Friday Roundup for May 23, 2008

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Here is what I found interesting this week.

Entity Framework, Long term plans
I have since rewritten this slide to be more generic in “A single model cannot possibly be appropriate for all facets of your application including transactional behaviors, searching, and reporting”

Why use the Entity Framework? Yeah, why exactly?
I’ve spend the entire last 6 years of my life on something called Object-Relational Mapping, so I think I can comment on Danny’s claims a bit. Object-Relational Mapping, or O/R mapping or ‘ORM’ (for the people who aren’t aware of ORM being the acronym of Object Role Modelling) can be implemented in a lot of ways, and it is always used to solve a mismatch between two projections of an abstract entity model: the projection onto a relational schema and the projection onto an object oriented language. For more details, read my essay about this subject (don’t let the title feed you with presumptions about the contents). As this is rather abstract, let’s use an example: a very simple Order system

Google to become the hoax police?
Michael Gray has some thoughts on a quote by Matt Cutt’s and Google’s possible intent to censor what they deem as mis-leading information such as hoax stories. In my opinion, this is overstepping, in this case an understatement, their role as a search engine.

Popularity: 6% [?]

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