulnerability, though, has recently shown that manipulating the physical properties of hardware can pose a different digital threat—one that can’t be patched with software alone. Now, researchers in […]

Google News To Highlight Fact-Checked Stories

The new Google logo is seen at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California November 13, 2015. (REUTERS/Stephen Lam) Just in time for the US presidential election, Google is rolling out a “fact check” tag to its News service. Google News aggregates stories from various sources (including PCMag), identifying them via labels like “highly cited,” […]

The best privacy and security iPhone apps

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A list of Android apps you might not have known about but should definitely try
Google Allo: The Super-Smart Future of Messaging Is Kind of an Idiot Sometimes

The first thing that happened when I downloaded Allo, only a few seconds after I had given Google’s new messaging app my phone number and snapped a selfie for my profile pic, is I got a cheery message from a new friend. “Hi David Pierce!” it said, in white letters on a blue bubbly background. […]

How Chromebooks Are About to Totally Transform Laptop Design

Google’s first Chromebook was the kind of laptop you’d design if you didn’t give a damn about laptop design. It was thick, heavy, rubbery, boring, and black. Black keys, black body, black trackpad, black everything. Everything about the Cr-48 was designed to communicate that this device was still an experiment. Even the name, a reference […]

Should I replace a MacBook Air with a Windows laptop?

Esthers MacBook Air has died and would cost too much to repair. Shes thinking of buying a more affordable Windows laptop to replace it, but which one should she choose? My first ever laptop was a MacBook Air. However, the logic board stopped working, and Apple was going to charge $600 to fix it. Technicians […]

The Rich Kids Guide to Stocking a Million-Dollar Dorm

When you walk into your dorm room or off-campus apartment, it’s natural to have a few questions. Was this place once a war-era hospital ward? Has it ever been cleaned? What is that smell? It doesn’t have to be that way. Well, it probably does, unless your last name rhymes with Schmallschmart, or you count […]

These Are the Best Laptops for Under $200

Great news! If you only have $200 to spend on a laptop, your options are far better than they used to be. While these machines aren’t built for hardcore gaming or video editing, they’re more than enough for web browsing and writing papers. These days, sub-$200 laptops commonly ship with HD displays, full Windows 10 […]


Here’s some unhelpful back-to-school advice: Don’t buy a laptop. Borrow one, steal one from a family member, buy a piece of junk for 40 bucks on Craigslist. If you can find a way to wait a couple of months before dropping serious coin on a new clamshell, you’ll be glad you did. Later this fall, […]


The Delta shuttle from San Francisco to Los Angeles is one of those hop, skip, and jump flights where the pilot comes on to say the plane hasreached cruising altitude, takes a sip of water, and then announces she’s started the descent. You get one drink if you’re lucky. Wi-Fi is available, but you’d be […]

Android apps can secretly track you without your permission

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Meet Moxie Marlinspike, the Anarchist Bringing Encryption to All of Us

On the first day of the sprawling RSA security industry conference in San Francisco, a giant screen covering the wall of the Moscone Centers cavernous lobby cycles through the names and headshots of keynote speakers: steely-eyed National Security Agency director Michael Rogers in a crisp military uniform; bearded and besuited Whitfield Diffie and Ron Rivest, […]

This week’s best apps bring you the BBC, the iPad’s most powerful writing tool, and a new card game of your dreams

Jan is planning to buy a new laptop with an SSD that wont have room for all her photos. How can she store them separately so that she and her husband can both view them? I store my photos on a six-year-old MacBook Pro, which still has a traditional hard drive. My next laptop will […]

Top 5 tablets to buy this summer | Fox News

The new iPad Pro is seen on display during an event at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California March 21, 2016. (REUTERS/Stephen Lam) What are the hottest tablets this summer? Read on. Despite a slowdown from the heady growth of a few years ago, consumers are still snapping up lots of tablets. Market researcher IDC […]

Google’s new stabilization app turns your Live Photos into stunning GIFs

Apples Live Photos feature is a neat way to easily create GIF-like images on your iOS device, but theyre far from perfect. They tend to be a little shaky, and theyre not as easy to share as gifs. In the spirit of late night television infomercials, Google looked at Live Photos and said theres got […]


Our smartphones go everywhere with us. We tell them everything, and they give us answers while keeping us in touch with our friends and family. In fact, psychologists are now reporting that iPhone separation anxiety is a real thing; yes, our smartphones are so integral to our daily lives that moments spent without them can […]


Hero Emblems iOS iTunes Blink Health should be impossible, but its not. Instead, this miracle of medical access is available for everyone to use, allowing you to find low prices for generic prescription drugs even if you dont have insurance. Accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies, including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walmart, Blink offers an […]


Android users will be able to log in to services using a combination of their face, typing patterns and how they move Google will begin testing an alternative to passwords next month, in a move that could do away with complicated logins for good. The new feature, introduced to developers at the companys I/O conference, […]


Last week was Google I/O, the yearly developer-focused show where the tech giant tosses out its latest inventions. It was a show full of sharp ideas and great-looking products. Nothing demoed at this year’s I/O had a definitive release date (or a price) but there were so many concepts—many of them seemingly transformative for Google’s […]


Science Journal‘s name says it all. The latest Google initiative takes the form of an app on your Androidsmartphone that promises to turn your device into its own portable science kit. As a standalone tool, the app takes various data from its sensors, including sound, light, and motion, and analyzes it for your benefit. Example […]

Get live presidential election results on your mobile lock screen

A live updating notification will offer the latest US election results every time you pick up your phone On 8 November, US presidential election night 2016, the Mobile Innovation Labs mission to learn more about mobile storytelling. After the experiment, well send out a survey soliciting feedback on the experience. Were eager to hear what […]

Explore a Lovely Map of Berlins 20th Century Architecture

Berlin is sprawling. At nearly 350 square miles, it’s a difficult city to tour without some guidance. Its vastness is doubly inconvenient for architecture buffs. Germany saw dramatic political shifts during the 20th century—the rise of Hitler, the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall—and those events had a profound impact on the built […]

Tech Q&A: Hide online shopping purchases during the holidays, best tablet apps for Mom

Illustration photo.  (REUTERS/Kacper Pempel) Hide online shopping purchases during the holidays Q: Its hard to have secrets. How do I stop Amazon from showing what I purchased? No Christmas surprises here! A: Amazon will not completely delete your order history, but you can archive individual orders. Casual snoops will have a harder time seeing what […]