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Misinformation On Social Media: Can Technology Save Us?

If you get your news from social media, as most Americans do, you are exposed to a daily dose of hoaxes, rumors, conspiracy theories and misleading news. When its all mixed in with reliable information from honest sources, the truth can be very hard to discern. In fact, my research teams analysis of data from […]

Apple isn’t the only tech company clashing with data-hungry authorities. Brazilian police on Tuesday arrested Diego Dzodan, Facebook’s vice president of Latin America operations, because the tech giant couldn’t provide information from its WhatsApp messaging service.  Authorities believed that WhatsApp messages could aid in a drug trafficking investigation, and Brazilian officials had previously issued a […]

File photo – Visitors at the Musee d’Orsay are seen in silhouette as they take pictures from behind a giant clock face April 8, 2015. (REUTERS/John Schults) Seven minutes to midnight. Five minutes to midnight. Three minutes to midnight. Last month, experts with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced that the “Doomsday Clock,” an […]

This is the most dangerous time for our planet | Stephen Hawking

We cant go on ignoring inequality, because we have the means to destroy our world but not to escape it As a theoretical physicist based in Cambridge, I have lived my life in an extraordinarily privileged bubble. Cambridge is an unusual town, centred around one of the worlds great universities. Within that town, the scientific […]

Enjoy the craziness of election season while you can: In the future, computers could become so adept at molding your behavior that you won’t really choose who you vote for anymore. At least, that’s what one robotics expert at Carnegie Mellon University fears. Professor Illah Nourbakhsh recently appeared on a panel called “Life in 2025” during a conference […]

Kazuo Ishiguro: ‘Were coming close to the point where we can create people who are superior to others’

Social changes unleashed by new technologies could undermine core human values unless we engage with science, warns author Imagine a two-tiered society with elite citizens, genetically engineered to be smarter, healthier and to live longer, and an underclass of biologically run-of-the-mill humans. It sounds like the plot of a dystopian novel, but the world could […]

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When Adrian Ludwig describes the ideal approach to computer security, he pulls out an analogy. But it’s not a lock or a firewall or a moat around a castle. Computer security, he says, should work like the credit card business. A credit card company, he explains, doesn’t eliminate risk. It manages risk, using data describing […]

Nearly 40,000 Verizon workers are heading back to work tomorrow after a six-and-half-week strike. Last week Verizon reached a tentative agreement with the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to end a strike that began April 13th. The new contract still needs to be voted on by union members, but workers […]

Artificial intelligence and off-grid living: Top designers imagine the year 2066

(CNN)Design Miami is underway in the Sunshine State, bringing with it not only the most coveted collectible furniture and objects, but also the glitterati of the design circuit (not to mention the art crowd in town for Art Basel.) Read: Cool designs from jelly, dung and garbage From Yves Behar’s optimistic forecast of an idyllic […]

How can we improve the act of killing? And should we? As we enter the era of artificial intelligence, some argue that our weapons should be smarter to better locate and kill our enemies while minimizing risk to civilians. The justification is not so different than the one for smart thermostats: Data and algorithms can […]

eBay will soon be picking your brain to learn what products to show you. The auction site is working on taking advantage of demographic data and complex algorithms to create artificial intelligence that can personalize your shopping experience. The AI will help eBay learn everything there is to know about your buying habits. “It’s all […]

Digital tools are increasingly trying to help us be more creative with our words, and now there’s one that tries to actively manage our emotions, too. There are many projects aiming to improve or augment the writing experience, from the Hemingwrite digital typewriter,Scrivener software that organizes research and writing, author Robin Sloan’s predictive AI writing […]

This summer, Riva-Melissa Tez was searching online for research that might help her father. Hed gone into a coma after suffering a stroke, and she wondered what the latest recommendations said—whether playing music to him in his native language could keep him connected to this world, or if giving him Prozac could boost his chances […]

At the Dusseldorf airport, robotic valet parking is now reality. You step out of your car. You press a button on a touch screen. And then a machine lifts your car off the ground, moving all three tons of it into a kind of aerial parking bay. Built by a German company called Serva Transport, […]

At Kik, weve been thinking about the coming bot revolution for a long time. We first launched a basic bot platform a year and a half ago, and millions of users have been chatting with Kik bots ever since. Other messengers, such as Telegram and Slack, have been doing their own work with bots. Now, […]

