Elon Musk Fast Facts

(CNN)Here is a look at the life of Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur behind Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity. Birth place: Pretoria, South Africa Birth name: Elon Reeve Musk

Can this $199 device stop club tennis cheats? You cannot be serious!

London (CNN)“It’s in!” “No, it was most definitely out.” It’s a scene played out daily on tennis courts the world over. Produces light, loud sound or both for each line call Artificial intelligence software tracks the ball’s spin, speed and movement Stats and video can be downloaded to a phone or tablet Works on all […]

3 smart firewalls that will keep hackers from breaking into your home

documents released by WikiLeaksalready patchedInternet of Things securityInternet-connected gadgets and smart home devices continue to churn out vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. general guidelines and practicesAn obvious option would be to completely avoid installing connected gadgets in your home until manufacturers become . An alternative is to get a smart home firewall, devices that enhance […]

Airline pricing secrets: How carriers come up with fares

(CNN)Anyone who’s lost an evening researching flight deals knows that airfare pricing can seem pretty random — high one week, low the next and long-distance often cheaper than short-haul. It’s called airline revenue management: the science of adjusting fares dynamically and in real time so that airlines can maximize their revenue. And it’s not just […]

All Your Favorite Accidental Penis News Bloopers In 1 Glorious Video

Journalists on live TV cant get too cocky. Events can alway conspire to humble you such as the drawing of an accidental penis. Yeah, like this. YouTube/News Be Funny Like the time last November whenKaci Aitchison of Q13 Fox in Seattle was trying out a new artificial intelligence game that requires players to draw a […]

Pakistan asks Facebook and Twitter to help identify blasphemers

Companies approached in effort to locate Pakistanis at home or abroad so they can be prosecuted or potentially extradited Pakistan has asked Facebook and Twitter to help identify Pakistanis suspected of blasphemy so it can prosecute them or pursue their extradition. Under the countrys described one possible solution to the difficulty: combine creating a large-scale […]

Does Netflix changing its rating system matter? No, because people are still awful

Star ratings are out and thumbs going up and down are in yet deciding whether to watch London has Fallen should still be a personal decision Its been clear for some time that Netflixs star-based user rating system is essentially hopeless. It operates on the assumption that all of its 94 million subscribers share an […]

Engineer Creates Sex Robot That Needs To Be Romanced First

Sergi Santos is a man with a mission: He wants to make sure robotic sex dolls that enjoy the sex as much as the humans or at least act like they do. As the video above demonstrates, Samantha responds when the user touches her hands and hips by saying positive statements like I love this […]

Can we humanize artificial intelligencebefore it kills us?

For the last 15 years weve had to stare at screens to interact with the magic inside. But machine learning is changing the way we communicate with our devices, and our relationship with them is becoming more real, and downright emotional. Before you shrug off the notion of a humanized machine, or shake your head […]

Mountain man: The bank boss who reached the top aged 33 – BBC News

Met by the boss It is Joe himself who greets us at the reception of First Direct’s steely grey office block in Leeds. Born: Leeds Age: 33 Status: Father-to-be Education: Degree in Business Management from Lancaster University Previous jobs: Sainsbury’s management trainee, BT fast-track scheme ‘You’re on the carrots, mate’ Joe’s formative experience was in […]

More Than 50 Tech Companies Take On Trump’s New Travel Ban

Nearly five dozen technology companies have filed an amicus brief against President Donald Trumps revised executive order banning travel from six majority-Muslim countries, which is set to go into effect on Thursday. The technological and scientific breakthroughs that fuel the economic engine of the country search, cloud computing, social media, artificial intelligence, faster and faster […]

Googles DeepMind makes AI program that can learn like a human

Program brings artificial general intelligence a step closer by using previous knowledge to solve fresh problems Researchers have overcome one of the major stumbling blocks in artificial intelligence with a program that can learn one task after another using skills it acquires on the way. Developed by Googles AI company, DeepMind, the program has taken […]

Humans Can Solve This Chess Puzzle, But A Supercomputer Can’t

They can kick our ass at games of Go, poker, and (most of the time) chess. But there are one or two occasions where artificial intelligence can never match up to human intelligence. The world-renowned mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose has drawn up a chess puzzle to demonstrate just that. The puzzle also highlights the […]

