The 10 Coolest Features Coming to Windows 10

Microsoft is gearing up for a Windows refresh. The Windows 10 Creators Update will arrive on all Windows 10 devices for free in the spring of 2017. Today, Microsoft showed off all the new features coming to the multi-mode OS. Here’s the best of what will be coming to your Windows PC or Surface device. […]

Americas Past and Future Do Battle in an Unlikely Tech Incubator

There are about 20 startups that call this tech incubator home. On any given afternoon, you can walk through these lime-green halls, past a life-sized Darth Vader cutout and a sign that reads, Stop Tweeting Boring Shit to see them at work. In one office, watch 3D printers whir, making knobs and propellers to build […]

So you all liked my 3d printed combat armor build, I just finished 3d printing a full set of T-60 Armor. Ad Victoriam?
Childrens Drawings Turned Into Figurines (10+ Pics)

I love all the results, but one of my favorite characters is a colorful elephant drawn by a 8 year old girl from Lisbon. #1 Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/turning-childrens-drawings-into-figurines/?cexp_id=624&cexp_var=2&_f=featured

This Artist 3D-Prints His Clay Art

Click to unmute Taekyeom Lee is an assistant university professor of graphic design and he explores unconventional methods of creating three-dimensional objects. Lee spent more than a year working on a custom 3D printer and 3D printing process to create intricate ceramic objects. He hopes that this work will provide inspiration to designers and artists […]


Breaks or defects in bones can be tricky and painful to treat, as surgeons oftentake bone from one region and use that to patch up the fracture. But now researchers have developed a new 3D-printed implant that not only removes this process, but which the body will eventually turn into real bone. The implants are […]


General Electric Co.s credit rating was cut by S&P Global Ratings on concern that the industrial giant may add debt to support future acquisitions. The long-term corporate rating for GE and GE Capital Global Holdings LLC was reduced to AA- from AA+, S&P said Friday in a statement. It said GEs outlook is stable. We […]

5 Worlds Elon Musk Could Colonize In The Solar System

Last week, Elon Musk caused a bit of a stir when he suggested that his upcoming plan to colonize Mars which we should be hearing more about next week might not just stop at the Red Planet. Musk has long been working on something called the Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT), a mysterious proposal to take […]

This is a 3D model of a clitoris  and the start of a sexual revolution | Minna Salami

It looks like a tulip emoji, but this anatomically accurate clitoris will aid education and debunk myths that have repressed womens sexuality for centuries This month, pupils across France will be able to use the first full-size anatomical model of a clitoris in their sex education classes. Considering all the technological, medical and scientific achievements […]

How to 3D-print your own Mr. Meeseeks from ‘Rick and Morty’

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Best TV of the week: Atlanta, One Mississippi and Oprahs latest drama

A hip-hop comedy, a sugar-cane family epic, a bitcoin thriller. This is a busy and diverse week Premieres Queen Sugar based on the book of the same name, Queen Sugar follows estranged sisters Nova (True Bloods Rutina Wesley) and Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) as they move to rural Louisiana to run the sugar plantation their father […]


This past week, a tech trade show called IFA took over a large swath of Berlin. The usual assortment of look-alike smartphones and ultra-thinner laptops made their appearances, as did any number of forgettable headphones. Were there smartwatches? Probably. Amid all the same-olds, though, a core group of wait-whats shined. This year, gadgets are getting […]

Egyptian mummy’s face recreated with 3D printing | Fox News

Researchers created a 3D-printed replica of the skull from an Egyptian mummy. (Varsha Pilbrow and Gavan Mitchell, University of Melbourne) An Egyptian mummy’s head and face have been reconstructed with forensic science and 3D printing, offering scientists a tantalizing glimpse of the individual’s life and death. The mummified head was discovered by accident in the […]

Family Is Brought To Tears When 5-Year-Old Receives Her New Arm

Katelyn Vincik is a 5-year-old girl who lives in Texas with her loving family. Katelyn is just like any other little girl her age, with one exception: she was born with part of her lower left arm missing. Her mother, Kimberly, tells ABC News that Katelyn had been unable to receivea prosthetic limb for almosta […]

This soft 3D-printed octopus robot is entirely autonomous and kinda creepy

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Library Used Its 3D Printer To Make Prosthetic Hand For Girl

A library has helped a 5-year-old girl start a new chapter in her life. Katelyn Vincik who was born without a fully formed left hand, had been on a waitlist for a functional prosthetic for more than a year. That was until Harris County Public Library in Texas made her one using its 3D printer. […]