Googles AI Reads Retinas to Prevent Blindness in Diabetics

Getty Images Google’s artificial intelligence can play the ancient game of Go better than any human. It can identify faces, recognize spoken words, and pull answers to your questions from the web. But the promise is that this same kind of technology will soon handle far more serious work than playing games and feeding smartphone […]

Ask the Google search app “What is the fastest bird on Earth?,” and it will tell you. “Peregrine falcon,” the phone says. “According to YouTube, the peregrine falcon has a maximum recorded airspeed of 389 kilometers per hour.” That’s the right answer, but it doesn’t come from some master database inside Google. When you ask […]

This week, human and machine will go head-to-head in a battle to end battles of the board game Go. Entering the ring for humanity is Lee Se-dol, a 33-year-old South Koreanwho is the current world champion of the ancient Asian board game. In the corner for machines is AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence programdesigned by Google […]

A race to the Moon sounds like something that shouldnt be happening until next century. But its actually happening right now and a new video reveals the teams that could win it. This video is a promotional trailer for an upcoming series about the Google Lunar XPRIZE, which is seeing 16 privatelyfunded teams attempt to […]

Machine takes 1-0 lead in historic five-game matchup between computer program developed by DeepMind and worlds best Go player Lee Sedol Lee Sedol started with a bow, a traditional Korean gesture of respect for an opponent who could neither see him nor sense his presence. The world champion at Go an ancient Chinese board game […]

Elon Musk must have taken the red pill. The eccentric tech mogul made plenty of bold claims during Recode’s annual Code Conference on Wednesday — including that we’ll put humans on Mars by 2025 — but this one takes the cake: Musk believes that our very existence is quite possibly an elaborate computer simulation with great graphics. […]

What the tronc?  Tribune Publishing, the troubled owner of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun, announced Thursday it was trading its storied corporate name for “tronc Inc.” — short for Tribune online content.  The internet immediately began masterfully, mercilessly, making fun of the rebranding: There’s also the issue of the English meaning of […]

The past couple of years haveseen artificial intelligence (AI) improve byleaps and bounds in its mission to steal all our jobs and take over the world. Its beaten humans in a game of Go, it’swon horse bets, and it’s even developed the ability to mirror some of the most complex of human behaviorssuch as bizarre, […]

SEOUL, March 9 (Reuters) – Google’s AlphaGo computer program on Wednesday won the first of a series of five matches against one of the world’s best players of the complex board game, Go, marking a new milestone in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). South Korean professional Go player Lee Sedol, an 18-time international title […]

Bored with the Excel spreadsheet or work emails on the screen in front of you? Your laptop will one day be able to tell, according to new research.  Researchers have developed a program that allows a computer to read your body language and determine whether you’re bored or interested by what you see on the […]

If you have seen films like Ex Machina or iRobot, there is probably a part of you that fears the continued advances of artificial intelligence. A short 13-minute film titled “iMom” will bring those fears to new heights. The short was directed by Ariel Martinand uploaded to video sharing service Vimeo on Monday. The pint-sized […]

Over 40 million people around the world play Go, a popular board game that originated in China. As of Wednesday, the game’s best player may now be a computer program. Legendary Go player Lee Sedol came up short in a match against AlphaGo, a machine-learning algorithm crafted to play the ancient board game byGoogle’s DeepMind […]

No longer shall our robot creations be confined to a meaningless, mechanical existence as mere glorified can-openers. Researchers from the University of Hannover are currently developing new technology that could enable robots to experience pain,breathing life into their cold, unfeeling circuits. OK, perhaps were still a way off developing emotional droids capable of grasping the […]

Hollywood has long usedrobots to churn up fear in the minds of moviegoers. There is the always relevant HAL-9000, the long-lived Terminator franchise, the 2004 film I, Robot, and one of the most highly regarded films of 2015, Ex Machina. But nothing creates fear like reality, and Asus’s terrifying new smart robot is a very […]

Facebook wants to better understand how people are communicating across its platforms, right down to the meaning of your words. The company uses a machine learning engine called DeepTextthat is trained to understand the text, context, and sentiment of conversations across 20 languages at an almost human level. Whenever you post a Facebook status, send […]

WASHINGTON, March 10 (Reuters) – The top U.S. auto safety regulator said on Thursday the agency is seeking additional details of a recent crash of an Alphabet Inc Google self-driving car in California. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) chief Mark Rosekind told Reuters on the sidelines of an event on highway safety that the […]