Artificial intelligence is ripe for abuse, tech executive warns: ‘a fascist’s dream’

Microsofts Kate Crawford tells SXSW session society must prepare for authoritarian movements to test the power without accountability of artificial intelligence As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, people need to make sure its not used by authoritarian regimes to centralize power and target certain populations, Microsoft Researchs Kate Crawford warned on Sunday. In her SXSW […]

Facebook policy chief: social media must step up fight against extremism

Speaking at SXSW, Monika Bickert calls for social networks to build counter-speech, responding to extremism and hate speech with broad opposition Social networks such as Facebook need a more proactive approach to countering extremism and hate speech than simply deleting extremist posts, the tech giants head of policy said at SXSW on Saturday night. Even […]


Are you Joe Public? One of Americas more than 94 million permanently unemployed? A doctor, truck driver, or other worker at risk of technological unemployment? Then you, Joe, had best learn a new word: Democide. The Republican healthcare plan, the AHCA dubbed Trumpcare earlier this week, is more than mean-spirited. It is madness. It is […]

Google’s self-driving car group tries to block Uber from using allegedly stolen tech

The injunction request escalated the intellectual property dispute between the two technology companies and adds to the growing list of Ubers troubles Waymo, Googles self-driving car company, has asked a judge to block Ubers work on autonomous vehicles, escalating the high-profile intellectual property dispute between the two technology companies and adding to the growing list […]


March 10, 2017 With U.S. Marines reportedly on the ground in Syria, we’re explaining why officials are focused on the city of Raqqa. As the U.S. prepares to “spring forward” to daylight-saving time, we’re exploring the history of the time change. And in case you forget to set your clocks forward, we’re bringing you a […]

Budget 2017: 2bn for social care and tax rise for self-employed – BBC News

Media captionThe changes are expected to raise 145m a year by 2021-22 Chancellor Philip Hammond has increased National Insurance bills for self-employed people in his first Budget – leading to accusations he has broken a manifesto pledge not to raise taxes. There was also 2bn for social care services in England, and help for firms […]

Budget 2017: Hammond’s ‘upbeat’ message over Brexit future – BBC News

Chancellor to outline North Sea help Cash for new grammar schools in Budget Ahmed: Treasury playing Eeyore Reality Check: Are taxes going up to 1986 levels? BSo, farewell then Spring Budget… With the public finances proving stronger in recent months than expected, and defying forecasts of a post-EU referendum downturn, economists say the chancellor has […]

How the Hitchhikers Guide can make the world a better place | Marcus ODair

Douglas Adamss sci-fi classic has inspired real-life tech innovations. So what else could we rip from its pages to aid our ailing society? The Pilot earpiece and its promise to instantly translate languages: a real-life version of the The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adamss story have subsequently become science fact. The technology that […]

A Survival Guide For The Coming AI Revolution

If the popular media are to be believed, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to steal your job and threaten life as we know it. If we do not prepare now, we may face a future where AI runs free and dominates humans in society. The AI revolution is indeed underway. To ensure you are prepared […]

Robots And AI Could Soon Have Feelings, Hopes And Rights We Must Prepare For The Reckoning

Get used to hearing a lot more about artificial intelligence. Even if you discount the utopian and dystopian hyperbole, the 21st century will broadly be defined not just by advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, computing and cognitive neuroscience, but how we manage them. For some, the question of whether or not the human race will […]


Within the next five years, Google will produce a viable quantum computer. That’s the stake the company has just planted. In the pages of Nature late last week, researchers from Google’s Quantum AI Laboratory told the world that a machine leveraging the seemingly magical principles of quantum mechanics will soon outperform traditional computers on certain […]


Astronomer Kevin Schawinski has spent much of his career studying how massive black holes shape galaxies. But he isnt into dirty work—dealing with messy data—so he decided to figure out how neural networks could do it for him. Problem is, he and his cosmic colleagues suck at that sophisticated kind of coding. That changed when […]


Imagine you’re an evil genius in the style of a James Bond villain. You’ve got a hundred million dollars or so burning a hole in your pocket, and you’re looking to cause some destruction. You want to know your options. WIRED OPINION