Within the world of robotics, squishiness has for some time been something of a holy grail, with engineers seeking to create machines with no hard components, allowing for greater contortion and the ability to squeeze through tight spaces. Octopuses are the perfect naturally-occurring blueprint for such a robot, thanks to their capacity to morph and […]

Researchers are now fabricating human tissues with a 3D printer

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Look at this beautiful 3D-printed clitoris

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Aging Danes Hope Robots Will Save Their Welfare State

Denmark has a problem: it may soon be unable to afford offering such a good deal to its people. Free health care for all, a $757 monthly stipend for college students and robust safety nets for the less fortunate all cost money Denmark devotes slightly more than 30 percent of its gross domestic product to […]

3-D Printed Guns Could Outsmart Gun-Control Efforts

As the technology becomes cheaper and more widely available, tackling 3-D printed guns is going to be a massive challenge. “> Cody Wilson is the founder of Defense Distributed, a gun advocacy organization that shares code for 3-D-printing guns at home. He said his organization has shared almost millions of files for printing guns at […]

The year 2050: robot sex, talking pets  and immortality

A futurologist has made a series of startling predictions about life in 34 years time. But how far can we trust his forecast? Name: The year 2050. Age: -34. Appearance: Whatever your augmented-reality contact lenses show you. In general: shiny. How do you know all this stuff about 2050? Do you have a special guessing […]

Baby Girl Born With No Nose Is Mothers Pride And Joy

There are fewer than 50 cases of complete congenital arhinia, a condition that causes an individual to be born without a nose. The odds of being born with it are 1 in 197 million. Tessa Evans, along with Eli Thompson, are two of those unlikely cases. When Tessa Evans was born, her mother and thedoctors […]

Faster than a speeding jet: Dubai eyes Hyperloop-style system

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)Congested Dubai is looking to the future with a radical new mass transit system able to carry passengers at speeds faster than some airliners. It may seem like science fiction, but the city plans to host an international competition in September, where designs will be invited for a system that uses […]

Democrats must resolve economic identity crisis

(CNN)Donald Trump’s travesty of a presidential campaign is forcing Republicans to ask themselves some hard questions: Does party loyalty outweigh the risks of putting a self-infatuated political ignoramus in the White House? Do they hate Hillary Clinton more than they love their country? No doubt Democrats are enjoying the GOP’s agonizing moment of truth, but […]

11 ridiculous future predictions from the 1900 world’s fair  and 3 that came true.

Do you ever wonder what the future used to look like? I mean back in the day, before we all walked around with glass bricks in our pockets that contained every piece of information that’s ever been available and allowed us to connect with anyone anywhere in the world in real time. What did people […]

One initiative is sharing their designs for free to help lessen the world’s plastic waste.

The stats surrounding plastic pollution are mind-boggling. Right now, there are billions of pounds of plastic wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. And every year, it’s estimated that 13 million tons more will make its way out there poisoning Mother Nature and killing even more wildlife. Not cool. At all. Image via Precious Plastic, used with […]

From virtual communities to real-life enterprises  How Kickstarter generated more than $5bn

The crowdfunding platform which notoriously funded the Oculus Rift has the power to connect people, reignite dying markets and promote social wellbeing. All while raking in real hard cash for its project creators The Fed Ex guy is always delivering intriguing parcels to first edition included part of the Berlin Wall, some dinosaur dung, part […]

Incredible See-Through Prosthetics 3D-Printed From Titanium

Using a 3D printer, 3D scanner, and complex 3D modeling software, the industrial designer reduced the amount of labor needed to produce prostheses, therefore making them cheaper. Molded from laser-sintered titanium, not only are these prostheses cheaper, but they’re also lighter and more attractive. Plus, patients can personalize their products with an array of pattern […]


The law cant be right if its 50 years old. Like, its before the internet. The quote is from a speech Larry Page made at a Google developers conference in 2013, and its a fair summary of how technology companies have traditionally viewed the legal system. Regulations cant keep pace with technological change, so opt […]

Centuries-old shipwreck recreated with 3D printing | Fox News

The Drumbeg shipwreck lies almost 40 feet (12 meters) underwater in Eddrachillis Bay, off the northwest coast of Scotland. This 3D-printed model shows the three cannon, two anchors and partial hull that remain at the ship (John McCarthy/Copyright Wessex Archaeology 2016) The seabed holds some fascinating historical secrets, but unlike monuments on land, theyre largely […]

