C# Design Patterns - An Overview

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Over the next number of posts I am going to be exploring the world of design patterns. We’ll look at some of the most commonly used patterns and how they look in C#.

What Is A Design Pattern?

A design pattern is, simply, a solution to a recurring problem in software development. Design patterns outline communication and intreraction between objects in common programming situations.

When talking about design patterns the book “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software“, by the Gang Of Four, is considered the authority on the subject. Their patterns are considered the foundation of all other patterns that have immerged. They divide patterns into three categories: Creational, Structural, and Behavioral.

What Will This Series Cover?

In this series we will look at the some common patterns we see in real-world programming situations. We will discuss each pattern and look at real-world C# code that implements the pattern.

If all this sounds boring to you, don’t worry we’ll keep it interesting.

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C# Design Patterns - An Overview

8 Responses to “C# Design Patterns - An Overview”

  1. minimal Says:

    Looking forward to new posts in this series. I just hope that your “real-world C# code” will be something more than the trivial (and not always covering every aspect of the pattern) examples as seen on wikipedia and not as useless as the ones in “Design Patterns in C#” by Steven John Metsker.

  2. Justin Says:

    @minimal, thanks. I’ll do my best to be as detailed as possible.

  3. Usman Masood Says:

    lovely topic! design patterns are always my source of inspiration. keep it up buddy

  4. Justin Says:

    @usman thanks for the encouragement. I love design patterns too.

  5. Dick Says:

    The colors you are using, specially the light blue, are hard to read. Looking forward to your posts though.

  6. Justin Says:

    @dick, fixed that. It was a glitch in the theme that wasn’t showing in Firefox so I missed it. Thanks.

  7. DonJuanito Says:

    Enjoyed the introduction. Not too familiar with Design Pattern concept but looking forward to using your post to educate myself and also ordered the book “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software“.

  8. Justin Says:

    I hope you enjoy the series and learn from it. Welcome!

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