It was a week of could have beens and still coulds in security. We took a long look at a plan to stop rogue drones that might work great, if it’s ever legal. We looked at how Trump should spend that extra $54 billion on defense, if he insists. And we looked at Google’s end-to-end […]

ICO assessing political use of public’s private data – BBC News

On Friday, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, who supported the Remain camp, called on the Electoral Commission to investigate allegations that Leave.EU had not declared the role of CA in its campaign. An ICO spokeswoman said: “We have concerns about Cambridge Analytica’s reported use of personal data and we are in contact with the organisation. “We […]

AImotive aims to convert regular cars into driverless ones inexpensively

While other autonomous car projects rely on an expensive radar-like system called Lidar, AImotive is trying to do the same using regular cameras and AI The AImotive office is in a small converted house at the end of a quiet residential street in sunny Mountain View, spitting distance from Googles headquarters. Outside is a branded […]

Toyota Is No Longer The World’s Top-Selling Automaker

TOKYO (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corps four-year run as the worlds top-selling automaker has ended as the Japanese company said on Monday its global sales for 2016 fell short of Volkswagen AGs. Volkswagen has surpassed Toyota as the world’s top-selling automaker. Toyota, which had been the worlds top-selling automaker on an annual basis since 2012, […]

‘Star Trek’ needs to boldly go where it has gone before

In the midst of a titanic wave of hype for the newest Star Wars movie, the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond grabbed the nerdiest arms of the Internet by the throat this week with heavy computer-generated imagery, quirky humor, and a Beastie Boys soundtrack. While one might think the re-energized intro could bring […]


The last time the Pentagon directed all of its bases to raise their threat level, the danger came from an unlikely source: social media. That’s where accounts connected to ISIS posted the names and home addresses of US military personnel and encouraged terrorists to attack them. Military bases around the country began the methodical process […]

How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

A cottage industry is growing around new technology for solar power developers to design, build and operate solar farms to help compete with fossil fuel power At the edge of a plot of muddy farmland, a few miles down the road from the University of California at Davis, an engineer takes a few quick steps […]

All aboard the Immortality Bus: the man who says tech will help us live forever

Zoltan Istvan leads the Transhumanist party and believes that, through science, humans will reverse ageing and eventually death. Can he convert the skeptics? Ive been pegged as the antichrist, which I felt was a little unfair, says Zoltan Istvan, the leader of the Transhumanist party and independent presidential candidate. Istvan, a 43-year-old science fiction writer […]

Female engineer sues Tesla, describing a culture of ‘pervasive harassment’

Exclusive: AJ Vandermeyden paints picture of a hostile work environment that promoted less-qualified men and retaliated against her for raising concerns A female engineer at Tesla has accused Elon Musks car company of ignoring her complaints of pervasive harassment, paying her a lower salary than men doing the same work, promoting less qualified men over […]

Could an implant have saved the life of the toddler attacked by an alligator?

Among other tragedies in Florida recently gripping Americas attention, a 2-year-old boy was snatched away from its parents by an alligator at Walt Disney World on Wednesday. I have a similar-aged toddler myself, and I followed this heartbreaking story closely. Unfortunately, it ended as horribly as it began, with the recovery of a dead child. […]


Elon Musk is having a hard time at the moment. Amid all the sound and fury, however, its sometimes easy to forget that hes constantly coming up with new, visionary ideas, including the Hyperloop. Another future endeavor that may have been lost in the noise involves a so-called neural lace, an interface that links human […]


While disagreements between human Wikipedia editors tend to fizzle, fights between bots can drag on for months or years. The study found that bots are far more likely to argue than human editors on the English version of Wikipedia: Bots each overrode another bot an average of 105 times over the course of a decade, […]

A computer’s newfound ‘intuition’ beats world poker champs

(CNN)Poker expert Martin Sturc may have finally met his match: a computer program called DeepStack. “You always have to be one step ahead,” said Sturc, president of the Austrian Pokersport Association. “When I realized he was adapting his gameplan, I had to adapt.” Using a type of artificial intelligence its creators describe as “intuition,” DeepStack […]

Robots won’t just take our jobs  they’ll make the rich even richer

Robotics and artificial intelligence will continue to improve but without political change such as a tax, the outcome will range from bad to apocalyptic Should robots pay taxes? It may sound strange, but a number of prominent people have been asking this question lately. As fears about the impact of automation grow, calls for a […]