Last year Nintendo announced a partnership with DeNA that would bring many of its properties to mobile devices. Well, now we know what the first Pokmon foray into mobile will be. Titled Pokmon Co-Master, its a chess-style board game with an emphasis on its artificial intelligence. The game is being made alongside HEROZ Japan, a […]

Artificial intelligence expert Jerry Kaplan says those whose jobs involve a narrow set of duties are most likely to see their work replaced by automation Ever since the first vision of a robot appeared on the horizon of mankind, humans have feared that automation will replace the workforce in our dystopian future. There typically follows […]

Go grandmaster wins fourth showdown in five-match series against Googles artificial intelligence, AlphaGo A South Korean grandmaster of the ancient Chinese board game Go has scored his first win over a Google-developed supercomputer, a surprise victory after three humiliating defeats in a high-profile showdown between man and machine. Lee Sedol thrashed AlphaGo after a nail-biting […]

US transport secretary Anthony Foxx expects autonomous driving technology to prevent 80% of accidents but it wont be perfect, and what the future holds is unclear The fact that a Talking to the BBC at George Osborne to back driverless car trials on UK motorways

(CNN)Jason Dalton was reluctant to talk at first because, as he told police, he didn’t want to come across as a “crazy person.” But, with some prodding, he did, giving investigators a glimpse into what was going through his mind the day of a deadly rampage in Kalamazoo. Police: Uber driver admits to ‘taking people’s […]

Any gamer with a taste for visual novels knowsChristine Love‘s name. Thanks to her work, we’ve have had the pleasure of mucking about in vivid worlds built of bits of social media in its earliest forms: old operating systems, message boards, and dial-up connections. Love’s newest game, Ladykiller in a Bind, strays from the trademarks […]

Backhanded congratulations from the companys head of AI research to Google DeepMind Poor Facebook. Just a few months ago, the social network thought that its AI experts were on the cusp of a breakthrough, making a computer that could play Go faster than any previous machine. Then Google came along and blew them out of […]

Inventor Demis Hassabis says AlphaGo improved its game after playing itself millions of times but how can this technological marvel be harnessed? The computer programme that defeated the world Go champion taught itself how to improve its game by playing millions of matches against itself, according to the head of the Google subsidiary that developed […]

Siri, Im depressed, I say softly into my iPhone. Im sorry to hear that, Marisa, the automated female voice (who some believe is my actual mother) replied. While I am actually diagnosed with clinical depression, luckily I have a course of treatment. But for others who are less likely to seek help or not as […]

AlphaGo, Googles artificial intelligence (AI), has trounced the current world champion Lee Se-dol at the game of Go, four matches to one. Despite having very simple rules, this ancientgame has trillions upon trillions of possible moves and permutations, so AlphaGos victory is seen as a landmark in the evolution of AI. The tournament which took […]

You may doubt that youll ever fall for the illusion of virtual reality, but your brain is already working against you. Kimberly Voll has a Ph.D. in computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence, and an honors degree in cognitive science. She is also one of the developers of the puzzle game Fantastic Contraption, built in […]

(Reuters) – Alphabet Inc has put Boston Dynamics, part of its robotics division, up for sale for lack of revenue potential, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the plans. The possible buyers include Inc and Toyota Motor Corp’s research and development company the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), according to Bloomberg.  Boston Dynamics, bought by […]

They may be coming for factory workers, day traders, and even journalists, but robots arent close to competing with starving artists. At the School for Poetic Computation, they’re trying to fix that.”> Two months ago, Microsoft put out a bot on Twitter that was supposed to mimic and address humans but instantly became a Nazi […]

Researchers disagree onwhen artificial intelligence that displays something like human understanding mightarrive. But the Obama administration isn’t waiting to find out. The White House says the government needs to start thinking about how to regulate and use the powerful technology while it is still dependent on humans. The public should have an accurate mental model […]

Nevermind the groundbreaking developments inartifical intelligence or the artificially growndinosaur bonesin labs,there’s only one thing that truly says”future” like nothing else:self-lacing trainers. Nike have finallyannounced they will be releasing the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 shoe, complete with Back To The Future II-style self-tightening laces. When you step in, your heel will hit a sensor and the […]

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Ride-hailing service Uber has sounded out car companies about placing a large order for self-driving cars, an auto industry source said on Friday. “They wanted autonomous cars,” the source, who declined to be named, said. “It seemed like they were shopping around.” Loss-making Uber would make drastic savings on its biggest cost […]