This is a 3D model of a clitoris  and the start of a sexual revolution | Minna Salami

It looks like a tulip emoji, but this anatomically accurate clitoris will aid education and debunk myths that have repressed womens sexuality for centuries This month, pupils across France will be able to use the first full-size anatomical model of a clitoris in their sex education classes. Considering all the technological, medical and scientific achievements […]

The 10 Coolest Features Coming to Windows 10

Microsoft is gearing up for a Windows refresh. The Windows 10 Creators Update will arrive on all Windows 10 devices for free in the spring of 2017. Today, Microsoft showed off all the new features coming to the multi-mode OS. Here’s the best of what will be coming to your Windows PC or Surface device. […]

Rocket Coffee Table By Stelios Mousarris

Some people say that coffee gives you wings. Well, it’s probably true, unless you’re Stelios Mousarris, a Cyprus-based furniture designer, for whom wings were not enough – he got five awesome rockets! All jokes aside, he’s now back with his newest coffee table design induced by his childhood nostalgia. “I have been collecting toys and […]

Would You Eat A 3D Printed Pizza?

Could you imagine serving a 3D printed turkey for Christmas lunch? Or munching on a 3D printed pizza for an afternoon snack? This is not as far fetched as it sounds. While 3D printers have mainly been in the news for their ability to manufacture inedible goods, they are increasingly being used for culinary endeavours. […]

Airbus shows off Thor, a 3D-printed drone | Fox News

(Airbus Group) This Thor can fly, but it doesn’t have a hammer, nor is it arrestingly handsome. Instead, it’s a 3D-printed drone that Airbus showed off last week at the Berlin air show. About 13-feet long and complete with engine mountings and propellers, Thor is a first-gen prototype, designed to show off what 3D printing […]


The people who are preserved in the form of life-size statues usually have done something noteworthy and amazing. Thanks to 3D printing technology and New York startup Body Labs, now any schmuck with some cash to burn can put a replica of their body on display, no accomplishments required. Body Labs, along with design firmVoodoo […]


Is there an Internet rule that says if someone comes up with an amazing piece of technology, someone else will figure out how to make food with it? There should be, because thats the only way to explain Dippin Dots and now this 3D pancake printer. After raising over $460,000 on Kickstarter, PancakeBot is now […]

I do a lot of 3D printing, here’s an album about it.

Dubai says it has completed the world’s first 3D-printed office building. While other construction projects have at least partly relied on 3D printers, the Dubai government says this entire building is printer-made, even the furnishings and interior designs. And it’s not just for show: The office is supposed to be a functional workspace, with phone hookups, water, electricity […]


Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/bP9Et


If you’ve ever seen a 3D printer in action, then you already know they’re a remarkable feat of modern engineering. Case in point: So powerful 3D printers are, hmmm? GIF via BusyBotz 3D Printing/YouTube. But they’re great for a lot more than statuettes and tchotchkes. Today, 3D printers are being used as a lower-cost manufacturing […]


What would you do if you had to choose between having cancer or having a chest? Suppose you’re 54 years old and you suddenly find out that a cancerous bone tumor known as a chest wall sarcoma has devoured your sternum and part of your ribcage. For all of the remarkable advancements that have been […]


With the help of 3D-printing, this kitten is learning to walk again. In early September, Cassidy the kitten was found near death starving and stumbling around a Canadian forest. After nineweeks of somehow surviving by himself, he was taken into care by the non-profitcat sanctuary Tiny Kittens. When rescued, he weighed less than half a […]


A U.K. based robotics company and Disney have joined forces to create 3D-printed prosthetic arms that will get any kid (or even adult) excited. Open Bionics has created three designs: a glittery arm inspired by Elsa from Frozen, a robotic arm designed to look like Tony Starks Iron Man and a lightsaber-themed Star Wars hand. […]


Technology is how humanity puts its smartest minds into its dumbest hands. Invention short-circuits ideas and intelligence, arming idiots with equipment they can’t even spell, let alone operate safely. Tools are how we outran the rest of evolution by getting into a car we’d invented. But it turns out tools are complex, because when you […]


What do Luke Skywalker, Iron Man, and Elsa of Arendelle have in common? Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images. Well for starters, they are three of the most popular characters to ever grace the movie screen. They also happen to be go-to favorites for children to imitate be it in their behaviors, the way they dress […]


