I still don’t need another credit card!

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After posting about telemarketers and credit cards yesterday I had a few more thoughts that I would like to share with you.

I never fails to amaze me how randomly telemarketers seem to select their victims..er…potential clients. I mean, as I mentioned I live in rural Atlantic Canada, there are very few places here, that I am aware of, that except American Express (pretty much anything other than Visa or MasterCard) but a lot of the credit card calls I get are offering me an American Express card.

Telemarketer: We are pleased to offer you a no fee, $50,000 limit, American Express Centurion card, I just need you to confirm some information….[insert some sort of dialog that I don’t hear as I try to stop the rambling fool and tell them I don’t want it]…

But seriously though do these companies not do any sort of research on the regions they are soliciting? Why would I want a card that I probably can’t use at most places I shop? Why would they want to waste their time and employee salary on soliciting a region that has no need of what they are tryign to sell? If I ever figure out that answer I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the mean time I keep screening my calls hoping to avoid repeat that same conversation again.

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