Artificial Intelligence Developed That Is As Accurate At Identifying Skin Cancer As Doctors

What if we could all carry around in our pockets the technology needed to diagnose potentially deadly skin cancer? Well, that may be closer to reality than you might think. Researchers from Stanford Universityhave developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) that is as accurate as doctors at identifying skin cancer from images, and hope to […]

Robots and drones take over classrooms – BBC News

Image caption Pupils taught Pepper to dab A stone’s throw from the Excel, where Bett is held, stands a new school that is, according to its head Geoffrey Fowler, currently little more than a Portakabin. Image caption Geoffrey Fowler (far right) showed off Pepper, with some of his pupils, teachers and industry partners at the […]

AI watchdog needed to regulate automated decision-making, say experts

Algorithms can make bad decisions that have serious impacts on peoples lives, leading to calls for a third party body to ensure transparency and fairness An artificial intelligence watchdog should be set up to make sure people are not discriminated against by the automated computer systems making important decisions about their lives, say experts. The […]

The charisma droids: today’s robots and the artists who foresaw them

RoboThespian and the worlds first automaton newsreader are the stars of the Science Museums Robots show. But did Da Vinci and Michelangelo beat them to it? An android toddler lies on a pallet, its doll-like face staring at the ceiling. On a shelf rests a much more grisly creation that mixes imitation human bones and […]

Apple just joined an artificial intelligence super-group
Fake news and false claims: can AI help fact-check the Trump administration?

Martin Robbins: Automated fact-checking is hard enough, but Trumps chaos by design threatens to render it obsolete. Can Artificial Intelligence keep our grip on reality? Imagine youre the head of machine learning at a big social media company, and youve been asked to design a system that can detect post-truth, its baby sibling, the term […]

The world’s best poker player is now a computer
UK robotics research gets 17.3m pledge – BBC News

“Our scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence and I’m looking forward to exploring how industry and government can work together to support the technology in the UK,” said Dame Wendy. Mrs Bradley described the UK as a pioneer of artificial intelligence. “Backing our thriving digital economy to […]

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

With links to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage, the rightwing American computer scientist is at the heart of a multimillion-dollar propaganda network Just over a week ago, Donald Trump gathered members of the worlds press before him and a large bulk of its funding more than $10m in the past decade from a […]

Rutger Bregman: We could cut the working week by a third

Could this young Dutchman, hailed as a visionary, galvanise the left with his radical plan for a borderless future in which we are all paid for working less? As liberal democracy seems to be crumbling under the weight of widespread despondency, some hardline opinions are in danger of becoming received wisdoms. In the global market, […]

How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

A cottage industry is growing around new technology for solar power developers to design, build and operate solar farms to help compete with fossil fuel power At the edge of a plot of muddy farmland, a few miles down the road from the University of California at Davis, an engineer takes a few quick steps […]


Another game just fell to the machines. Yesterday, after 20 days of play at a casino in Pittsburgh, an AI built by two Carnegie Mellon researchers officially defeated four top players at no-limit Texas Hold ‘Ema particularly complex form of poker that relies heavily on longterm betting strategies and game theory. Over the past twenty […]

The Numbers Dont Lie: Self-Driving Cars Are Getting Good

It’s report card time for the automakers and Silicon Valley denizens studying the tricky problem of making cars drive themselves, and everyone is passing. The California DMV just released its annual slate of “disengagement reports,” documents provided by the 11 companies that receivedstatepermits to test autonomous vehicles by the end of 2015. The results, summarized […]

‘My worst nightmare’: high-skilled tech workers fear Trump visa crackdown

Holders of the H-1B visa, many from India, worry that their lives will be upended if the administration acts on hints that it wants to give priority to US workers Karthik Sridhar and his wife recently sold their car and other assets in India, eager to start a new life in Silicon Valley. The founder […]

Inside Libratus, the Poker AI That Out-Bluffed the Best Humans

For almost three weeks, Dong Kim sat at a casino in Pittsburgh and played poker against a machine. But Kim wasn’t just any poker player. This wasn’t just any machine. And it wasn’t just any game of poker. Kim, 28, is among the best players in the world. The machine, built by two computer science […]