Move aside, gold teeth: there could soon be a 3D printed alternative in town. They may not have such a gangster-esque ring to them, but the idea is not to look cool; its to help keep pesky microbes away. Making 3D printed body parts isnt exactly a new thing: scientists have createdlimbs, bones, eyes and […]


When Doc and Marty travelled forward in time from 1985 and landed the DeLorean on October 21, 2015, they found a world of flying cars, hover boards and 3D holographic technology. Some of the technologies predicted are now a reality of sorts, but the world of Back to The Future II is not quite what […]


“We can’t follow what Mercedes do. We want to beat people who are out-speeding us. If you can innovate, and not just follow what other people out there are doing, then you give yourself a chance.” And Mr Hackland, who is in his second year at Williams, says that he has seen an improvement over […]


Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/Qd7vqWd


“The benefit of the experience in store for the whole family is that children and adults can learn about the technology of 3D printing and ingredients in food,” Managing Director of Katjes Fassin UK, Melissa Snover, told Retail Gazzette. “Other confectioners haven’t been able to bring anything like this to market, but we’ve spent many […]


Our micro-planter chess set is about fusing 3D printing and nature. We are trained architects – Kae Woei and Elena try, who try to find humour in designs, by adding a little element of playfulness in day-to-day products. Chess pieces allow nature lovers to integrate their favorite succulents or herbs into the chess board. Each […]


Stephen Davies, who is missing an arm, received a free prosthetic from Team Unlimbited e-Nable, and soon became a volunteer for the organization. When Davies learned that there was an 8-year-old-girl from Bristol who also needed prosthetic arm, he saw a chance to pay his good fortune forward: he designed an arm for Isabella, and […]


For fans of BioWares role-playing game series Mass Effect, this Saturday is more than just another day. Its a day when players observe the holiday known as N7 Day. If youre wondering why Nov. 7 is the perfect day to celebrate the franchise, it all comes down to the N7. In the series the main […]


A community called Robots for Good has come together to help kids stuck in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London visit the zoo. If the name hasnt given it away, the project involves robots, but perhaps not in the way you might be thinking. The group is 3D printing a life-size humanoid robot that strolls, […]


3D printing is one of a number of technologies that have bloomed and spread across the world incredibly rapidly in the last decade. Prosthetics for amputees, rocket parts, and bridges have all been built using 3D printers, and recently, researchers demonstrated how to print out the structures for human organs using biological material. This month, […]


After a few minutes of surgery and a slightly alarming quantity of blood, Jes (akaTwitter user @_BirdMachine) achieved her latest cyborg upgrade. Nestled under the skin of her left hand was a Northstar V1 device, glowing a soft red beneath the bandages. Jes is one of the programmers for Grindhouse Wetware, an open-source startup catering […]


Eleven-year-old Baylee Abbott may be missing fingers on one hand, but what she lacks in physicality, she makes up for tenfold in intelligence. After using prosthetics for her entire life, she came across a project called Enabling the Future, which gave her an idea. She could build her own custom prosthetics with a little help […]


As 3D printing and artificial nerve technologies grow more complex, engineers get closer to replicating the fully functional prosthetic body parts of science fiction. Video game company Konami is taking things a step further by commissioning a Metal Gear Solid-themedlimb for a fan. In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, protagonist Snake wakes up […]


Tiny Tumbles will soon be able to run and play, thanks to rescuers at Friends of Shelter Dogs in Athens, Ohio, andThe Ohio University Innovation Center. After a shelter volunteer rescued Tumbles at just two weeks old, the good people at the Innovation Center, on recommendation from a localveterinarian, made him a 3D-printedwheelchairto improve his […]


Meet Tumbles. Thanks to the use of 3D-printing, this very lucky little puppy is able to walk again. The puppy was taken to the Friends of the Shelter Dogs (FOSD) in Athens, Ohio, when he was just 2weeks old. The 0.7-kilogram (1.5-pound) terrier mix was born without his front legs. His disability left him struggling […]


Doctors have performed complex surgery successfully on a womans tangled brain aneurysm after 3D printing an entire replica of her brain blood vessel anatomy. By physically visualizing the exact problem, surgeons were ableto get a detailed idea of how to fix it. This also allowed the surgeons to practice time and again the techniques they […]


“Imagine not knowing what Mona Lisa’s smile looks like, or Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Imagine you heard people talking about them and knew they existed, but could never experience them for yourself. For the millions of people who are blind, that’s a reality,” the project explains in a video. They use 3D imaging and sand-based 3D […]