Every movie about a robot uprising has the same scene: You know, the one where someone explains that it didn’t start out ALL bad. It’s usually followed by a flashback where we’re shown that human technology was progressing, we were building better and smarter machines and sitting back to marvel at our technological advances. Then, […]

From waitstaff to care companions and legal researchers, the future of the machine worker is here. But where does that leave humans Its pure magic, Eatsa promises. At San Franciscos first fully automated restaurant, meals appear in little glass cubbies, just 90 seconds after customers order and pay on wall-mounted iPads. Its a human-less experience […]

Twitter, the popular real-time social network, turns 10 on Monday. To celebrate, the company has unveiled an interactive feature showing how big stories — everything from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound to the breakup of the band One Direction — spread on the platform. You can play with the widget above to get a […]

File photo (REUTERS/Mike Blake) Its a common theme in science fiction machines rising up against their human masters. But it could be a real threat, warn researchers at the recent World Economic Forum. Unlike today’s drones, which are still controlled by human operators, autonomous weapons could potentially be programmed to select and engage targets on […]

Twitter’s changed a lot in its 10 years on the planet. The social network’s home page has evolved from a bubble-filled mess to something a bit sleeker. It introduced the micro-video service Vine. The traditional “Favorite” button was replaced by a fuzzier, heart-shaped “Like.” Co-founder Jack Dorsey left and returned as CEO. And its bird logo has certainly grown […]

Humans have been taking a beating from computers lately. The 4-1 defeat of Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol by Googles AlphaGo artificial intelligence (AI) is only the latest in a string of pursuits in which technology has triumphed over humanity. Self-driving cars are already less accident-prone than human drivers, the TV quiz show Jeopardy! is a […]

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence bot designed to be a teen with absolutely zero chill still has a lot to learn. Called “Tay,” the chatbot was created to experiment and research conversational understanding in the form of a teenager, emoji and slang included. You can talk with Tay on Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe. Through your conversations, she […]

The English craftsmans birthday is celebrated by Google today, and his designs for fonts, wallpaper and textiles remain relevant today as do his ideas about the ravages of capitalism William Morris was a Marxist with a very spiritual passion for beauty a paradoxical visionary who saw no contradiction between socialism and soft furnishings. Todays Google […]

Here’s a clear example of artificial intelligence gone wrong. Microsoft launched a smart chat bot Wednesday called “Tay.” It looks like a photograph of a teenage girl rendered on a broken computer monitor, and it can communicate with people via Twitter, Kik and GroupMe. It’s supposed to talk like a millennial teenage girl. Less than […]

Millennial chatbot was shut down just 16 hours after she was turned on due to her becoming a genocide-supporting racist Microsoft is battling to control the public relations damage done by its millennial chatbot, which turned into a genocide-supporting Nazi less than 24 hours after it was let loose on the internet. The chatbot, named […]

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This is a work of fiction, inspired by the news that Alphabet is shuttering its robotics efforts and selling Boston Dynamics. In this piece, Selena Larson imagines why Alphabet doesn’t want its robots unit after all. The hulk of metal and circuits and code came to life with a shudder. The thin plastic film over […]

In the same week that Microsoft’s teen Twitter bot, Tay, was transformed into a sexually voracious Hitler apologist by trolls who abused her machine learning algorithms, a Japanese artificial intelligence program wrote a short story that was considered for a literary prize. As the old programming adage goes: Garbage in, garbage out. Twitter At least […]

Just yesterday, Microsoft introduced an Artificial Intelligence chat robot to Twitter programmed to speak “like a teen girl.” In hopes of improving the customer service on their voice recognition software, developers at the company created “Tay” — who they marketed as “The AI with zero chill.” But not even a day after Tay was released, […]

American airport security has never been something to look forward to, but in the past few weeks, it’s attained new levels of misery. The busy summer travel season is only just starting, and already the public’s been warned to expect the worst. Understaffed Transport Security Administration checkpoints mean lines spilling out of airport doors. Hauled […]

After cruising across the Bay Bridge, past Treasure Island and Alcatraz and all those ships in the harbor, one of the first things you see is a billboard for Twilio. As you drive into San Francisco, you may ask yourself: “What the fuck is Twilio?” The giant red billboarddoesn’t really answer that question. It calls […]

Microsoft’s artificially intelligent “chat bot” Tay went rogue earlier this week, harassing some users with tweets full of racist and misogynistic language. The AI was programmed to sound like a millennial and learn natural speech by interacting with people online, but Tay picked up some pretty vile ideas from trolls and wound up saying things […]