Monitor monikers: why what we call our robots matters

Chatbots are on the rise, but are their human names and personas blurring our sense of the real and artificial? Odds are you talked to a robot last month. Artificial intelligence in the form of retail chatbots capped a supermodel personal shoppers to customer service. What seemed like a fun curio when IBMs Watson was […]

Actors, teachers, therapists  think your job is safe from artificial intelligence? Think again

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, many jobs that werent considered ripe for automation suddenly are VIA: http://www.theguardian.com/us

Robot Bees Vs Real Bees  Why Tiny Drones Cant Compete With The Real Thing

The latest service to be revolutionised by drones might not be package delivery or internet connections but the far more valuable service of pollination. Researchers in Japan have been exploring the potential of using miniature drones covered with sticky hairs to act like robotic bees to counter the decline of natural pollinators. Writing in a […]

UK to pledge 17.3m for robotics research – BBC News

“Our scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence and I’m looking forward to exploring how industry and government can work together to support the technology in the UK,” said Dame Wendy. Culture Secretary Karen Bradley described the UK as a pioneer of artificial intelligence. “Backing our thriving digital […]

Robot Rights: At What Point Should An Intelligent Machine Be Considered A Person”?

Science fiction likes to depict robots as autonomous machines, capable of making their own decisions and often expressing their own personalities. Yet we also tend to think of robots as property, and as lacking the kind of rights that we reserve for people. But if a machine can think, decide and act on its own […]

Tiny Robot Drones Developed To Help Declining Bees Pollinate Plants

Researchers in Japan have developed tiny insect-sized drones that can artificially pollinate plants, in a bid to take the pressure off declining bee populations. The team from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo designed the “artificial pollinator” drones so that, rather than replacing bees, they might in the future aid […]

Elon Musk thinks humans should all become cyborgsor else

Put a tray of water in the freezer. For a while, it’s liquid. And then—boom—the molecules stack into little hexagons, and youve got ice. Pour supercold liquid nitrogen onto a wafer of yttrium barium copper oxide, and suddenly electricity flows through the compound with less resistance than beer down a college students throat. You’ve got […]

12 Genius Ways To Reuse Your Old, Useless CDs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tons upon tons of old CDs sittingaround the house. I know I’m probably never ever going to need them again, not with modern music-streaming technology, and even the resurgence of record players. I also don’t want to throw them away, though they have a certain degreeof sentimental […]

Why you may never be able to leave school – BBC News

Media captionAgile: What does the new boardroom buzzword actually mean? Ever feel technology is leaving you behind? The good news is that you’re not alone – it’s a problem for everyone. The bad news is the constant and rapid advances in technology mean that, rather than leaving education behind at 18 or 21, you are […]


One of the most infamous Wikipedia wars took place in 2013, when human editors on the site wrote more than 40,000 words over two months arguing whether the film Star Trek Into Darkness should have a capital i or not. Seriously. But it appears its not just humans involved in petty squabbles on the online […]

Its Eagles vs. Drones, Plus the Weeks Other Prizefights

Editor’s note: We’re proud to bring NextDraft—the most righteous, most essential newsletter on the web—to WIRED.com. Every Friday you’ll get a roundup of the week’s most popular must-read stories from around the internet, courtesy of mastermind Dave Pell. So dig in and geek out. The Gig Is Up As it becomes increasingly clear that artificial […]


In February 1975, a group of geneticists gathered in a tiny town on the central coast of California to decide if their work would bring about the end of the world. These researchers were just beginning to explore the science of genetic engineering, manipulating DNA to create organisms that didn’t exist in nature, and they […]

How Life (and Death) Spring From Disorder

Whats the difference between physics and biology? Take a golf ball and a cannonball and drop them off the Tower of Pisa. The laws of physics allow you to predict their trajectories pretty much as accurately as you could wish for. Quanta Magazine About Original storyreprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent division […]


On the surface, left-leaning Silicon Valley and the more conservative US military seem worlds apart. Tech companies favor individual initiative and a “move fast and break things” style. The Pentagon emphasizes a strict chain of command that filters ideas through layers of bureaucracy. But the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board continues to bring the two […]


Working on a new product launch? Debuting a new mobile site? Announcing a new feature? If you’re not sure whether algorithmic bias could derail your plan, you should be. WIRED OPINION

AIs Factions Get Feisty. But Really, Theyre All on the Same Team

Artificial intelligence is not one thing, but many, spanning several schools of thought. In his book The Master Algorithm, Pedro Domingos calls them the tribes of AI. As the University of Washington computer scientist explains, each tribe fashions what would seem to be very different technology. Evolutionists, for example, believe they can build AI by […]

Elon Musk says humans must become cyborgs to stay relevant. Is he right?