What do you do if you want an accessory that comes in a video game bundle but dont want to spend the money on the old games it includes? 3D print your own of course. Thats what Redicubricks‘s Valcrow did when seeing that Bethesda included a cool mini nuke storage case with the Fallout anthology […]


3D printing is slowly becoming invaluable in medicine. Not only can scientists make 3D-printed body parts, but they can also use the technology to help guide life-saving surgery. Just last week, for example, we heard the story of a team practicing brain surgery using a 3D replica of a womans entire brain vasculature. And now, […]


Vincent the cat was born without most of his hind limbs, which left him unable to walk. But when Cindy Jones of rural Iowa first laid eyes on him at an animal shelter, she thought he was purr-fect.  Jones’ daughter, Emily, attends veterinary school at Iowa State University, and thought one of her teachers may be […]


Imagine Palmyra rebuilt as if Isis had never arrived, or Kathmandu restored to its pre-quake glory. As the V&As special pavilion at the Venice Biennale shows, we now have the technology to create perfect copies of cities but should we? The 2,000-year-old city of Palmyra was once Syrias most popular tourist attraction. Walking through the […]


You can now 3D print your own true-to-life lightsaber, assuming you have a 3D printer on hand. The folks at 3D printing company, Ultimaker, came up with a complex design for a light saber. Designer Jacky Wan came up with the print for May the Fourth be With You Day in 2014. But, as the […]


Coinciding with the historic Paris climate change agreement, sporting goods giantadidashas shown off its new sneakers. Made of a combination of plastic found in the ocean, recycled polyester, and fishing nets, these sustainable shoes were 3D printed. For now, theyre just a prototype, but this collaborative effort with Parley for the Oceans shows what can […]


As the year ramps up to its end of seasonfinale, its always interesting to look backthrough the lens ofGoogle’s top searches to see what issues got our hivemind ticking over the past 12 months. In 2014, it was Robin Williams, Ebola, the FIFA World Cup, Malaysia Airlines, and Ice Bucket Challengesthattickled our curiosity and had […]


The human body is a source of mystery. But every year, scientists get just a little better at understanding its secrets.  Of course, 2015 has been no different. In the past year, researchers have created better access to proven therapies, developed futuristic new technologies that may change the way we approach disease and even enacted more complete […]


The Internet gets blamed for many societal ills, including making us dumber, fatter, and ruining our sleep cycles.But what if the Internet could equip you with practical real-world skills? Whether it’s learning aforeign language or learning to code, it turns out there’s no shortage of useful knowledge out there on the Internet. Here are some […]


Maker and 3D printing enthusiast, Mojoptix, has designed a digital sundial that displays time with actual digits! The shape of the sundial was mathematically designed to only let through certain rays from the sun at the right time/angle. The sundial displays time from 10:00 until 16:00, updating every 20 minutes. As Mojoptix adds, “no batteries, […]


In 2015, science helped us learn a lot about the universe were living in. From the tiniest molecules making up the building blocks of matter to gigantic planetary systems billions of light years away, we witnessed countless scientific discoveries, advancements, and inventions this year. Say hello to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, king of science. Regular people […]


Doctors have successfully implanted a 3D-printed nose onto a person for the first time in the U.S., according to New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital, which wrote about the surgery on its blog Monday. When Dallan Jennet was just 9 years old, he fell on a live power line near his home in the Marshall Islands […]


Will we live in buildings made out of waste, heavily surveilled smart cities, or maybe floating communities designed to cope with rising sea levels? Amid the much-mythologised graffiti that appeared around Sorbonne University during the French civil unrest in May 1968, one line still stands out as intriguing and ambiguous: The future will only contain […]


Deep in the Mojave Desert, students from the University of California, San Diego, launched their Vulcan-1, a liquid-fueled rocket featuring an engine totally made of 3D-printed parts. The launch on Saturday, May 21, was the result of more than 100,000 collective hours of work by members of the Students for the Exploration and Development of […]


3D printing has changed manufacturing, and its uses run the gamut of functionality from giving people mobility to changing the way surgeries are performed. But until now, 3D printing ceramicsthe strong material unaffected by extreme heat used in things like jet engines and nuclear machinerywas extremely limited. A new 3D-printing invention could change the way […]


Derby is a dog (obviously). Derby has a congenital leg deformity which pretty much renders his front legs unusable. Sad. On the plus side,Tara Anderson adopted Derby from the Peace and Paws Dog Rescue last year and, with her numerous skills with project management and 3D-printing, she made him some lovely new legs. The new […]