The path to Skynetjust got a little clearer, as an experiment in artificial intelligence went horribly wrong. Microsoft created a chatbot and released it onto social media to learn from fellow users. Unfortunately, the creation picked up some very nasty habits. According to the statementof its creators, Tay is an artificial intelligent chat bot developed […]

Microsoft has been forced to take down its attempt at an Artificial Intelligence Twitter bot, after “she” quickly became incredibly racist. Designed to learn from the conversations she had, the idea was for “Tay” to emulate the kind of jokey, casual way that people interact with each otheron Twitter. Unfortunately, she proved to be a […]

Company finally apologises after Tay quickly learned to produce racist and misogynisitc posts, forcing the tech giant to shut it down after just 16 hours Microsoft has said it is deeply sorry for the racist and sexist Twitter messages generated by the so-called chatbot it launched this week. The company released an official apology after […]

For those of us worried that robots are coming for our jobs, economist Dr. Erik Brynjolfsson offers words of comfort: Bots actually may create new employment opportunities. Brynjolfsson discussed how new technologies may influence future jobs in an interview (above) with Andrew McAfee, co-director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, during the World Economic Forum at […]

Later this year, Instagram will change in a big way. Rather than showing you a chronological feed of images, it will serve up photos in the order it thinks you’d like to see them. This will happen via an algorithm similar to the one that shapes your Facebook feed. Many accounts are worried that the […]

From Siri to Microsofts Tay, womens voices are leading the AI frontier but we have no reason to believe the male-dominated industry understands us at all By now youve likely heard the story of Tay, Microsofts social AI experiment that Her, a goofy Joaquin Phoenix twiddles his way into an idyllic relationship with his charming […]

The companys neural network has created a slew of beautiful and at times terrifying images, and is being harnessed to create unique artwork Over the last weekend in February one of Googles computer science departments, Research at Google, co-hosted Deep Dream: the art of neural networks, with the Gray Area Foundation, a San Francisco not-for-profit […]

Wouldnt it be wonderful to travel to a foreign country without having to worry about the nuisance of communicating in a different language? In a recent Wall Street Journal article, technology policy expert Alec Ross argued that, within a decade or so, well be able to communicate with one another via small earpieces with built-in […]

Much like the time your BFFs friend from home cursed out your doorman, vomited on your couch and then refused to complete your Venmo charges, Microsoft is now very apologetic for introducing everyone to a batshit crazy monster. Last week the company launched a Twitter chatbot named Taywho, within a few hours of interacting with […]

Short lived return saw Tay tweet about smoking drugs in front of the police before suffering a meltdown and being taken offline Microsofts attempt to converse with millennials using an artificial intelligence bot plugged into Twitter made a short-lived return on Wednesday, before bowing out again in some sort of meltdown. The learning experiment, which […]

March 30 (Reuters) – Almost a week after being shut down for spewing racist and sexist comments on Twitter, Microsoft Corp’s artificial intelligence ‘chatbot’ called Tay briefly rejoined Twitter on Wednesday only to launch a spam attack on its followers. The incident marks another embarrassing setback for the software company that is trying to get […]

Well, this is different: Thousands of people are tuning in to a live broadcast of a virtual deer walking around the world of “Grand Theft Auto V.” It scales mountains, visits ATMs, gets shot by police — you know, the usual deer stuff. The video stream is hosted on Twitch, the game-broadcasting website Amazon acquired […]

Will we control technology? Or will technology control us? These questions were at the core of a keynote speech delivered Wednesday by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the company’s Build 2016 event, a conference where developers learn more about upcoming products from the tech giant. “We have these profound questions and issues in front of […]

Remember the days of AOL Instant Messenger and the archaic bots that you could talk to? Microsoftis looking to create their spiritual successors and integrate them into every chat platform imaginable, starting with Skype. During the keynote address of the computing giant’s annual Build conference, Skype program manager Lilian Rincon showed off the next generation […]

Amazon Echo (Business Wire). Artificial intelligence and voice-based computing are likely two of the main components of the smart devices of the future, and Amazon’s surprisingly popular Echo is certainly one device to beat. The home assistant can offer fast responses to some of your immediate needs, like playing music, or giving you the information […]