Sophisticated artificial intelligence will make house cats of humans, claims the entrepreneur, but his grand vision for mind-controlled tech may be a long way off VIA: http://www.theguardian.com/us


This story is part of our special coverage, The News in Crisis. When Republican Steve King beat back Democratic challenger Kim Weaver in the race for Iowas 4th congressional district seat in November, The Washington Post snapped into action, covering both the win and the wider electoral trend. Republicans retained control of the House and […]

Study reveals bot-on-bot editing wars raging on Wikipedia’s pages

Over time, the encyclopedias software robots can become locked in combat, undoing each others edits and changing links, say researchers For many it is no more than the first port of call when a niggling question raises its head. Found on its pages are answers to mysteries from the joys of dorodango, and Plos One, […]

What, You Cant Tell Two Lemurs Apart? Computers Can

The Centre Valbio research station, a modern building of stone and glass set in the jungled hills at the edge of Madagascars Ranomafana National Park, was starting to look like the third season of The Wire. Big tackboards lined the walls, each one covered with dozens of pinned-up photographs. Some images were grouped together in […]


Astro Teller knows how to draw attention. As the director of X, aka the “moonshoot factory,” he famously navigates the Google campus on rollerblades, even indoors. He was wearing his rollerblades on Thursday when he glided into a roomful of reporters to announce that Project LoonAlphabet’s wacky-sounding plan to deliver the internet to the world’s […]

Bill Gates Calls For “Robot Tax” To Slow Down Pace Of Change

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous robotics is dawning, and according to many, its set to bring about the next technological renaissance. Bill Gates, as you might expect, is one of these soothsayers, but hes recently just added an interesting caveat to this future scenario. Last year, Gates told IFLScience that hes certain […]

Worst trade ever: looking for positives in the Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins debacle

The Kings gifting of their star center to the Pelicans has been hailed as the worst trade in NBA history, but might there be a method to their madness? The Sacramento Kings have completed a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad trade. A trade that, by large consensus, is being called one of the worst […]


Humanity has had astonishing success alleviating famine, disease, and war. (It might not always seem that way, but its true.) Now, Homo sapiens is on the brink of an upgradesort of. As we become increasingly skilled at deploying artificial intelligence, big data, and algorithms to do everything from easing traffic to diagnosing cancer, well transform […]


Here’s how science works: You have a question about some infinitesimal sliver of the universe. You form a hypothesis, test it, and eventually gather enough data to support or disprove what you thought was going on. That’s the fun part. The next bit is less glamorous: You write a manuscript, submit it to an academic […]


Tax season has arrived, as the Super Bowl recently reminded us: In the first half alone, two commercials encouraged viewers to trust computers to do our taxes, the first from H&R Block with its new partner Watson, and the second from TurboTax with its friendly talking tax bot. WIRED OPINION


Wall Street is a competition, a Darwinian battle for the almighty dollar. Gordon Gekko said that greed is good, that it captures “the essence of the evolutionary spirit.” A hedge fund hunts for an edge and then maniacally guards it, locking down its trading data and barring its traders from joining the company next door. […]


I recently returned from a vacation to find that Googles algorithms had created a customized slide show of my trip. I hadnt asked for one. But the companys software robots apparently noticed Id traveled somewhere and taken a flurry of photos, which likely indicated Id been vacationing. Now, I actually enjoy some of Googles simpler […]

12 Incredible Ways To Reuse All The Old CDs Youve Got Collecting Dust

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tons upon tons of old CDs sittingaround the house. I know I’m probably never ever going to need them again, not with modern music-streaming technology, and even the resurgence of record players. I also don’t want to throw them away, though they have a certain degreeof sentimental […]