Once again, 3D-printed prosthetics have helped out a particularly cute pet. Derby was born without his front paws and small forelegs. As his first owners were unable to provide him with the care he required, Derby was given to Peace and Paws dog rescue in New Hampshire. With a stroke of luck, he was spotted […]


This is the adorable dog named Derby, and due to a congenital leg deformity he hasn’t been able to really run around and be a dog before. Thanks to 3D prosthetics though Derby will now be able to live the rest of his life like he was always meant – with four functioning paws! Now […]


Playtime just got personal for Lego fans everywhere. An online business called Funky 3D Faces is creating custom, 3D-printed Lego heads that look like you, for $30 a head. “EveryBODY loves Lego — this is the opportunity to have their own head made into miniature to fit on to their favourite Lego minifigures,” the U.K.-based […]


With the help of computer software and 3D printing, a company called3DPhotoworksis hopingto open-up a whole new world of painting and photography to blind people. Their process involves scanning 2D paintings and converting theminto digital data.Using computer software,digital conversion specialists “manually” include information thatcan account for the sense of depth in the images. This information […]


All you need to do is to send the company two photos of your face – one from the front and another from the side. You’ll also have to provide a LEGO minifigure.


The table was accomplished via use of wood, steel, and 3D printing technology. It costs a cool 4000 euros. As for the designer, Stelios Moussaris comes from Cyprus. He worked for Fosters and Partners as a model maker and as an assistant designer at Duffy London before striking out on his own with the “Moussaris” […]


Remember Napster or Grokster? Both services allowed users to share computer files usually digital music that infringed the copyrights for those songs. Now imagine that, instead of music, you could download a physical object. Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie push a button and theres the item! But that scenario is already becoming a […]


He was caught up in a bushfire that happened in Brazil and tragically lost his house. His name is Freddy, a tortoise, and his house is the shell on his back. Amazingly a team of volunteers decided to do something, not just incredible, but groundbreaking. They would make a 3-D printed tortoise shell for Freddy. […]


In countries like Africa, the illegal poaching of animals has become so severe that species are slowly beginning to fade out. One of the animals in particularthat is quickly approaching extinction is the highly sought after white rhino. The animal, which can normally live up to 50years in the wild and have multiple babies, has […]


Life with a physical disability can be very difficult, especially when you’re young and just want to run around having fun like all the other kids your age. In the following video, we meet a little girl named Isabella who is a little different from her friends. She does all the same things other 8-year-olds […]


3D printing is capable of some incredible things, from creating huge bridges, prosthetics for amputees, and even human hearts using biological ink. Jumping on this bandwagon, the asteroid mining company Planetary Resources hasbeen flaunting their own attempts at 3D printing at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The results are literally out-of-this-world 3D […]


You may associate cosmetics giant LOral with attractive women swishing their shiny locks and uttering that famous four-word axiom, but the company has ambitions far greater than making your lipstick kiss-proof. Alongside lauding and encouraging women in science, the company has a Technology Incubator dedicated to innovations in tech. And it seems its being put […]


With the likes ofGodzilla, King Kong, andthe Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,colossal creatures go hand in hand with New York City.However, itslatest giants introduction was a lot more civilized. On the morning ofJanuary 14, New Yorks American Museum of Natural History unveiled itsnew resident to packed crowds: a life-sized skeleton cast of a titanosaur. This titanosauris […]


A drive down the St Louis street changed Melvin Whites life now his nonprofit Beloved Streets of America is trying to make them thrive despite the odds A drive down Dr Martin Luther King Drive in St Louis changed Melvin Whites life. Roaming the city, he noticed for the first time that the street named […]


When the original 3×3 Rubik’s Cube hit the market back in the day it was the original 3D puzzle. Soon, variations with four and even five rows began to circulate. But this is 2016, so professional puzzle masterCorenpuzzledecided to take things to the max. Using his own 3D printer, he built the world largest Rubik’s […]


Read more: http://cheezburger.com/77587713/video-world-record-size-3d-printed-rubiks-cube


(Courtesy of Adidas) Undone shoe laces are a menace for many, but thanks to the innovators at Adidas, they wont be bothering some soccer players any longer. German footballer Mesut Ozil is one of the faces for the athletic apparel and shoe giant’s ACE 16+ PURECONTROL. On its website, Adidas wrote that instead of laces, […]