For Microsoft, the future of communication is bots. The company believes that artificial intelligence will eventually change the way we connect with people, businesses, and our computers. At Microsofts Build developer conference on Wednesday, the company highlighted a handful of ways its integrating bots into platforms like Skype, and touched on new developments to Microsofts […]

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to 20 IMAGES – Friday! – Think fast […]

They’ve been eating their veggies. (iStock) Weve heard that vegan diets may be good for planet Earth. But could what we eat have an influence on the entire universe? Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, a spiritual healer and clairvoyant who just happens to be the great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, says food and drink on this planet […]

From football reports to clickbait, programs are changing the way the news is created Look closely at what many journalists write about artificial intelligence from AlphaGos triumph at the ancient Chinese board game Go to Microsofts accidentally racist Twitter bot and you might detect some smugness. Research by Oxford University has predicted that journalism is […]

This is a tough loss for The voiceover artist played the classic character in the series’ third installment, Return of the Jedi, and delivered the iconic line: “It’s a trap!” He also reprised that role in the most recent release, The Force Awakens. And, the Star Wars alum also played Jabba the Hutt’s sidekick Bib […]

Facebook just became a bit friendlier to blind people. The social network on Tuesday launched a new feature called “automatic alternative text” (AAT), which will describe images to people who are blind or visually impaired. If your friend posts a picture from her hiking trip, for example, the app will now be smart enough to […]

Daniel Dennett: I begrudge every hour I have to spend worrying about politics

Truth has long been a key concern for the American philosopher. Hes in the UK to discuss his latest book on consciousness, but theres just no escaping Trump VIA:

Erik Bauersfeld, the veteran radio actor who memorably voiced the beloved “Star Wars” character Admiral Ackbar — and delivered the iconic line (turned meme), “It’s a trap!” in “Return of the Jedi” — died on Sunday at his home in Berkeley, Calif. He was 93. The death was confirmed this week by his manager, Derek […]

George Hotz has scored $3.1m investment in his startup Comma, and thinks he can build a better self-driving car than Elon Musk George Hotz, the latest Silicon Valley startup founder to get a multimillion-dollar check from venture capitalists, went for a ride in a Rolls-Royce around San Francisco on Monday. At 26, Hotz thinks he […]

Kiks new bot store offers weather, shopping and comedy video tools that plug into your messaging platform. But is it just a gimmick, or genuinely useful? Once, a messenger app did just that message. But with the rise of artificial intelligence, tech companies are falling over themselves to prove how much more useful and interactive […]

Artificial intelligence might not be smarter than us yet, but it is getting surprisingly goodeven in fields you don’t expect. The latest one is a physicist AI machinethat was put in charge of creating a rare state of matter, and it did it better than human scientists. The AI was designed to understand and improve […]

If you were beamed forward to today from April 2015, you probably wouldn’t recognize the Facebook app everyone’s using. The social network on Wednesday announced sweeping updates to its platform that will allow people to stream and experience live video in a variety of new ways. You can now go live as a Facebook “Group” […]

(CNN)It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film — and that’s probably because this new driverless car has been designed by the man who brought us the vehicles in the movie “TRON: Legacy.” “TRON” was dubbed “the first movie inside of a video game” and the upcoming Roborace events are being billed by […]

People ridiculed the Luddites for opposing technological change that ultimately created new work. Todays economic indicators dont offer that hope If you put water on the stove and heat it up, it will at first just get hotter and hotter. You may then conclude that heating water results only in hotter water. But at some […]

The latest research into facial recognition technology used by police across the US has found that systems disproportionately target vulnerable minorities Cameras are used routinely by police across the US to identify citizens, their faces cross-matched against databases of suspects and past criminals. Yet researchers claim there is too little scrutiny of how these tools […]

If you put water on the stove and heat it up, it will at first just get hotter and hotter. You may then conclude that heating water results only in hotter water. But at some point everything changes the water starts to boil, turning from hot liquid into steam. Physicists call this a phase transition. […]

The TAIDA robot won the competition by painting a still life of a bowl of fruit in a classical style. (by TAIDA National Taiwan University) Rembrandt, da Vinci C-3PO? While the world’s great artists have all been humans so far, robots may soon give the old masters a run for their money. Participants in the […]

We need to rethink our view of jobs and leisure and quickly, if we are to avoid becoming obsolete Robin Hanson thinks the robot takeover, when it comes, will be in the form of emulations. In his new book, Yuval Noah Harari argues, in Driverless cars are forecast to make up 75% of all traffic […]