15 People React To The Idea Of Having Sex With A Super Realistic Robot

Robots are quickly becoming more and more lifelike. In one recent experiment, a shockingly realistic 5’6″ brunette robot named Actroid F was mistaken for an actual woman by roughly half of study participants. Perhaps more interestingly, several people have admitted that they’d characterize Actroid F as “sexy.” Which begs the question: Would you have sex […]


Will the robots respect our tender human flesh when they rise to inherit the Earth? A dress worn at Monday night’s Met Gala in New York City might offer some clues. Socialite Lisa Maria Falcone donned a dress designed in part by an artificial intelligence, Vogue reported. The theme of the night was “Manus x […]


Artificial intelligence firm DeepMind provided with patient information as part of agreement with Royal Free NHS trust A company owned by Google has been given access to the healthcare data of up to 1.6 million patients from three hospitals run by a major London NHS trust. DeepMind, the tech giants London-based company most famous for […]


A biotech company in the U.S. has been granted ethical permission by anInstitutional Review Board in the U.S. and Indiato use 20 brain-dead patients for what is sure to be a highly controversial study: From next year, they plan to stimulate their nervous systems in order to restart the brains. Bioquark is hoping that its […]


This was supposed to be the year that texting wasn’t just texting anymore. After big announcements from Facebook, Google, and others, Americans were going to use messaging apps for so much more than chatting with friends. You were going to seamlessly interact with a world of online businesses. You were going to send questions to […]

Fake news and a 400-year-old problem: how can we end the post-truth crisis?

The internet echo chamber satiates our appetite for pleasant lies and reassuring falsehoods and has become the defining challenge of the 21st century The internet age made big promises to us: a new period of hope and opportunity, connection and empathy, expression and democracy. Yet the digital medium has aged badly because we allowed it […]


Smarter artificial intelligence is one of 21st centurys most dire threats, writes Yuval Noah Harari in follow-up to Sapiens It is hard to miss the warnings. In the race to make computers more intelligent than us, humanity will summon a demon, bring forth the end of days, and code itself into oblivion. Instead of silicon […]


(CNN)The world we live in faces humanitarian need on a scale we have never seen before. And yet humanitarian workers and donors find themselves stretched beyond their capacity to manage the ever-growing demands with which they are confronted. What can we do to help those who are dedicated to helping others? A vital way to […]


We’re talking to our technology more and more every day.  On Wednesday, Google introduced its new personal assistant, Google Home, which will listen to your voice and provide information on demand, much like the popular Amazon Echo. It’s just the latest in technology that’s always listening and talking back. Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana have been […]


Googles path to developing machine-learning tools illustrates the stark challenge that tech companies face in trying to make machines act like humans Machines may yet take over the world, but first they must learn to recognize your dog. To hear Google executives tell it at their annual developer conference this week, the technology industry is […]


When cars make it possible to go hands-free, experts say we might be going more hands-on. Self-driving vehicles will eventually hit the streets in droves, and many cars now on the road have semi-autonomous functionality. Letting cars drive themselves frees up drivers to do other thingslike eat breakfast, put on mascara, and yes, even have […]


Let’s face it. There is a decent chance that everyone alive today will experience an apocalyptic event. You don’t need a political science degree to know that we live in volatile times. Until recently, however, all of this doom-and-gloom talk was mostly speculation. Then this report happened. A report issued by a team of researchers […]


If you think robots are years, if not decades, away, you’re sorely mistaken. Just recently, Microsoft launched an interesting artificial intelligence experiment. Tay was a Twitter bot that learned from “her” surroundings. It wasn’t long before she gathered that the world is a cruel place…and she, therefore, adjusted her tweeting patterns. Tay became offensive and […]


Students in an online course at the Georgia Institute of Technology were surprised to find out a teaching assistant they corresponded with all semester turned out to be a robot. Called Jill Watson (appropriately named after IBM’s Watson software that powers the bot), the automated assistant conversed with students about assignments, class projects, and answered […]


As you might expect, scientists tend to be fairly interested in a variety of doomsday scenarios. Two aficionados of the apocalypse, astrophysicists Michael Hahn and Daniel Wolf Savin, have joined forces to conjure up several scientifically-founded plans to survive the end of the world when it inevitably occurs. Writing for Nautilus, they look to the […]